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  1. Bran is angry but composed for the moment. He will lose it after he learns his fall was Jaime’s choice. That will be the moment he flips to the darkness. Strong emotions is the enemy. Love or hate doesn’t matter. It leads to a tragic character pivot that leads to more sorrow and destruction.
  2. Ned Stark was our intro to the Starks. He was presented to us as a man with morality and compassion. But we need to look at his childhood to see why he was different from Brandon and Lyanna. He was fostered at the Vale and away from Brandon. He was not meant to rule the north. The ritual of the blood sacrifice is understandably kept a secret from the Crown. Only the reigning lord of Winterfell and his heir would know to carry it out. The Starks could have continued the ritual until the death of Rickard Stark. Ned washed the blood of those he killed in the pond. That blood, even if Ned was unaware, fed the tree. The tree was not exactly starving but the amount of human fertilizer had become a trickle. So the Gods brought about the births of a generation of Starks with abilities to reconnect to nature. These Stark kids will be murdering and pouring blood back to the trees.
  3. Thirteen years. It took that long to stop him. It makes sense if the Starks were protecting him. He was one of their own. All the trouble caused by Brandon and Lyanna and they were still buried with honors in the crypts. The commander’s frozen remains is also down there. He loved his bride and would protect her body from desecration. Either she is hidden somewhere in the Wall or she still lives. If the latter, she will be looking for his reincarnation, Jon Snow.
  4. Prince Aegon was known to still live. Rhaegar died before Aegon. So unless you try desperately to rework the story and make up your own plot, it is not likely for Jon to have the same name. Further, I do not agree with the R + L = J theory. But even if that were the case, Lyanna is not a Targaryen. At best, she was Rhaegar’s mistress. Any child of their is not legitimate. The last thing Lyanna would do is give him a name that would draw attention.
  5. If I recall, Jon has gray eyes. The color of Stan’s eyes are highlighted in the vision. Stone is gray, so that is a clue pointing to Jon.
  6. Euron is Harren on steroids. Daenerys is Aegon the Conqueror on steroids. George will turn up the drama dial higher. Daenerys will attack Harrenhal with not one but three dragons. Harrenhal will be flattened with Euron inside.
  7. Roose had to obey Robb. At least it had to look that way. The Starks would have done to his Dreadfort what the Tullys did to the Goodbrooks.
  8. Aerea was an adventurous girl. Balerion did not fly non-stop. She could have gotten off and found a way back home if she had wanted to. She was not completely unwilling. She also had little control though. Why is the story significant? Because it happened to Dany with Drogon. First time rider was taken where the dragon wanted to go. It happens with wolves too. Rickon could not control his direwolf. Stranger is not an easy horse to ride. I would think an F1 is not an easy car to drive. Viserion and Rhaegal will do the same to their riders, take them for a ride.
  9. What every bastard wants. Legitimacy. Respect. To belong. He will try to make a name for himself and become a raised noble. Illegitimacy is a major plot in this series.
  10. This is Roose’s view, yes. He bends the law. He broke the ban on the right of the first knight, when it disagreed with his northern tradition. He appears from the outside to follow the laws, but secretly broke that one. He had Ramsey legitimized to make him acceptable to the eyes of the north.
  11. Roose is only following tradition. Ramsay is the only son and thus born to have authority. Roose follows traditions he agrees with. He can defend his role in the Stark downfall this way. The Starks rebelled and he had a duty to stop them.
  12. Euron is the Harren of this age. The House of Hoare was unstoppable and ruled a substantial part of Westeros. None of the other houses could match him. Euron will do the same. Conquer the same lands. The dragons will come and give him and his a good roasting. The Tullys and the other families will end, like the Mudds. The Targaryen will raise her supporters to lordships to take their places. As for the castle, it will be burned.
  13. Bran’s prophetic dream of the stone giant with black blood hints at Robb’s head.
  14. Most folks are not interested in conquering the north. It would not bring much in the way of tax revenues. It’s a dismal land. Though it would be good to break the north apart into several smaller kingdoms to keep the Starks weak. What is even better is to keep the Starks down. Don’t let them get back on their feet to cause any more trouble. You do that by marrying one of the girls to a boy from a minor house. The lords are so weak now that resistance will be minimal.
  15. Osha can be forgiven for not trusting a Stark vassal. They will help Bran but could just hang her for trespassing. Skagos is remotre enough to be safe from Theon.
  16. Arya is a homicidal nutjob. It won’t take much to motivate her to kill somebody but she will hesitate to kill one of the pack. Sansa would sell the pack for her own benefit though. That will be the trigger that starts this quarrel.
  17. Nymeria will be the next of the direwolves to die. The RL is not an ideal place for her species. Walder or Roose has GW’s skin. Can you see Walder using the direwolf for a blanket?
  18. Snow Wight and his ice friends will search for his sister. Bowen Marsh will again try to stop his old lord commander but it will be near impossible to kill Snow Wight. There will be many casualties due to Jon’s fixation on finding Arya. I doubt Arya will make it back to the north before Frosty melts. She has a long list of names.
  19. In GOT, the Hound could have killed the direwolves. He offered to silence one. However, the direwolves (except Sansa’s DW, hers bit the dust) grew. So who would win in a fight between Sandor and Ghost? No armor for Sandor, just his sword. It would be an interesting battle. One that I could look forward to. In my opinion, Sandor would prevail. Letme know if you think differently.
  20. Diseases and slavers. The Others practice slavery. They turn people to wights. Sothoryos gives a chance to survive.
  21. The Targaryens gave up many customs when they accepted the throne. One cannot be married to two. The resulting children from outside the marriage are born bastards.
  22. Battle of the bastards was a television creation but yes, I suppose it could happen. Jon’s reanimated shell will never give up looking for Arya. Ramsay will not know how to deal with the Undead outside his walls.
  23. Winter is the time when things die. Nature takes a rest in our world. In their world winter brings death, cold, and darkness. The coming deaths are due to human activities and decisions. The War Of The Five Kings, Stannis’ war with Roose, Jon’s escalating conflict with Ramsay, all are counterproductive to the survival of humans. All are driven by revenge and the frailties of the human heart. The people who were in key positions to help the people betrayed their responsibilities. They failed the people. Storing the harvests and uniting Westeros would help many people survive. But the leaders put love and family first over duty. The only answer is to migrate to Essos and Sothoryos.
  24. Weakening of the wall’s ability to defend. Jon totally messed up the watch.
  25. Westeros is in desperate need of saving. Robert and his brothers brought economic and financial ruin to the kingdom. The Greyjoys are actively doing their thing, piracy. Varys killed the last competent Lannister. Robb rebelled and caused damage. His rebellion brought ruin to the riverlands. Petyr Baelish is causing trouble in the Vale. Jon Snow betrayed the Night’s Watch and weakened its ability to defend the kingdom. Arya just murdered the bodyguard of the envoy who was to negotiate terms with the bank. No deal is likely. Westeros is in a mess and will look for help. Aegon has arrived. He will face oppositions from the Lannisters and Petyr Baelish. Assuming he doesn’t turn to stone, he might find support from Dorne. Daenerys will come by invitation. It’s a repeat of Aegon’s fight with Black Harren. She will roast Euron and the Ironborn. Doing so will eliminate her only opposition. She will expose Stannis and Aegon as frauds and the people will cast them down. Stannis is not Azor Ahai, Daenerys is. Aegon is not the heir, she is.
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