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  1. When a person is said to have a dark heart it means they are not good. The witch is saying Arya's heart will become darker and darker. Arya's heart will be dark, i.e. she is not a protagonists.
  2. Mo is talking about the Targaryens. Daenerys, Aemon, Aegon, and perhaps Jon Snow. Daenery is Targaryen from both parents. The Maester is also a real Targaryen. Aegon is a Blackfyre but still only half Targaryen. Jon Snow could be half Targaryen or not at all. Why is a false dragon even mentioned? Because Mel will claim that Jon is a Targaryen.
  3. Benerro's guards are like Palpatine's red guards in the Star Wars franchise. The Unsullied must have also trained in hand to hand combat. Their training is not restricted by honor nor fairness. The Unsullied are trained to be the perfect war machines. Barristan's boys in Mereen. He teaches them the fighting disciplines of the West but they also bring with them the skills from their native home. Sword dancers of Braavos. The Kingsguards are also adept at using other weapons besides swords and lances. Barristan used a staff against the sell sword captain. Mance is skilled with sword but he must also have good hand to hand to prove himself to free folk.
  4. I hope Barristan survives to see Daenerys sit on the iron throne. His "boys" in training reflects the multi-cultural composition of the Daenerys Targaryen administration. It leads me to believe the birth of a new Great Empire of the Dawn is coming and Daenerys will be the empress. The Dothraki, Ghiscari, and Westerosi will make up most of the Empire.
  5. His publisher should sell a learning kit before the release of the book to give us time to practice.
  6. The maesters are academics but they have a closed mind. They are stuck in their dogma and haven't carried Westeros to the future. The Targaryens were the victims of that dogma.
  7. The Tyrells were uplifted by the Targaryens and remained loyal during Robert's rebellion. The Targaryens should have brought down the Lannisters a dozen pegs down the ladder though. Prolong the field of fire barbecue for a few more hours until almost all of the Lannisters have been cremated to gray dust before accepting surrender. Take away half of the gold mines and redistribute them to weaker families. Then do something to damage Casterly Rock and make the castle less defensible.
  8. Lord Robert Arryn, the boy known as SweetRobin, will be murdered by Sansa Stark. That is what I think will occur in the future.
  9. Aegon lived three hundred years before the events of the books. He had no way to control a future that far in the distance. He could not stop Robert's rebellion. It was not justified but it was necessary. Daenerys can only be Queen Daenerys if she had to grow up outside the royal court. The leader who will lead the people out of the darkness needs the kind of strength that comes from having to face and overcome adversity. The decadence of growing up in a castle as a privileged child of lords and kings do not lend themselves to producing a strong leader.
  10. Dareon's murder was an act of evil. The act itself is evil. If Arya is as insane as many claim then she has a defense to lean on. I find the middle ground applies. Arya is only moderately insane but not to the degree where she should not be held to account for this crime. It cannot be called an execution because the charges were not given to Dareon. He doesn't know why he was killed. It was a stealthy attack with a blade.
  11. The guilt is on the shoulders of the maesters who were poisoning the Targaryen kings. Their poisons drove King Aerys mad.
  12. Caves will be the only safe hiding places for the few people left in Westeros. The Ice Wights led by Jon Snow will sweep through the ice covered lands killing every person they meet. Underground will be the only place of safety.
  13. One thing I could wish for in the last two books are chapters written in High Valyrian and Dothraki. The author has said that we will be spending a lot of time with the Dothraki in The Winds of Winter. Yaaayyy! More chapters with Khaleesi will be terrific. It would be an awesome writing challenge for George Martin and a treat for Khaleesi fans such as me to read through the chapters written in Dothraki. Some of Daenerys Targaryen's chapters should be written in High Valyrian and make those already awesome chapters even more so. It will bring a new level of entertainment and engagement for the fans.
  14. @Darth Sidious The Others will bring the body of the lord commander back from the crypts. One of the Starks will skin change this wight and claim the rule over the Others.
  15. The 3 is her identity. Her calling card, if you will. 3 Dragons because she is Targaryen, the Queen of Westeros and the ancient free hold of Valyria. 3 Bloodriders because she is also of the Dothraki khalasars. She is the Khaleesi. 3 Elephants because she is Meereenese, their Queen. Look at the Sphinx discussion and Dany fits the description of the Sphinx. I am not claiming she is but those 3s are her identity cards.
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