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  1. Brad Stark

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    Nor did the British, in 1000 ad, have the same technology as the ancient Greeks in 500 ad, who were more advanced. Progress isn't linear, people in different eras aren't the same, but newer ones were not necessarily more advanced. I also agree with his views on magic. Cannons and early muskets were impractical weapons, expensive, slow to fire, inaccurate and rarely killing more than one person in a shot. Compared to crossbows and longbows, they didn't make sense. But they took over warfare as they had enormous psychological impact with incredible power, loud noise and smoke and sparks. I don't know if they ever become refined enough as weapons without that advantage, which certainly doesn't exist in a world with dragons.
  2. Brad Stark

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    GRRM has taken some liberty with taking elements from various times in our world, but modern technology is exceptional in history. Wikipedia lists the first reference to gunpowder as 808. The steam engine was a 1st century invention. Phoenicians has huge industrial plants to make their famous purple dye. It isn't inconceivable these things existed thousands of years earlier, and unlikely we'd have evidence. Civilizations have gone up and down for at least 10,000 years. Whatever happened in the past 200 years or so is completely different from the 9800 or so years earlier.
  3. This is an interesting idea. What if the maesters got rid of the dragons by getting rid of magic itself? They certainly don't like magic, and if this was possible, they could know how. Whatever they did was only temporary and it wore off.
  4. Marwyn's wording seems to back what you say, "allowed to waste his life". But also implies Aemon would not be an Archmaester of the Citadel even if he chose differently, nor would someone from a different family with Aemon's aptitude be allowed to join the Watch if they volunteered.
  5. I also thought that was an odd thing to say. The citadel doesn't trust Aemon, not because he is personally interested in magic, but because of his family history. As a consequence of this lack of trust, Aemon is sent to the Wall and not the Citadel, and is never an Archmaester. Marwyn says he isn't trusted, and implies it is for the same reasons. Regardless of if he is Targaryen or another family associated with magic, or it is just his personal interest, he isn't sent to the Wall and he is raised to Archmaester.
  6. I am not surprised they employed him, he is useful and was a threat if he was allowed to leave without a job offer. But Aerys was paranoid about everything. Robert hired his enemy's employee. Yet we don't see any evidence either of them were guarded or suspicious. Robert and the his council seem to trust Varys completely, with the exception of Littlefinger, who doesn't trust anyone.
  7. We don't know Varys was loyal to Aerys, if he is a Blackfyre or otherwise backing a non Targaryen for the throne, he'd have motive to remove Aerys, as well as the means to contribute to the rebellion. He may have worked with Robert or Robert may have learned something he did after. What I find surprising is how Aerys and Robert both trusted Varys. He doesn't seem like someone I would trust.
  8. I did want to bring up a conflict between 2 popular theories. 1. Jaqen H'ghar is Syrio Forel. Very popular, although I am not sure why. They both know Arya, are both from Bravos and are never in the same room. 2. Littlefinger hired Jaqen H'ghar to kill Ned. Littlefinger makes a comment implying he knows the cost to hire a Faceless man, and this explains why Jaqen was in the Black Cells. They could both be wrong, but can't both be true. Syrio knew Ned, and Faceless men are not to kill people they know.
  9. Except the Faceless man left with Arya, and someone continued to be Varys. And he'd still need to sneak into the black cells to kill Varys, much easier not to.
  10. This seems a silly discussion. The easiest way to switch stubble and no stubble between being Varys and Rugen is to simply stop shaving when playing Rugen. Modern looks include well groomed men who always have the same length stubble. This is only possible with electric equipment and only more recently became fashionable. Rugen is an unkempt man who cares little of what he looks like. Such men don't always have stubble, and shave maybe once a week. Varys appearing as a clean shaven Rugen doesn't break character at all, but risks being recognized as Varys, hence a small amount of fake stubble when he can't grow it fast enough. Stubble is almost impossible to hide with modern make up, and certainly impossible with powder. Powder makes dark stubble look like a white beard.
  11. GRRM has said Stannis is still alive in his books, therefore the letter is a lie, not a shuffling of scenes and times. The letter being a lie doesn't mean Ramsay didn't write it, he has motive to lie. I don't think Stannis would lie, but accept other people might. Mance has motive, a history of deception, knowledge of the true information in the letter, and motive to try to bring Jon and army South. But I think Melisandre wrote the letter to kill Jon.
  12. The telescope is interesting. Did the citadel comission it long before the comet arrived? Or is it something someone already had and was sent immediately once the comet appeared? Did all the maesters get one? Or is Ludwin special?
  13. Magic starting leaving the world around 200 years ago. But the Wall was built around 10,000 years ago. Something changed near the start of the series to bring magic back, and something changed 200 years prior to make it go away.
  14. Patchface predicted the Red Wedding. Are you saying that if he did something specifically to bring it about, and it wouldn't happen if he didn't? That isn't prophecy, that is an instruction manual. You may as well prophecized a cake will appear if you mix eggs, sugar and flour and bake it in the oven.
  15. We don't know the origin of the prophecy, but it seems Valyrian and tied to the Targaryens' ability to see the future. But if it was translated from a non Valarian source and referenced a foriegn ruler, they would be looking for a foreign ruler, and they are clearly expecting a Targaryen.