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  1. Robert being Robert, he must have already known there would be an heir and a few spares. He loved the ladies too much to not produce an heir.
  2. Knowing when to take action. I don't agree with a lot of her decisions but they got the job done. The assassination of the old man is a good example. Timing was key there as well as the execution of the sweetling. She picks the right moment. I am not judging the morality of it but the skill it took.
  3. It is a weird thing to say. The statement would only fit if she knew from experience.
  4. Missandei with languages. Arya's sense of timing. Belwas' footwork in battle. Daenerys with her riding skills.
  5. Under normal circumstances in which both claimants are equal. They are not equal in this case. Queen Daenerys has the modern equivalent of a DNA test to prove her claim. And she has done what no other Targaryen has been able to do. Resurrect the dragons. Viserys was crowned and it had nothing to do with whether Aegon lived or died. Viserys was crowned because Rhaella placed the crown on his head and made him king on that day in Dragonstone. The line of succession passed to the now King Viserys III. King Aerys II chose Prince Viserys to be his successor. That was the reason why he sent him to Dragonstone. Meanwhile, he kept Elia and her children, all of her children, at the Red Keep. He was willing to put Elia and her children in danger. Only Elia was necessary to ensure Martell support. But he kept the whole family in the city. He was willing to put them at risk. He was not willing to put Prince Viserys at risk. His intent is clear. And yes, his intent counts heavily because he is the most recent of the Targaryen kings to sit the iron throne. His Will carries more weight than say the will of Robb Stark.
  6. It's not really a sacrifice for a Stark to murder someone who doesn't mean anything to them. The more trees, the more blood has to be fed. So one family alone cannot feed the trees with their first-born. They had to have fed battle captives, criminals, people they didn't like and even innocents to the trees. Weirwoods covered the land back then. They were sacrificing their own for sure. But the volume needed to support a forest of weirwoods would require the murder of many people. What they were doing was the over-the-top version of the Aztecs. The sacrifices honored the trees and the Old Gods. The same thing was taking place across the Sea in places like Asshai and Valyria. The Post-Doom Targaryens either never actively took part in it or they stopped soon after the Doom.
  7. Probably so. The Starks took an oath to feed the blood of their victims to the weir trees in exchange for this magic. This magic made them stronger than the other noble families in the north. The Starks made a devil's bargain.
  8. Theon murdered two peasants. The lords are not gonna loose too much sleep over that. It's really less forgivable. I mean, at least Bran and Rickon are parts of the family holding him hostage.
  9. Your character interpretation is spot on. I used to belong to the fan club calling for a painful death for Arya. I am not a fan of Arya Stark. But, you are very right about her past. She was a child with compassion. My opinion has recently changed. Now I believe incarceration is for the best. Off the topic but I was faced with a similar problem in real life. Similar to me. Might not be in the opinion of others. I had to decide what to do with a dog aggressive bully breed that came into my household. My family adopted the dog without discussing with me. This is my first experience with a dog who cannot be taken to the park. He hurts other dogs. Taking the dog to be put to sleep is not the moral thing to do. He was raised to be mean and then spent the next six years with the no-kill shelter. He had to be rehomed twice until he came to mine. The dog cannot be allowed to hurt others. I do not have the facility but knew someone who did. Keeping him within the bounds of a fenced in back yard and indoors in the new home is his life now. It is a very limiting life but a necessary compromise. The same can be done for Arya. I do not believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel for her. At least not if George R. R. Martin wants to keep it real. If not incarceration then a life on the other side of the wall with the free folk.
  10. That child chose to murder people. Talking sweet to Arya and giving her chocolates are not the answers. Incarceration is needed to stop her from doing more of the same.
  11. Empathy is not what Arya needs. Arya is not some kid who was forcibly taken from her village and forced by soldiers to fight. She chose to walk the road of revenge. The choices were made by her. Arya is not the only child who lost a family to war. Most orphaned by war do not go around with a list of people to kill. What Arya needs is incarceration and professional help if she were living in our modern world. The only thing they can offer her in theirs is incarceration and punishment.
  12. Definitely the question of the Insurance vendor's guilt is a fair topic. I also do not think he was guilty. Death is not the proper punishment even if he were. He should have been arrested and made to pay restitution. At least that would be helpful. The faceless men was more than likely paid by a competitor to take him out.
  13. We will just have to wait, read and find out. The next book.
  14. I am sure there will be challenges. The issue of legitimacy and gender will not be insurmountable. Not at all. The people of Ghis have kept slaves for thousands of years and that did not stop Dany from liberating as many as she could. It was the right thing to do. And it will also be the right thing to do to fight gender bias in Westeros.
  15. Arya is a killer who feel very little guilt. The hit on the man selling insurance was not self-defense. It was premeditated murder. It seems fair to me if readers think she's mentally ill. One does not need to dislike Arya in order to reach that conclusion. An objective person would read those text and rightly say Arya felt no pity for the folks she killed. *I am making the assumption on how the word "cold-blooded" is being used in this discussion. Somebody who can do horrible things and feel no pity nor guilt. Something a normal person would.
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