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  1. Anti-Stark

    Your Favourite Badass Line from a Non-Badass Character

    I like looking at this exchange from the other side. Ser Jared seemed amused. "Some men cry when slicing onions, but I have never had that weakness." Steel whispered against leather as he drew his sword. "If you are indeed a knight, ser, defend that slander with your body." Too bad Wayman came to rescue Davos with his timely interruption. Jared would have cleaned the floor with Davos.
  2. Anti-Stark

    How could we find out about Aegon

    The question should really be "who is Young Griff?" Let's be honest. We don't know who this young man is. There are very serious doubts about his claims to the identity of Prince Aegon. I lean towards authenticity due to the speech Varys gave to Kevan. No reason to lie to a dying man, etc etc etc etc. Will the author confirm for us? I think he will but that is far from certain. His identity is very important. You could say it's important for all of the nobles because it is what gives them the right to rule over the peasants. It is more important for someone who grew up away from public eyes because he cannot and will not be able to provide direct proof.
  3. Anti-Stark

    Annulment vs. 'setting aside a wife/marriage'

    Robert is king and he can rewrite the laws; however, he would have to deal with the septons. And even then there would be discontent. Robert is not seen as a Targaryen. Visenya, Aegon, and Rhaenys got away with it because the marriage and the consummation took place before they accepted the faith. The marriage bond is maintained after the religious conversion. Robert cannot change religious laws but he can do as he pleases and force them to endure his multiple wives. But the children of the second wife will be bastards in the eyes of the church. Most people are religious. Robert was born in the faith. He cannot "grandfather in" polygamy like the first Targaryens did when they conquered.
  4. I consider killing off Jon Snow as an act of great storytelling. As long as he remains dead. It is a very clean way to end the arc of somebody who has fulfilled their role, the unintentional destruction of the Night's Watch by somebody who has taken an oath to protect it.
  5. Anti-Stark

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    The color white is the symbol of the Kingsguard. Who do we know who is both lion and kingsguard? Jaime Lannister. Mirri Maz Duur betrayed Prince Rhaego Targaryen. Maybe burning MMD is the first tempering that Daenerys needed to become stronger. It gave her the dragons. How's that for strong! The second tempering is the execution of Jaime Lannister. He did betray House Targaryen. Jaime should have saved Aerys Targaryen and asked for a trial by combat to try to save his king.
  6. Anti-Stark

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    That would do for a start and I would have it consummated before giving the unreliable Starks any help. But it's not enough. I would require all trade and commerce coming from the north to the south have to pass through the Frey's bridge. Double the toll is fair. The right to kill any Crannogman who crosses to the south without paying toll at the bridge. No sneaking under the bridge on a canoe.
  7. Anti-Stark

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    I want to address this issue of trust that was brought up. For the sake of this question you are to assume that some kind of wary trust is present; otherwise, there won't be negotiations. I am asking you what you think is fair payment from the Starks to the Freys to make things close to right.
  8. Anti-Stark

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Some of you chose to interpret my question differently than what I had intended. You answered a question that was not asked, by your choice. You know what I meant. It's not about punishment for the Freys because I do not believe they deserve it. I was asking about what Robb Stark should be required to pay Walder Frey for his public insult and open disrespect of the old man and his family. Robb wronged the Freys. It was not a minor offense. Clearly some sort of payment from the Starks is required.
  9. Anti-Stark

    I don’t get the “Love is the Death of Duty”

    It's so much more nuanced and complex. You have to decide each case of romance on its own. George Martin is going out of his way so that we can't make blanket statements to cover every romantic situation. We have to evaluate each situation on its own. The "love is the death of duty" theme applies to the Night's Watch because that is certainly what those men are giving up. But it's more than that. Attachment to family can only harm the cause of a neutral entity like the NW. It isn't easy to act neutral if the men of the watch are still attached to their family. The men come from all across Westeros and they are asked to serve with boys from a family whom theirs could have feuded with in the past. The only way this brotherhood can bond together is to first forget about their families and be born again as a brother of the Night's Watch. The requirements are logical. It's not healthy love between Jorah and Lynesse. It's a man of lower means being unable to make his woman happy. We all do this for our wives. We work hard to give her a home as fine as we can afford. But Jorah went over his head and lived beyond his means. Lynesse is a spoiled daughter of a rich man. Jorah and her father are to blame for this marriage. A reasonable time for courtship to allow them to get to know one another would have prevented the heartache. It's too early to judge Rhaegar. There is little we can say for sure. A defense lawyer can say he was only helping a troubled girl hide from her family. It's a bad decision but it is not romance. Selmy might say it's chivalry. Varys would say it was folly to risk war over one girl.
  10. There is already a poll asking whether the red wedding was justified. I want to do something different and instead ask what you feel is fair compensation to House Frey for Robb's betrayal. Be fair-minded about this. Even the most devout Stark supporter cannot excuse what Robb Stark did to the Freys. He dragged them into a war. I will add that it was a stupid war. The Starks chose to light the fuse for no better reason than to find the person who tried to kill ONE LITTLE BOY. The Freys did not start this war. Robb Stark arrived at their doorstep and gave them a bitter choice. Lord Walder Frey did what any shrewd man would do. He can't avoid getting mixed up in this war. He did what any smart man would do and negotiated a deal. What do you consider is fair payment from the Starks to the Freys after Robb broke his oath?
  11. This scenario is enough to make me want to throw up sunday dinner. I honestly do not believe the books will end the same way as that other thing. If I did, I would stop reading right now. Being a fan of Daenerys and a Stark hater, yeah, your scenario is enough to make me ill.
  12. Anti-Stark

    House Stark Incest

    Incest was practiced by the ancient Egyptian royalty. The Starks are closely bred. And that might explain why they managed to keep the gene for skinchanging and warging alive.
  13. Anti-Stark

    Is Jorah still married to Lynesse?

    The marriage stands. Only the king can end a marriage. It just might additionally require the approval of the High Septon. Commons breaking their marriages probably get ignored but a nobleman like Jorah will be held to his marriage vows. Lynesse is a concubine of a rich man. She is not interested in politics. Her family, the Hightowers, may not survive Euron's attack. She has nothing to come home to.
  14. Anti-Stark

    ASoIaF character poll

    Aeron Damphair is a wonderful character. He is an example of somebody who gets strength from his faith in his lord god. That feeling of certainty could be enough to help him defeat Euron, for no godless man sit the sea stone chair. I don't have a problem with Aeron.
  15. Anti-Stark

    Does someone succeed Jon? If so who?

    Aliser Thorne is the best choice but Bowen Marsh is also capable. Jon practically abandoned his duties to rescue fake Arya. I don't see why any sworn brother would have a problem with the assassination. I do see why all of them would have a problem with what Jon did. It saddens me but Thorne is more than likely dead. Jon sent him out on a bad mission. Command will fall on Bowen and the other officers of the watch. I hope they can deal with the Wildlings and get the watch back in order.