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  1. You failed to establish anything even close to that. There is no loophole for you to argue Arya out of being a psychopath.
  2. George R. R. Martin deliberately wrote Arya Stark as a psychopath. What he said in the interview made that plain. The only argument Arya's fans can make is whether GRRM did a good job of getting it across to his audience (that Arya is a homicidal psychopath). But the fact that he described her as a psychopath removed any loophole to interpret Arya any other way. Arya Stark is a mad psychopath.
  3. Daenerys and Viserys needed shelter and protection in the beginning. The Sealord of Braavos must have provided them with those basic needs early on. But yeah, Sun Tzu as well as Julius Caesar should be considered. Jon had a chance to learn from Halfhand, Mormont, Marsh, and Mance. But he's such a stubborn, emotional hothead. Samwell was the brains in that partnership. The brains went with Samwell in the South. Although even Samwell would not be able to stop Jon from interfering with the Boltons for the sake of Arya.
  4. Arya could go Stark raving mad and likely will after she finds out about Jon's assassination. Bran is somewhat laidback for a Stark. But say Arya, Jon, Sansa, and Rickon are dead. He just might snap and do something terrible. Arya doesn't look like a monkey. She looks like a donkey. A long, braided hair would look like a tail. The woman in the legend had a long braid.
  5. I love the part about "incredibly hot chick riding a dragon." He follows this by confirming Arya as a psychopath. That was a very interesting interview.
  6. An ice wight who can skin change may be able to guide a few wights across the wall to attack the Boltons. Jon's betrayal of the NW and its purpose will be complete.
  7. He is the lord of the Vale. But he would need an adult with authority to speak for him. Baelish and Sansa are standing on delicate ground. Robert could order Nestor to have them thrown out the door. He should do just that. They mean to kill him.
  8. It’s as good a reason as any for why CH and BR stayed away. Jon is also guilty of treason. Nobody would welcome the resurrection of a dead traitor. CH and BR hid out on the other side of the wall. Jon is too fixated on Arya to do that. He will need an army to attack the Boltons. Jon might give himself to the White Walkers in return for their help in rescuing Arya. Jon will sellout Westeros to help his sister.
  9. I do agree. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. The Great Empire of the Dawn included Asshai and Yi Ti. Everything is bigger in scale in Essos. The Five Forts are the northern border of this empire.
  10. Jon will be the new Night’s King until his wightified form gives out. He will get a second life in the direwolf.
  11. Great! From Martin himself. It’s the author’s deliberate decision to write Arya Stark as a psycho. The interview is that direct evidence that she is one.
  12. Arya has gone dangerously insane. She should be incarcerated in a secure dungeon. There is almost a zero chance of a cure. Antipsychotic drugs have yet to be invented.
  13. Jon's betrayal of the Night's Watch is without doubt the worst. The Night's Watch and the Wall are what stands between the existential threat and the living. Jon undermined the Night's Watch to save Arya. More specifically, he mistakenly believed Arya was in Winterfell and he pulled the Night's Watch into conflict with Roose and Ramsay Bolton. This very, very bad move on Jon's part will have negative consequences for everybody.
  14. Clydas was trembling because his Lord Commander's treachery has been revealed. He was bringing bad news to an erratic person. Of course he would be nervous, given what Jon had recently done to Janos Slynt. The pink letter was going to create trouble for the Watch. Ramsay or someone else who knew about the secret operation to get Arya wrote it. Jon will come back as a wight and follow through with his last idea to attack Ramsay.
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