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  1. Dothraki Khal

    Illyrio's Motives

    He may be telling the truth. It would not be unusual for an artists to find himself attracted to a comely young man and use the latter for inspiration. He's not the only Bravo who seeks a Targaryen restoration. There is a possible connection between Illyrio, the Sealord, Prince Viserys, Ser Willem, Varys, and the Martells. There may be others involved. As to his motives, aggrandizement. The only thing a rich man lack is a noble title. Whoever he plants on the Iron Throne will be sure to give him lands and a title. Great Lord Illyrio of House Mopatis has a nice ring to it. What motivated the Sealord and Varys is still up for speculation. We do know what motivated Ser Willem and the Martells. They simply want to restore normalcy, or what they saw as normalcy, the rightful family on the throne.
  2. Dothraki Khal

    Toxic aristocratic values

    I was never in the military services and therefore that type of discipline is alien to me. However, Stannis put those men in that predicament. I would think he should not have executed them. Perhaps my interpretation of that scene is different from LV's. Some of the nobles are very harsh. Stannis and Roose in particular. Maybe that's what it takes to keep subordinates in line in a violent world. Let's not forget Tywin, to whom killing children and servants for the sins of their parents is not a problem. It is indeed a world where everybody must know their place lest they step out of line and receive the most extreme of punishment.
  3. Dothraki Khal

    Toxic aristocratic values

    The Game of Thrones is played with lives being the currency at the table. The nobles play and the commons pay is not completely true though. Nobles pay too, as they should. It's their game. But the values of the aristocracy is driven by their need to maintain authority. Picture the scene of the hanging dead men in the second D&E tale. Roose Bolton's reaction to Arya speaking out of turn. Robb's response to Cersei's letter. Stannis Baratheon burning his own men for simply avoiding starvation. Which he placed them in, by the way. Those were loyal men who fought for him and marched for him. They had no choice but to eat the dead. To burn them for the "crime" is one of the prominent examples of the toxic value the O/P wrote about. Those values are the antagonists to justice and compassion.
  4. Dothraki Khal

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Jon is not leadership quality. He might have been fine as a ranger but he does not have the discipline needed to lead. He repeatedly puts the Starks ahead of his responsibilities at the Wall. The plot to get Arya away from Ramsay and his plan to attack the Boltons were what tipped a very reasonable man like Bowen Marsh to take him down.
  5. Dothraki Khal

    The role of forgiveness

    Sansa sided with Joff because she wanted to be his queen. It wasn't out of any moral motivation.
  6. Dothraki Khal

    The role of forgiveness

    Are we getting personal?
  7. Dothraki Khal

    The role of forgiveness

    For now, maybe. Elevate HtH social status and wealth and Sansa will change her tune.
  8. Dothraki Khal

    How did Ice pass from Lord Rickard to Eddard Stark?

    This, perhaps. I also think King Aerys had no need for the sword. Someone in his court sent it to the armory and there it sat until the rebels sacked the city.
  9. Dothraki Khal

    The role of forgiveness

    I will have to second (or third or fourth) this. These families have a long history of bad blood and proudly spouting phrases like "the north remembers" does not bode well for forgiveness.
  10. Dothraki Khal

    The role of forgiveness

    Being selfish is the nature of Sansa. We've been witness to it time and time again. It is what made her run to Cersei and confessed her father's plans to leave the city. She intended for Cersei to force her family to stay so she can be near Joffrey and the excitement of King's Landing. She didn't want to go back to the frozen wasteland that is her family home.
  11. I'm not saying George was not inspired but the similarities are not that many.
  12. Except Lyanna was not lovely. Helen supposedly was.
  13. Red Viper and Gregor. The David and Goliath of ASOIAF.
  14. Dothraki Khal

    Does Visenya Deserve More Criticism?

    Visenya saved the dynasty from a weak young man. The Faith had no business sticking its nose in government matters. The Targaryens had all the rights in the world to respond to them, in any way they saw fit, as soon as those religious nuts started interfering with the monarchs. The monarchs after Maegor should have maintained the bounty on all members of the Faith who dared to stick its nose in the monarch's business.
  15. Dothraki Khal

    Ser Barristan Selmy- truly a "True Knight"?

    So killing an innocent boy is honorable? Sandor Clegane is almost as horrible as his brother. Just because he showed kindness towards Arya does not make him good.