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    The Frey civil war.

    May I take a moment. To make a truly cogent argument please adhere to the following rules: 1) spell the word correctly 2) make sure your grammar is correct (Thus building credibility) 3) read your opponents post thoroughly not just scan read as you may miss his point entirely. 4) appreciate other opinions and absorb them into your thinking. Now afaic there will be no civil war. Preston makes huge leaps of assumptions (btw stating assumption as fact makes it no less an assumption). Top and bottom of the argument we do not know Baelish's plan. Yes we can make assumptions based on derived knowledge i.e. deduction but that is at best a guess. But his STATED desire is for chaos. I understand order comes from chaos and that may be his overall aim but we do not KNOW that and can only assume. It is my opinion that that the genius of GRRM and his writing is that we are able to interpret and extrapolate from the characters and their actions that whuch we wish to see. For example I thoroughly understand tropes are "subverted" but are they? The elder son perceived as the hero only to fail only for the ostracized/ prodigal son to return? Yeah that aint new amigo. However we all see what we want to see. Some see the hero fail and sigh, some cheer. Some see Jon Snow as a conflicted individual, others as a good 2 shoes, self righteous bastard. One thing that is irrefutable is that GRRM has painted his characters as human. Sometimes good sometimes bad, sometimes correct sometimes not. Now based on thisit is possible to derive that some Frey are good whilst some are not. Some of Baelish's plans work some do not. Simply put apart from the house, there is no black and white. Following this argument to the end, there can be no Frey civil war. Baelish's plan cannot possibly extend that far as, following the info provided by GRRM, he largely capitalised on situations and doesn't plan that far ahead. Furthermore Freys may try to throw each other over the boat but no-one would be stupid enough to hole the boat UNLESS they were able to guarantee benefiting. With Walter in place, LSH and BWB this is not the time to attempt a family coup. Ergo Baelish's plan for a Frey civil war (should he have one) cannot work. But as I stated earlier that is GRRM taking my personality and placing it in the subject matter i.e. careful, methodical and planned