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  1. Jon means chamber pot, water closet. Powder room for the more cultured.
  2. The greenseers feed off of human blood. So no, they are not any more benevolent. Only death can pay for life. These devious folks require the blood of the living to continue living. Human sacrifice.
  3. Dany and Bran are the ones who must decipher the meaning of these symbols. They have the most magic in their chapters. The mouth at the House of the Undying and the face at the Wall are clues saying they consume humans. Those who enter the mouth never return. The witches and warlocks inside trap them and slowly consume their lives. The doorway at the Wall consume unwanted babies. And obviously, the House of Black and White consume life. Dragons are said to live long and are very intelligent. Who knows what knowledge they possess through instinct. He saw the danger to his mother and started attacking the door. He could have burned the door though. Fire would have consumed the door faster.
  4. Not without outside intervention from either Stannis or Roose.
  5. Would you call Mr. Martin existentialists? The visions are convoluted. They will not all come to pass. How come the sorcerers failed to see their own fiery deaths if they were so smart? The power to see was coming from Dany herself. It is not common but some of the Targs have had prophetic visions before. Daenys is known to have this ability.
  6. Jon Arryn had good qualities; however, he allowed Robert to bankrupt the kingdom. And it is true what he did to bring Dorne back into line, but they were not really "in the fold". You have to ask if Dorne was really in the fold. I do not believe so. The Martells and the Sand Snakes were quickly plotting to kick Robert off the throne in favor of Prince Viserys. The Martells were never loyal to Robert. They only pretended.
  7. Robert lived on adrenaline and testosterone. Not exactly the tools one would need to govern a kingdom. He should have handed the kingdom to Tywin Lannister and contented himself with the role of figurehead. How his reign will be recorded in the history books is dependent on who wins at the end.
  8. The matter can ordinarily be handled with strong input from the ruler and the lord paramount. Both are weak in this case; and so the contest may be long and bloody.
  9. A book with maps was published years ago. I still have mine. The publisher knows how to squeeze the market. You will have to pay for the best maps.
  10. Shiera is the one who provokes our curiosity but it is Bloodraven who has been serving the realm for the longest. Bear in mind that being great doesn't mean the person is a hero. It simply means the person who will have the deepest impact on the landscape.
  11. What did Jason say to Cersei during their first night together?
  12. I know most of the episode was too slow but the last scene made up for everything. Daenerys Targaryen's arrival on Dragonstone is the most important thing to happen since the birth of her dragons. It was such a beautiful moment. Daenerys gets down and puts her palm on the sand. It was wonderful to watch.
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