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  1. The north needs the south. They only have me city and their farming season is shorter. Greatjon was thinking with his nuts when he called for separation. Cooler heads would see the wisdom of not separating.
  2. Perhaps changing gender is not the best way to describe the dragons. Every dragon could have had both male and female physical abilities. In other words, every dragon has the ability to lay eggs, if they choose to do so.
  3. Agree. Jon has some good qualities as a person but Daenerys will be better at ruling and governing.
  4. Slaver’s Bay was in a state of “destroyed” before Daenerys came along. The people of Ghis destroyed themselves thousands of years ago. When you have a minority enslaving the majority of the population, well, there is nothing to destroy. That place had nothing but slavery. To “destroy” that place is an opportunity for improvement. Planning when thousands are dying each day while enslaved is not the way to go. It is best to take the city and get on with reforms. Daenerys did the right thing. The Ghiscari masters are to blame because they refuse to let slavery end. It is their efforts to keep slavery in place that is the cause of the problem. Progress towards a better society will be easier if the Ghiscari former masters would grow a heart, become moral, and accept the ending of slavery.
  5. The glass candles react to the movement of the white walkers. The white walkers and their wights are the orcs in this tale. They herald the arrival of the threat.
  6. You asked for favorite. Yes, she is my favorite. And those are her flaws. I like Barristan, Brienne, Missandei, and a few others.
  7. Aegon may be better than Jon Snow, but he is not as good Daenerys Targaryen. She made the right call to risk Belwas instead of Barri, Greyworm, or Jorah. Those are the kinds of tough decisions a ruler will need to make.
  8. Arrogant or not, they will come back to Winterfell and control the north. The north will be a kingdom of a King of Winter again. The Others can be bought off with offerings of baby boys from the family. Craster’s son is at the Wall. He’s a Stark The Starks and Craster are related. The NK, Starks, Craster, and Karstarks are connected by blood.
  9. He only needs to control one white walker if they are hive minded.
  10. Young Griff is not Aegon Targaryen. He will be one of the lies which must be slain. Qaithe has no reason to lie to Daenerys. The vision from the Undying have proven true so far.
  11. Cersei was mean as a child. She did not grow out of that trait. Robert was a big fool but not mean. Cersei is smarter but Robert had the better heart. I would change my mind if proof of southern ambitions is given in the future.
  12. Robb and the Starks backed Walder in a corner. Any decision he made would have consequences for his House. It’s best to think of the dead as war casualties. All save Cat and Aegon were soldiers. Those who were killed at the wedding were themselves killers. Avoid retaliation and move on.
  13. Ballon is too stuck in the past. Piracy can’t be allowed to victimize the six other kingdoms. This tradition is gone.
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