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  1. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    If Ashara =Lemore, what's the sequence of events?

    Ashara parallels Gillie. She had to give up her baby, Jon, in order to take the royal baby, Griff, to safety. Ned and her loyalty to the Targaryens motivated her to do this. Jon Snow would later repeat Ned's decision and force Gillie to take the baby with king's blood away to safety. Gillie agrees to do this to protect baby Rayder. Ashara takes the role of a soiled septa. Who knows what disguise Gillie will take. Does she tell baby Rayder the truth? Obviously, Ashara cannot ever claim motherhood of Griff. That would ruin his claim. For the same reason, Gillie might reveal the truth to the child in her care because she is a wildling at heart. She may feel loyalty to Mance as she matures and want the baby to know his real father. Anyway, I'm thinking Ashara was also at the tower. The trip to Starfall is partly true. They needed to return the sword. But Ashara was already present. Think about it. Wylla is a serving woman for the Daynes. Did Wylla just happen to be at the Tower? Why, when her mistress is not there. The answer is, Ashara was also at the Tower and carrying a child. Wylla was at the Tower, helping to nurse Ashara's bastard. Lyanna pumps out another child and poor Wylla's milk udders now had to support two little suckers. Dorne is the only way out of Westeros. The rebels controlled the way east. The ports at KL is out of the question. Where else could they go? Oldtown is out of the question. Which direction can they go, where they will not run into any of the rebels? South. The trip to return the sword was partly true but it had another purpose. To get Griff to safety in Essos. So Griff is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Jon is the son of Ashara and Brandon. Jon is older than the lie make him out to be. Even old maester Leuwyn noticed and suspected, thus he had to come up with some halfass reason.
  2. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    How were the Targaryens viewed in universe, in westeros and essos ?

    Mostly with admiration, envy, respect, and awe. The Targaryens accomplished more than any family ever has. If any House can be called Great, it is the Targaryens.
  3. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    The Dothraki khalasars were doing what they've been doing long before they met the Targaryens. Raiding and capturing is what they do. Mirri was indeed entitled to seek revenge on Khal Drogo but she was not entitled to seek revenge against Rhaego and Daenerys.
  4. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    The Schism of the First Men

    The ancestors of the wildlings were people who sought freedom from the long arm of authority. They were content to stay away from any government but wanted to raid the law-abiding people for goods. The wall made that very inconvenient.
  5. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    That is within the realm of possibility. But she did admit to the crime. She had the opportunity to hurt Drogo, the means. She did beyond confess. She boasted and taunted. Anybody would find her guilty. Perhaps there is something in the saying, "any day above ground is a good day." Mirri lost everything and she valued the worth of living based on what she had. Her village and the people she knew. She might have seen a way forward, a future, if she had only opened her mind. And her heart. Young Daenerys had taken her under her service. There might be a future worth living. Instead she directed her anger at the one person who showed mercy. She took everything away from the girl who showed her compassion. What is life worth? An oft repeated question in the series. Theon has to be asking. What is life worth after everything cherished is lost? Doesn't mean one can't find something new to cherish after the grieving is done.
  6. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Pros and Cons of 9 Kingdoms

    I disagree. What's good for the great houses is not what's good for the majority of people. Most of whom are not highborn. Separate kingdoms meant constant fighting among themselves. Westeros needed the Targaryens to force the great houses and bring them under their rule. Think how savage places like the North and the Iron Islands would continue to be were it not for the Targaryens. Those buttheads would still openly practice the right of the first night, and sacrificing people to their damned weir woods. If Westeros is likened to the body, the north is the poop chute of the continent.
  7. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Why did Aegon allow the former kings so much power?

    Torrhen was sensible for a Stark and bent the knee to his better.
  8. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Do you think winds of winter

    That will depend on the reader and what that particular reader would like to happen.
  9. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    If she was innocent she would have said so, instead of boasting "now he will burn no cities." Which will come across as bragging for doing the murder. MMD was not exactly right in the head and even bragged about not screaming.
  10. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Some leniency if Brandon and his companions got down on their knees and begged forgiveness from Aerys.
  11. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Those places and more. The Targaryens kept the kingdom together for 300 years. The damn Baratheons couldn't even manage one succession from Robert to the next. The Baratheons, Starks, and Lannisters ruined Westeros.
  12. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    I might also mention people like Quhuru, who took the time to visit Daenerys and her dragons in Qarth. The bar patron in Oldtown who drank a toast to the beautiful young queen and her dragons. Most people in Westeros would welcome the return of a Targaryen ruler.
  13. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Was Gregor Guilty?

    The gods have their own moral code and it's nothing to do with the rules of chivalry. Trial by combat doesn't count in the eyes of the gods. It's something the knights and the Andals concocted to handle thorny issues of disagreements between parries. Gregor knew what Tywin wanted. He's slow but he knows his boss.
  14. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    Why did Aegon allow the former kings so much power?

    The Targaryens are, relatively speaking, better people than most of the High Lords of Westeros. The Targaryens were not looking to enslave the people. They were looking to better the lives of the small folk.
  15. Prince Rhaego's Soul

    How does Ned know Lyanna is at the Tower of Joy?

    Perhaps Ethan just overheard. He was not expected to go free until after the Starks and their dogs have been nipped in the bud. Aerys should have burned his young ass.