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  1. A black rose he could be. Fans have always assumed that Jon is a blue rose. A blue rose is a gift from a bard to a Stark. Bael and Rhaegar gifted blue roses to a Stark. Mance is the third bard and he might present a gift to the wighted Jon Snow-Stark at the Wall. Mance will escape from Winterfell and could conceivably meet the real Arya and bring her to the Wall.
  2. Dawn is unusual in appearance but still recognizable as a blade. Ned was in a dreamworld when we were given this window into his memory. I am in doubt if Dawn really looked like that in real life. Choose what you believe but it was either a dream distortion or Ned was seeing the real Dawn. He saw how Dawn should look and what it’s true nature was in his dream state. The painkillers expanded his perception so that he saw the real nature of Dawn even through his memory. The black candles are lit to indicate the rise in White Walker movement. They’re barometers that can be used to prepare people for a long winter. Dawn will light up when Daenerys and her dragons are ready for Spring.
  3. Yes they’re weaker. A betting person would choose the Lannisters. But Walder is not lacking of honor. He would rather stay out of the conflict unless forced. He did support the Starks even when the Lannisters had the stronger position. The Starks were at his gates and were the greater threat at the time and had more to offer.
  4. Jon is the man who broke the night’s watch because of his love for Arya. That alone is damaging enough. Bran is also dark.
  5. The Golden Company is desperate for Westeros. And they may very well believe that fake Aegon is a Blackfyre. The chance to return home and earn themselves prizes is too appealing. But a sellsword company is loyal to coin. The danger for Aegon and company is getting betrayed for coin. The Lannisters have more to offer.
  6. Agreed, it is a work in progress. It’s the biggest project of humanity and it has just started. It’s a wave of freedom which will spread throughout Essos.
  7. Edd might disapprove of the assassination at first. But he will see the wisdom in it and participate.
  8. The elements must balance each other out. Ice will kill life and fire will bring life back. Fire nurtures life and fights the darkness. Dany will build a new empire after the long night has passed. Magic will be a part of it.
  9. Jaime could have saved his king and prevented the wildfire. Bowen had no chance to prevent Jon from raiding the Boltons if he had not poked him with holes. The closest thing to an impeachment is a great council. It would not have enough backng against King Aerys II bcause the kingdom was largely peaceful and prosperous. The execution of. Randon and Rickard was insufficient to offend enough of the masses to force Aerys off the throne. The execution of Slynt was an injustice. Enough would have voted for Jon’s removal if they had a chance to vote. But he was a tyrant and Bowen would have been murdered by Jon if he had called for an election. Poking Jon full of holes was a good decision.
  10. It’s not only from lack of oxygen. He died and was resurrected by magic. Patchface is a wight. Call him a water wight if you wish. It doesn’t matter. He will be easy to control.
  11. It’s a nice theory. It could have happened that way. Although Joana would have been a virtuous woman for Tywin to love her. Tywin has the stature to bypass social expectations. Eyebrows would raise if Aerys had chosen a young man from a minor house. It’s different with a Lannister.
  12. Daenerys is the best at it. Though I liked Tyrion against Oberyn. Tyrion is funnier. Daenerys is more creative.
  13. The role passed to Dany. Aegon is dead. She is Azor Ahai. AA and the prince is the same person. A female in her case. Apparently, if Rhaegar truly believed what he said, the song of ice and fire does not require Stark blood.
  14. The king chooses the KG. An argument could be made that the monarch has this authority. The monarch can also break a marriage that has not been consumated. Jon Snow does not have the authority to release a man of the watch from his vows. He would be a deserter if he abandons the watch.
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