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  1. Rosetta Stone

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    Thank you for sharing this very interesting article. I can agree with many of the article's opinions. There is bravery in taking a moral stance even if the situation is hopeless and the person is powerless. But defining bravery in that term is rather limiting. A stance that results in improving the situation is much better in my opinion. Taking a moral stance might be brave in itself but you know it is subject to the person's opinion at the time. A child who believes with all of his heart that his parents are wrong and he correct decides to stand up to them. Is that child a hero? He's brave but that does not make him a hero. Because he lacks the experience and made the wrong choice. Though he thought it was the moral choice at the time. He later thinks back on that choice during his adult years and regrets. The problem with taking a stance and defying authority is the person's frame of mind, maturity, knowledge, and experience. You mentioned Sansa. I've no doubt what was going through her mind when she revealed her father's secret escape plans to Cersei. She thought it was the right thing to do because she disagreed with her father. She thought she was entitled to marry a prince. She had courage that day to defy her father. But I can promise you, it was not a heroic act. Defining a hero is not easy. Victarion is brave but he is not a hero in my eyes. He can start singing a different song and maybe he becomes one later on. He is not for now.
  2. Rosetta Stone

    Who's Star is About to Burn Brighter?

  3. Do you have to be a fighter to manage an estate? Samwell can always hire able men to do the fighting for him.
  4. Rosetta Stone

    The mystery of Robb’s letter

    A letter of apology to Lord Frey?
  5. Rosetta Stone

    The were-wood hypothesis

    I read that short story. Delvecchio is the main character. Only some of the people were hallucinating. The ones who left to rescue the fallen ship. The fungus can't attack through the walls of the station. I think it can only affect those who get exposed.
  6. Rosetta Stone

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    The little devils should be given a chance to change. It is just possible many can . It's too late for the parents but their children may yet be saved. It cannot hurt to try. The Starks butchered the Warg King and took his daughters for wives. Orys Baratheon killed Durandon and married his daughter. The children of an enemy can become a friend. It is not impossible. That his how peace are built after conflict. Trying to build this relationship is a much better way of thinking than that garbage philosophy of the Sand Snakes about getting even. I prefer trying to build peace this way to that "the north remembers" trash being pushed around by the north. Enemies can't become friends with the northern kind of thinking. "The north remembers" culture of revenge doesn't lead to anything good.
  7. Rosetta Stone

    ASOIAF Jokes

    What did Jason say to Cersei during their first night together?
  8. Rosetta Stone

    Aftermath of Daenerys Campaign

    Daenerys is the best ruler out of all the young rulers and leaders (Joffrey, Jon, Cersei, Robb. and Stannis). Like I said, the problem at the bay are the efforts of the masters to bring back the slave trade. Get rid of that resistance by fire and blood and the emancipation will move forward.
  9. Rosetta Stone

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

    They will be together in the future. I don't think a formal marriage is in the cards but they will live together. I agree with Barbrey Dustin, they will do this during their second lives as wolves.
  10. Rosetta Stone

    Aftermath of Daenerys Campaign

    The young hero started a reform that will inspire the slaves in the other slave cities to revolt against their masters. The slaves of Volantis are just waiting for Daenerys to give her approval, let them know she's coming, and they will tear down the slaving families. Freedom is coming. It will take time to remove the masters and their evil from the land but it will happen through fire and blood. A reform of this scale, which does not have a precedent in that world, will not happen overnight. The masters will make things worse for a while because they are too vested in the slave trade even though it is evil. The masters will have to be killed in order for progress to happen. Progress will happen as soon as the resistance and their terrorists organization, the Harpy, are all killed. A better economy will rise from the ashes of the masters. A more equitable and moral social system will take its place, all because of the heroic efforts of the mother of dragons. The problem is the resistance of the masters. If they will only accept the new way and cooperate everything would be so much better. Daenerys will have to deal more harshly with them. It could mean getting rid of all the resistance in order to bring about the emancipation for all of the slaves in Essos. Daenerys is on the right track. She tried the softer way. Now is the time to show the power of the mother of dragons and bring about the demise of the masters. The masters are evil people who want to continue to practice slavery.
  11. Rosetta Stone

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    I want to examine the evidence because the order of the green hand is a fan of this man. He killed the families of the Reynes. He killed the famiies of the Tarbecks. He obeyed King Aerys II and killed the families of the Darklyns. He had Rhaegar's family killed. He ordered the sack of King's Landing. The Red Wedding was done with his approval. Tyrion's trial was rigged. He was bedding Shae. Tywin set up Tyrion to fall. Can you justify any of these? Tywin is not a villain if you can justify his actions. I am not sure I can give him an excuse for most of his decisions but I leave that for you to discuss.
  12. Rosetta Stone

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    How interesting. The biggest clue for Dany being AA is the hatching of the dragon eggs. She literally woke dragons from stone. Which was foretold in the prophecy.
  13. Rosetta Stone

    How would you rate episode 701?

    I know most of the episode was too slow but the last scene made up for everything. Daenerys Targaryen's arrival on Dragonstone is the most important thing to happen since the birth of her dragons. It was such a beautiful moment. Daenerys gets down and puts her palm on the sand. It was wonderful to watch.