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  1. Aegon is a popular name among the Targaryens and Targaryen wanabes. And those who wish to do a little social climbing. Aegon can be an Aegon without being the Aegon. Aegon Targaryen. Aegon Blackfyre. Even rhe Freys have their Aegon.
  2. Nymeria is a problem in the river lands. Walder’s huntsmen will find her.
  3. His last chapter logically leads to the conclusion that he died.
  4. George flogs traitors. Those who are turncoats get punished and will not be given an easy death. Theon, Robb, Brandon, and Jon Snow are traitors. Only Theon is still living.
  5. Arya was not forced to kill the old man. She wasn’t forced to go to the Faceless Men boot camp. She made those choices. She wasn’t manipulated. She chose. Sure we can debate the quality of her ability to make decisions. Arya is insane and therefore her mind functions as well as a chamber pot with a crack. Any evaluation for punishment that is fair would have to take her mental condition into consideration. She gets her head taken off or she spends her life inside a padded jail cell.
  6. Justice! Jon is not going to bring justice. Janos Slynt didn’t get any justice from Jon. Jon misused and abused his authority to murder his family’s enemy. He chose not to punish a deserter who came back to attack the Wall because he needed him for an unlawful and morally reprehensible mission.
  7. Jon is the new NK who will rule at the Wall. He is not a Targaryen though. He’s the son of Mance and Lyanna.
  8. Arya did it in order to become a better murderer. It’s like a street criminal taking an initiation test to get into a gang of murderers. Arya murdered the old man to become a gang member. Arya is very sick inside.
  9. Jon is an angry icicle who can only think of Arya and revenge. Arya is crazy and training to increase her murder quota. Rickon is killing and eating people with the Skagosi. What little bit of humanity is left will soon be gone in these three Starks. They are worse than the ancient followers of the Old Gods.
  10. Fire and water are incompatible. The two gods cannot mix. Mo is not tolerating the dg. Vic has to choose. He stops being ironborn if he chooses Fire.
  11. Jon is condemned for a very good reason. He broke his vows by interfering with the politics of Westeros. He let personal feelings get in the way of justice in the matter concerning Janos and Mance. He commanded another man of the watch to carry out an illegal mission. Jon corrupted then betrayed the watch.
  12. Daenerys is the Targaryen in that marriage. In Westeros, her words are law. She will not allow slavery in Westeros. I believe you, Jonsa, are attempting to stir up trouble for Daenerys. But the threat of slavery will actually make the remainder of Westeros easier to conquer. You see, in war, many prisoners will be taken. It can happen to anybody. The commoners will be in fear. The first thing they will do is negotiate a deal with the Dothraki. They throw down their weapons in a deal to avoid slavery. Like Pentos paying the Dothraki not to be sacked and enslaved. The commons will be like, “Here, take my lord instead. We give up. Don’t make us slaves. Here, take Robb and do as you wish. We just wanna go home.” The Dothraki will take that deal.
  13. It’s not only hinted. It’s confirmation that the Starks killed people for their trees. Human sacrifice. The north is a cruel land. Other families were doing the same thing.
  14. We don’t know. But he is very suspicious to me. I would bet my own money that the lad is not the son of Rhaegar and Elia.
  15. There have been no instances of the Lannisters religion doing this. The Starks are proven to practice human sacrifice.
  16. There is nothing special about House Stark’s following. They have followers sure, but also haters like the Boltons and Lady Dustin.
  17. The Old Gods’ worshippers, the Starks, the Children all make blood offerings to the weirwoods. Horrible people.
  18. The Old Gods demand their followers make human sacrifices to those nasty trees. Thousands must have been murdered to soak the roots of the Winterfell tree with blood. The OG and the Starks are disguusting.
  19. It’s meant to arouse curiosity but likely it is irrelevant to the story going forward. Fire and Ice do not mix. If they ever did or do, the result is tragedy.
  20. Non-denominational. Agnostic. I will start one if it doesn’t exist.
  21. Deep down jealousy comes across as feeling superior on the outside. House Frey is very wealthy. A jealous lord would look for something to criticize the Freys without showing his envy.
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