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  1. The Targaryens had the dragons. Their authority was firmly established by the time of the last dragon. Keeping a garrison of mercenaries is very expensive. The task of most able-bodied men are to contribute to the GDP. They farmed, logged, fished, and raised families. Full time soldiers are mouths to support that are expensive to sustain. The kingdom was not all that rich. A large fort with soldiers was not needed.
  2. Keanu (don’t know the others) is within normal. I suspect the Starks are on the extreme end of long. It is a prominent look. The North has a look of its own. The Starks are on the extreme of those qualities. Lyanna was less extreme and could have other features to compensate. She is slim. Arya can look similar but she is no clone. Her looks thematically binds her to Jon, Lyanna, and Ned. They belong to the North and the Ice. Lyanna’s body is in the north. Ned’s bones are on their way north. Jon and Arya will also rest in the north. Lyanna betrayed her engagement, Jon his duties, Ned betrayed somebody, and Arya betrayed the faceless men.
  3. Talk about getting a facial. Hannibal Lecter style. It is gross.
  4. Arya is an exaggerated Stark look. Horseface is not a flattering look for a human child. Cute on a donkey but unattractive in a girl. Arya can grow out of it but I doubt it. Good looks is not necessary for her.
  5. You can ignore the topic. You don’t have to react. Other people enjoy the discussion. I do.
  6. For me, it’s either the stink of Lord Tywin’s corpse or the way Arya processed the dead at the House of Black and White.
  7. Edric doesn’t have a strong enough claim to attract Justin. Cersei is unmarried but the I/B will frown on their loan going to her. Shireen is too young and disfigured, but hey, a marriage is about power. He could do as commanded and support her claim. Asha and Dany are other options.
  8. Justin has no chance of becoming king on his own. But all that gold make him attractive to a woman who wants to fund and equip a lot of soldiers. Dany, Cersei, Asha. One of these women could make him useful.
  9. Rickard, Brandon, and Robert were setting up a family alliance which would threaten the Targaryen rule. Aerys and his family had every right to block the formation of those dangerous marriage alliances. Rickard and the boys were the aggressors. An alliance like that is treason. I am sure the relationship was cold. Robert would not pose himself a threat to cousin Rhaegar if he had liked the prince. His parents died for Rhaegar and he resented it. Mom and dad were ordered to find a bride for a prince who couldn’t do it on his own. Prince marries a Dornish woman and has kids. Robert counters by marrying a northern girl. It also seems Brandon was being set up to serve as Robert’s Hand.
  10. A highly contaigeous Stone Man and Jon Snow sharing smallclothes.
  11. The loans to Stannis and Jon were very bad calls on the part of Nestoris.
  12. Like I said, a marriage alliance between Daenerys and Quentyn would be disastrous. The Martells want revenge. Doran wants a grandchild on the IT. Aegon and his supporters would feel threatened if that marriage were to produce an heir. The best plan is to wait. Wait until the Others make their presence felt and the bellies of the Dornish start complaining of hunger. Wait until Westeros begs for help.
  13. Are you trying to excuse Arya? She is not a good person. You already know my answer. They were not justified. At least not morally justified. Arya killed Dareon because he disrespected her beloved brother, Jon Snow. It wasn’t about a duty to kill a criminal. Dareon, by dragging his butt around instead of sticking to his orders, was disrespecting Jon Snow. That was enough reason to kill him in the mind of Arya Stark. Dareon could have told his sad story and Arya would have killed him. Arya’s love for Jon pushed her to kill Dareon. Murdering the Insurance Man was a means to an end. The old man had done her no wrong. It’s the same thing with Varys and Kevan. She wants something and she has to kill to get it.
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