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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I'm probably just going to rate this a 2, but I feel that this rating should probably just be for the whole season (except episode 8) Sansas stuff is truly the first to make me feel depressed watching the show, so pointless, and not needed, while Ramsay has yet to die. Daenerys is still not listening to people, while still not knowing how to even rule a single city properly, and showing that the unsullied are terrible soldiers. Dorne was way overhyped pre season, and a waste of time. nuff said. Stannis was an awesome character in the books who was hated by the directors, and you all know it...... they saw a way to make everyone hate him, and they took it. This season made me hate Brienne. There's a problem. This season made Arya fairly boring. The only reason the entire season has a 2, and not a 0 is because of Jon Snow, and the Nights Watch, but 1 episode, and a few singled out moments don;t save it