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  1. Great Oshiro

    Who or what attacked Essos during The Long Night?

    The Others or similar creatures. They were driven back to the north and migrated westwards. The maps do not show the far north. The east and the west may have a frozen land bridge farther north, beyond the map.
  2. Great Oshiro

    Stannis wrote the Pink Letter. Clydas changed it

    I have no doubt that many on the wall wanted to remove Jon from office after how he handled the Slynt affair. Clydas could be one but he's not brave enough to cross Jon. The killing of Janos Slynt turned Jon into the equivalent of a feared dictator. That's why Clydas was concerned. He witnessed Jon's violent behavior towards his political rivals and he was justly concerned what his commander would do. Move forward chronologically and Clydas was right to be concerned. He didn't mess with that letter.
  3. Great Oshiro

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Ice is the threat to the living and the Starks will take their side. Those ancient boneheads napping in the crypts will come back in the form of ice wights.
  4. Great Oshiro

    Prediction: Jon will become a direwolf

    He doesn't get to come back. That's one of the problems with jumping bodies. If the body with the ability to warg/skinchange dies the person is stuck in the other body. This is the reason why Bran is so important to Bloodraven. BR's body is dying. He can jump to another body and get a second life but without the abilities of his old body. Now jumping inside Bran gets him everything he needs. Second life, greenseer, and skinchange talents.
  5. Great Oshiro

    Prediction: Jon will become a direwolf

    I agree. Arya, Bran, and Rickon will die too and join the direwolf pack.
  6. Great Oshiro

    Prediction: Daenerys will become a dragon

    It is possible but less so than Jon turning into a direwolf. It does create a parallel. Fire (Dragon) and Ice (direwolf).
  7. The northmen honor the watch and the last thing they would do is to drag a sworn commander into something so disgraceful as to involve the NW into their war. Barbrey Dustin is not so lost that she would write such a letter to trick Jon Snow into what he tried to do. Mance Rayder is an oathbreaker and a deserter but he atleast knows the value of keeping the wall defended. I don't think he would do this.
  8. If Mance or Dustin wrote the Pink Letter, what were their intentions? What would they gain? Mance Rayder gains nothing. But if you're willing to go all out tinfoil there is the Trojan theory. Mance out smarted Jon and Stannis. He tricked them and got through the wall. He wants to watch Stannis, Roose, and the Watch weaken themselves so he can take control of the north. The letter was done to push this goal. I'm not onboard but there it is. Lady Barbrey Dustin gains nothing from plotting like that.
  9. Great Oshiro

    Hubris and the end of House Targaryen

    The Targaryens united a bunch of belligerent petty kings who constantly warred with one another. The common people got very little rest from the constant fighting. If there is hubris, it's those descendants of these petty lords who want to become independent so they can stroke themselves and become kings again. Sure it would stroke the ego of the Starks to become independent and become kings of the north again. That might even please the lords like the Umbers, Boltons, because they can practice their barbaric right to the first night out in the open. But just because it's good for the Starks does not make it good for the majority of people in the north whom are common and will become prey to the whims of their northern lords. The Targaryens are and were more moral than the petty lords they displaced and dominated. Imagine what somebody like Harren, the Hungry Wolf, Red King Bolton, Blackwoods, and the Durandons would have done if they had had the power to ride dragons. It wouldn't be pretty. The Targaryens were restrained in their use of power when you consider how much of it they had. If somebody can be trusted to have near-absolute power it is Daenerys Targaryen and not the Baratheons. Certainly it's not the Starks who can be trusted. Absolutely not the Lannisters.
  10. What Janos did pale in comparison to what Jon has done. Jon attacked a superior officer. That was attempted murder. Attempted desertion to help Robb. Jon gives Mance Rayder a pass and this is a man who deserted and led the wildlings to attack the wall. There was no justice in what Jon did. It was also stupid.
  11. Great Oshiro

    Pole did Ramsay remove theon's junk?

    Only an opening is needed. The hose is not necessary in order to get water out of the faucet.
  12. You're only going to say this one more time. Thank god. Just kidding friend. Okay. Fine by me. Listen, we are not going to agree on this issue. That much is plainly clear. You have stated your opinion. I have no problem with that. I disagree with it. I disagree with your reasoning. But we can both exists on this forum. Neither of us are going anywhere. This is not the only disagreement among this rather large membership of fans.
  13. Great Oshiro

    Pole did Ramsay remove theon's junk?

    He removed Theon's balls for sure. The twig, I don't know. Look at the plot. A man who has lost his manhood can still be a man if they find a cause more worthy than the pursuit of getting laid. Sorry, it's crude but it's true. Varys and The Unsullied are fine examples of men who have lost their twig and berries but are living life with a purpose. Varys wants to restore the Targaryens and The Unsulled serve Daenerys Targaryen. I am neutral on Theon personally but I find his chapters are the best of the povs in the north. Big G will find some way for Theon to find that meaning. I can think of one. Changing the Ironborn culture and way of life into something more prosocial.
  14. We are stretching things a bit with your theory. There are no lines to connect between the two points. Imaginary dots maybe but not real ones. Very well. If you can create dots so can I. How about this question. Will Lord Walder's huntsmen find Nymeria's pack and take their pelt? After all, winter is coming and the Freys are many, they need something to drape over their muddy riverland feet and keep them warm.
  15. You did say so, but I don't agree with your reasoning. Janos Slynt did not commit an offense that is of sufficient gravity to earn him a death sentence. But even that can be excused if Jon had executed Mance Rayder. Nobody can argue with any credibility (unless they outright edit the text) that Mance Rayder's offenses against the Watch is not the most serious since the days of the Night's King and later Jon Snow. And no, Jon Snow should absolutely not abandon the wall to confront Ramsay. Remember, it was Jon who started that fight. He had no business getting involved in Ramsay's business. His business is the Wall. Is it easy to stay focused on the job while Arya is married to Ramsay? Ofcourse not. But there are a lot of men on that Wall with loved ones back home who were worried during the war of the five idiots (Robb, Joffrey, Renly, Stannis, and Balon) and still stayed at their posts. They are better men than Jon but that is a topic for another day. Nobody to the best of my knowledge is claiming Ramsay is a boy scout. This is about duty and prioritizing. Jon made some very bad decisions and prioritized badly. He prioritized Arya over the Night's Watch and the safety of everyone. While we're on the topic, I might as well also point out to you as some others have said in other threads of the same topic, it was treason for Jon to send another sworn crow to get his sister for the purposes of taking her away from Ramsay. I'm talking about Mance Rayder. And despite your arguments, Mance Rayder is a member of the order of the Night's Watch.