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  1. Sheeps and lambs are offered for sacrifice in religions. A snow white lamb is a generous sacrifice. Ghost, a snow white wolf, is another potential offering. Imagine his value if he is offered after Jon’s spirit has taken up residence.
  2. The only sex he will get going forward is through Ghost. Ghost and Nymeria will be mated. Wights don’t have sex. Therefore, they don’t have any use for a boner.
  3. He serves a bad cause. I’m using Varys’ logic here. Then again, so was Ned Stark. He was serving a king who was bankrupting the realm at every turn. The Starks were rebels. So Roose was within his legal rights to oppose Robb.
  4. The slave masters of Mereen. The Faceless Men. They’re all insane.
  5. It was an embarassment to justice. Jon Snow hated Janos Slynt and used the moment to kill him.
  6. The only way to connect Dawn to House Stark is to have one of Jon’s parents be a Dayne. Which is possible, but I think Mance is Jon’s father. If the Starks were to have a magic sword, its effects would be the opposite. The Stark sword will be Twilight, or Darkness. The Starks bring darkness, ice, and everything that isn’t nice.
  7. Dany’s opinion of Ned Stark comes from what she heard from Ser Jorah, King Viserys III, Magister Illyrio, Ser Willem, and others. She cannot be blamed for this because we, that means everybody, all form opinions based on the available data. Available data painted a negative picture of Ned Stark. Dany is not a hypocrite. Dany is a very intelligent young lady. If you want to talk hypocrite, talk about Jon Snow and Robb Stark. Which I might do in response to Corvo. Dany doesn’t owe Ned anything. Ned may have expressed disapproval at having her and Rhaego assassinated, but he never lifted a finger to block Robert. Ned was willing to allow the atrocity to happen. Ned is a flawed man. Did he not murder an innocent wolf because of friendship? Sure. Ned loved Robert and spared him the truth. His duty was to tell the truth. His duty was to tell the truth even though it would put Sansa in danger. Ned was not as honorable as his children and bastard believe. If Lyanna ran off to Rhaegar, doesn’t Ned have an obligation to expose the truth even if it caused humiliation for his family? Sure. Absolutely. For the record, I think R + L = J is rubbish, but for this discussion, since some of you support it, I will use it as one example. Ned should have taken Gared’s warning seriously. At least send word to Castle Black and politely requests more information. Ned gave Gared token time to speak but never really listened. Karma bit back in King’s Landing.
  8. Sure, because Cersei had already agreed to make him take the black. Rickard and Robert were disloyal to set themselves in a position where they could threaten their king. Rickard, instead of begging forgiveness, challenged Brandon’s sentence. Aerys would not have ordered the executions of Robert and Ned if they were not guilty of treason. Rickard and Robert were building an alliance against the Targaryens using marriages.
  9. Edmure is a dead man after Roslyn has their child. His days among the living are few. The others are prisoners of war. They will be released as soon as the north proves they can be trusted. We know that won’t happen. There isn’t a mission impossible in the works to break them out. They either die as pows or they break themselves out.
  10. Varys and Illyrio were waiting for the proper moment to murder Ned Stark. He’s a good man serving and enabling a bad cause. It was only a matter of time before they put him out of the picture. Ned is a staunch conservative with his head up his ass. He was not going to oppose Stannis’ claim even if the Targaryens’ were better. Ned loved the Baratheons. He was one of the Usurper’s Dogs. I like Ned but I think his family was plotting against Aerys. For that reason, his death was a long time coming and not undeserved if he was part of it.
  11. People looked down on the Freys. Unwarranted in my opinion. The Freys are smart and good business people. The north are seen as barbarians because they don’t have the fineries of more blessed southern kingdoms.
  12. The Red Comet already made its appearance and Daenerys was reborn to become Azor Ahai. It will be a very long time before the Comet returns. So there is no other Azor Ahai. She is Azor Ahai.
  13. Aegon is not going to receive a more favorable response. I know that might be what you want to happen, but it is not likely. Aegon is a lie. A fake. So yes, while he might have a very, very brief moment of glory, he will go down as a liar. He will present the sword, Blackfyre, and that will win a few. Then Daenerys arrives with her Dragons and the people will flock to her side. She will slay Aegon’s lie and he will fall from grace. Daenerys is the only person who has the means to send the Others and their human allies to hell. The people will know that.
  14. People will lose faith in the Seven, the Sparrows, and the septons when the White Walkers cross the wall. What the Sparrows think will be of no importance. Those who survive the riots in the cities will be exposed as frauds. Their militant will survive for a while but eventually will become ice wights. The Seven will be a cold memory when Princess Daenerys and her dragons arrive.
  15. Every great house have their share of loyal bannermen. The top honor goes to House Targaryen, the greatest family of them all. Here it is, nearly 20 years after Robert’s Rebellion and there are still people who want the return of the dragons. Varys, Doran, Marwyn, to name a few.
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