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  1. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    We need to make a distinction between hatching and resurrecting. Hatching in of itself is not a big deal. The eggs of dragons hatch without the need for magic/human sacrifice/bonfire. The mother dragon either did the work or the eggs hatch by themselves. I agree with the need for someone to care for the young hatchlings until they can hunt on their own. The human surrogate would do that job if the mother dragon is not available to do it. What happened on the Dothraki Sea on that faithful day was something very magical. The dragons were brought back from extinction. The ritual involved was never a requirement to hatch eggs. It was only needed for the specific need to resurrect the long-dead dragons back to life.
  2. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Least favourite POV character per book

    Least favourite POV character per book. A Game of Thrones - Sansa Stark A Clash of Kings - Jon Snow A Storm of Swords - Jon Snow A Feast for Crows - Sansa Stark A Dance with Dragons - Jon Snow
  3. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Jon Arryn's opinion of Lyanna

    Jon Arryn seem like an overindulgent old man. He indulged and enabled Robert's ineptitudes. He looked the other way and handled the messes made by Robert's excessive appetites for women. He's an old man who delighted in the foolishness of the young and found it cute. It is a big flaw. He would sympathize with Lyanna even if her selfishness resulted in the deaths of thousands of common folk. Jon Arryn is not a deep thinker. He's a man who thinks with his heart. Like the wildlings. How he feels about the person is all that mattered. He has that in common with Jon Snow. Jon would continue to love and protect Arya even if she murdered a thousand people. He would do his best to get her out of punishment even if she killed a lot of innocent people. Jon Arryn would overlook Lyanna's bad decisions if he likes her. Jon Snow would pervert justice to save Arya.
  4. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    One thing I want to mention about this topic. The OP is going on the assumption that Jon Snow will come back. Do not be too sure about that. Quentin got burned for doing something stupid. Jon got assassinated for doing something stupid. Both should stay dead. George Martin can very easily keep them dead. That's is message to the readers that death is final. Bringing the dead back (Beric and Catelyn) can get rather old as a plot device.
  5. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Quaithe Farman?

    George drops hints but it is not proof. I expect it will be this way going forward. He left it up to us to make the connection but leave a lot of room for other explanations. Like say a pirate took the ship from her and sailed to Asshai. Being Qaithe is a good theory.
  6. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    GRRM has notes. His heir can choose a writer to put those notes into a coherent novel. We will get an ending. Okay yes it will be years from now but we will get our ending.
  7. Rocks For Jocks 101

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    Interesting bit of writing here. I'm still sticking to my belief in Mance + Lyanna = Snowflake.
  8. Rocks For Jocks 101

    The Others and Wights

    The Others are limited by temperature. Water melts ice. I suppose yes, they could take a ship across the waters as long as they sail northward. But the question is begging to come out. Why would they do that? Is there even anything of interest to them across the Narrow Sea. For that matter, do we even have evidence that they want to attack the opposite side of the wall.
  9. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    Speaking of karma. Is there even such other than what we make? Ramsay can end up being a hero. If we're going to be honest we all need to admit. George can take his story in whatever direction he chooses. Fiction allows him the latitude to take any character through a U-turn. To what end? For the sake of entertainment. To change the world. To send a message. For the fun of it. I say for our entertainment.
  10. Rocks For Jocks 101

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    Weeellll, the Kingsguard serve the royal family. So sure. They would obey the orders of the royal family. But there is a hierarchy among the royals as to whom they would prioritize their obedience. That person was King Aerys II. His orders will override any other order coming from the other members of the royal family. Aerys was at the top of the food chain. I know this is another one of those topic threads attempting to present Jon as the reason why the Kingsguard were at the tower that day. I do not buy that. The reasons why those guys were at the tower that day will make for an endless list.
  11. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Aerys was not the only one committing cruelty. Remember the corpses along the road to Lord Osgrey's in Dunk and Egg? The killing of the old, children, women during the Reynes of Castamere. Cruelty is standard practice. They were desensitized to it for the most part. They were not about to rebel because their king roasted people who may be guilty.
  12. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Then it's not a requirement but tradition. As you said. Bonding can happen without it. They believed it gives a better chance of bonding. But belief is not certainty.
  13. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    There is still hope he might make it through the masters' blockade. Marwyn and Moqorro in the same room would make for an awesome scene.
  14. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Putting a dragon egg in the cradle is not done for the purpose of incubation. It is done to help build the bond between the Targaryen and the dragon. The last dragon just hatched as they have done for thousands of years.
  15. Rocks For Jocks 101

    Stygai , city of the Night

    Dragons were everywhere thousands of years ago. Stygai and other remote places will be the only place where they still exists in the wild. Even so, what is written about places like that cannot be relied upon. The high value placed on dragon eggs would surely draw many fortune hunters to the area. In my opinion, Daenerys Targaryen's three dragons are the only ones in the world.