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  1. The outline of the story was set a long time ago. The themes are not going to be timely but timeless. George R. R. Martin does not seem like a man who goes with the flow.
  2. Oh so you think the Starks had equal relations with their banner men and common folk! Lady Dustin sent off her farm workers to war because she wanted to! Not because she feared the wrath of the Starks! The Targaryens kept Westeros together, and for the better, for three hundred years. Most of those years were peaceful and good. The common folk had it better under Targaryen rule. It was they who outlawed the northern custom of the lord's right to bang any bride he wants. Westeros common folk have a better chance of gaining some rights under a Targaryen rule than they would have if the kingdoms were to revert back to Pre-Targaryen days. Listen here, if you are talking about what's "good" for the great houses, then yeah, independence would be good for them. They can bang and abuse their peasants as they wished. They can call themselves kings and wage petty wars on each other, wasting the lives of their common folk, just for kicks. But I don't care about the Starks or any of the other great houses. What is good for the Starks is not necessarily a moral choice. The Stark line can end and the people would be fine. The best way to give the majority of the people relief, which are the peasant and working classes, is to have a strong central government, the Targaryens. The Targaryens should rule over the Starks and the other so called great families.
  3. That is a lot of subject to cover, butterweedstrover. So onto the parts that interests me. Washerwomen do have more freedom in many ways. But also do not overlook the fact that they are commoners. Any lord can take her when he wished it. I would not call that a good life. A noble woman, despite the social expectations, is much better off. Social expectations is not the same as restriction. Elia could have slapped Rhaegar for his insults. Rhaegar was an ass to his wife. That was humiliation at Harrenhal. I have a hunch that Rhaegar was ordered to do that. The Targaryens needed to stop the Starks, Baratheons, and Tullys from blood bonding. Lyanna would be the blood glue to hold the families together. Rebellion is a dangerous thing and those families needed to know the others are not gonna back out and leave them to face the wrath of their King alone. Stand or fall, a blood bond will make sure they stick together. Aerys, Varys, and Rhaegar were attempting to prevent this sinister plot from getting off the ground. I don't think Elia would have been privy to the Targaryen counter terrorism plans. Lords fooled around on their wives all the time. But even a liberal Dornish woman would want to make sure any spawn from such an indiscretion would never be able to threaten her children's inheritance. Elia would never consent to Rhaegar marrying another woman. Aerys would never allow it. Rhaegar does not have the authority to dissolve his own marriage. Elia was probably ok with Rhaegar banging another woman because any nit from them would be bastards. Who is to say they would have been happier with other partners. Rhaegar was self-absorbed and might have been better off as a single man. Or with another man. Elia seemed happy enough with her children. I mean, what more can you expect. She was part of the royal family. All of her needs were attended to. So she didn't have a strong emotional bond with her husband. That's not unusual. Her marriage had to have been better than Robert and Cersei's. And a third child was not really needed. That was all in Rhaegar's head.
  4. Tyrion is better as a supporting actor. He makes a good Data to Captain Picard. His emotional baggage will keep him from holding it together over time. What he needs is an emotional anchor. He will need to stop caring what people think of him. He can lose everything and still make himself useful to a great cause. Like lending his services to one who is fighting the slave trade.
  5. Will Aegon's identity ever be known for sure? Ofcourse we will know. His false identity will be revealed as the second lie. Daenerys will uncover the truth and expose him for a fraud.
  6. Bowen Marsh was crying because he is a good man forced to do something illegal. I don't think he had any hatred towards Jon. I know Jon's fans would like to sell the idea that Bowen Marsh had it out for Jon. I don't buy that. Bowen Marsh did what he had to do to stop Jon Snow from doing something much worse than the NK ever did. Jon was about to take the wildlings to war against the people of the kingdom. The watch is involved because Jon is the commander. He already got the watch involved when he sent Brother Mance Rayder for Arya. Going to war with Ramsay would have taken that to another level of inappropriate.
  7. I am on board with Qaithe = Farman. It may also explain why she gives vague advice rather than getting to the point. Because she is an un-dead. She uses magic to extend her life. The Undyings did. It can be done. But having one foot in death's doorway messes up with the perception of time and reality. She extended her life to wait for Daenerys.
  8. This is a hero's journey. Journey in terms of inner growth more so than the actual sightseeing tour. She says "if I look back I am lost." But perhaps one needs to lose oneself in order to find the right path again. It's about the importance of looking back and taking stock. Adapting to Ghiscari is not the way to end the mind set of slavery. It's better to force the Ghiscari to adapt to a new way to get rid of the slaving mind set.
  9. Reasonable points. However, he was outplayed by Cersei. There is that to consider. My opinion, it's not that Eddard was bad at the game. He understood the game enough to know to whom the city watch answered to. Follow the purse. One cannot fault him for trusting Petyr Baelish. His own wife trusted PB. He was not wrong to give Cersei a chance. But the timing was wrong and he revealed the plans to the wrong people. I am talking about Sansa. He should have been more aware of the character traits of his children. Sansa revealed her real nature near the Trident. That should have been a warning to a parent. Anyways, so the dumbest player is Robb Stark.
  10. Cat is not in an emotional state to pass fair judgement. Aegon Frey was innocent. The most innocent in that castle. She will be less fair in her Stoneheart existence.
  11. Power corrupted Jon Snow's judgment. He was willing to risk the safety of Westeros and everybody on that continent for his sister. Bowen Marsh had to stop him. Jon was beyond listening to reason and likely to execute anyone who tried to stop him from getting his sister. A court martial or anything like that would not have been allowed by the wildlings. Assassination was the only way to end Jon's command. Sad. Sad for the gutsy crannogman who will be killed by the wildlings.
  12. The execution of Janos Slynt was not just. It was an insult to justice committed by Jon Snow. Not only that, it was a move that has already been proven stupid. If it was a smart move then the situation would not have gotten as bad as it did towards the latter parts of A Dance with Dragons. Jon was spiraling into emotional instability and it began with his execution of Janos Slynt. He was too emotionally attached to the Starks and his decisions got worse over the course of his last chapters. His leadership became corrupt. He allowed a known criminal (Mance Rayder) to not only go unpunished but sent him on a mission to get his married sister away from her husband. Power corrupted Jon Snow. Janos Slynt is an asshole but so is Jon Snow. JS and JS are both assholes. If being an asshole is an automatic death sentence, Jon would never have made it past training with his head attached. What Jon did to Janos was an abuse and misuse of power. Power corrupted Jon Snow and he used that power to get revenge for what happened to his family. Poor Janos was the victim of Jon's blood thirst for his old family's enemies.
  13. I read the books before watching the show. I stopped watching and did not see all of the last season. As the popularity of the story gained GRRM his celebrity status, more books started coming out. I bought all of them.
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