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  1. Anti-Stark

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    Walder Frey is a card. His age mean he could go any minute but I do wish he will stick around and continue to fight the Starks for a long time. He would make a good choice to replace LF as the lord of the riverlands.
  2. Jon didn't do enough to sell the danger. He was too obsessed with the cursed Starks to handle the communication in such a way as to be neutral. He could have worked out a deal with the Boltons and promise to remain neutral as he should have been. Promise not to challenge their claims to Winterfell.
  3. Anti-Stark

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    The person must have a vision in the first place. This is something they want to make happen. There's no reason to want to rule without this vision. There are those in power in the books who have/had no reason other than it fell on their laps (Robb, Joffrey, Tommen, the Wise Masters, slave owner). Power just came to them. Inheritance gave it to them. Not one of these people were any good at ruling. The candidate must have enough belief in their vision to commit and take great risks in order to earn the right to lead. Yes, yes, being born from a noble clan helps a great deal and removes the ceiling. Jon, for example, would not have had the opportunities and the unreasonable leniency that he received from Mormont had he been common. Another much better boy who was the son of a farmer would not have had preferential treatment. Still, even though I dislike Jon, he did show bravery and somewhat passable leadership up until he started the ill-advised, illegal, Arya-Rescue-Mission and took up arms against the Boltons. Robb and Joffrey got theirs by default. Daenerys time and time again proved her strength of character and resourcefulness with the Dothraki and her khalasar. Thus, she has earned the right to rule over them, customs be damned. She doesn't just break chains, she breaks customs and traditions as she sees fit because she is worthy to pass judgement. Even a coward like Sam Tarly has a place, just not as a ruler.
  4. Anti-Stark

    Can direwolves mate? Or will they become extinct?

    I meant Jon, Arya, and Rickon will die. But as you know, they get to live a second life as wolves or beetles. Jon and Arya can become mates and breed in their second lives. Which, I think, will happen in the last book.
  5. Tysha is the ghost that haunts Tyrion's soul. It's what twists his emotions. She's emotional baggage from a painful past. It's what make Tyrion what he is.
  6. Anti-Stark

    Why did Ned allow Benjen to take the black?

    Why did Ned allow Benjen to take the black? If I had to guess. Yeah. Lack of career opportunities. Noble born do not sow nor fish. They don't do manual labor. There aren't many white collar jobs out there for anyone who has only trained to fight. Benjen could have gone to the citadel but who knows if Stark pride and hubris would have made room for that choice. Benjen had nowhere else to go. He might have chosen to go east and signed with sell swords but Starks do not leave the north. The Starks die when they leave the north. It is written. This is Known.
  7. Anti-Stark

    Can direwolves mate? Or will they become extinct?

    I don't think they will go extinct. Jon and Arya will both die and their spirits will live as direwolves. So yes they will breed as direwolves. Jon and Arya will mate. Arya will whelp a litter of direwolves to form their pack.
  8. Anti-Stark

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Stumpy Lannister has no use for a VS sword. Best to just give him a rusty sword from the armory. Vargo Hoat deprived the lions of their pride by maiming the favored son of the house.
  9. Anti-Stark

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    White lion = Tyrion or Jaime. Hopefully Jaime will die by dragon flame. The actual Hrakkar is of little significance and certainly does not have enough weight in Daenerys Targaryen's story arc to become part of a prophecy for her. It is merely a symbol. The vision is Jaime Lannister's future death by execution. Though it is Jaime who is wearing white. White lion is a soon to be dead lion. Like the Hrakkar whose pelt we already have.
  10. Anti-Stark

    Your Favourite Badass Line from a Non-Badass Character

    Jared Frey was willing and did challenge Davos to a fight. Davos hid behind Manderly's skirt. Davos is not a hero. It's not hard to insult when you know the other guy won't be allowed to beat you up. Davos was just running his mouth and knowing he can get away with it.
  11. Anti-Stark

    Your Favourite Badass Line from a Non-Badass Character

    I like looking at this exchange from the other side. Ser Jared seemed amused. "Some men cry when slicing onions, but I have never had that weakness." Steel whispered against leather as he drew his sword. "If you are indeed a knight, ser, defend that slander with your body." Too bad Wayman came to rescue Davos with his timely interruption. Jared would have cleaned the floor with Davos.
  12. Anti-Stark

    How could we find out about Aegon

    The question should really be "who is Young Griff?" Let's be honest. We don't know who this young man is. There are very serious doubts about his claims to the identity of Prince Aegon. I lean towards authenticity due to the speech Varys gave to Kevan. No reason to lie to a dying man, etc etc etc etc. Will the author confirm for us? I think he will but that is far from certain. His identity is very important. You could say it's important for all of the nobles because it is what gives them the right to rule over the peasants. It is more important for someone who grew up away from public eyes because he cannot and will not be able to provide direct proof.
  13. Anti-Stark

    Annulment vs. 'setting aside a wife/marriage'

    Robert is king and he can rewrite the laws; however, he would have to deal with the septons. And even then there would be discontent. Robert is not seen as a Targaryen. Visenya, Aegon, and Rhaenys got away with it because the marriage and the consummation took place before they accepted the faith. The marriage bond is maintained after the religious conversion. Robert cannot change religious laws but he can do as he pleases and force them to endure his multiple wives. But the children of the second wife will be bastards in the eyes of the church. Most people are religious. Robert was born in the faith. He cannot "grandfather in" polygamy like the first Targaryens did when they conquered.
  14. I consider killing off Jon Snow as an act of great storytelling. As long as he remains dead. It is a very clean way to end the arc of somebody who has fulfilled their role, the unintentional destruction of the Night's Watch by somebody who has taken an oath to protect it.
  15. Anti-Stark

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    The color white is the symbol of the Kingsguard. Who do we know who is both lion and kingsguard? Jaime Lannister. Mirri Maz Duur betrayed Prince Rhaego Targaryen. Maybe burning MMD is the first tempering that Daenerys needed to become stronger. It gave her the dragons. How's that for strong! The second tempering is the execution of Jaime Lannister. He did betray House Targaryen. Jaime should have saved Aerys Targaryen and asked for a trial by combat to try to save his king.