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  1. Silver Bullet 1985

    Summer eating wights

    It's a twist on crows feasting on the dead. This is the north so the direwolves fulfill the role of the carrion crows. The plant eating animals will die from lack of food because photosynthesis will stop in darkness. Those carnivores who aren't so picky will find a lot of frozen corpses to dine on.
  2. Silver Bullet 1985

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    The wildlings believe their king is still alive and under Bolton custody. Yeah they will rescue Mance Rayder. Or die trying.
  3. Silver Bullet 1985

    Bowen Marsh's Plan

    Most if not all of the brothers who were present at the Shield Hall will support Bowen Marsh because he is right and Jon is wrong. They know Jon had to be stopped. Bowen has nothing to worry about from the crows. It's those wildlings that he has to worry about. Fortunately for him, they will be more interested in confronting the Boltons instead of getting even for the execution of Jon. Send a raven for help if the wildlings try to make trouble. Better yet, just let them ride out to Winterfell. Many will die before reaching the castle and most should die from the battle. The rest will become coin purses and leather-substitute for the Bolton men.
  4. Silver Bullet 1985

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Daenerys doesn't see it that way. This story is partly about the empowerment of the women. Keep in mind that Aerys cast aside Rhaegar when he gave the throne to Viserys. It became a done deal when Queen Rhaella crowned him King Viserys The Third of His Name.
  5. Silver Bullet 1985

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Good points you made. The biggest assumption is the validity of R+L=J.
  6. Silver Bullet 1985

    The Others and the Sidhe

    The most enjoyable fantasy books on the sidhe, at least to this reader, is the David Sullivan series by Thomas Dietz. I came upon by accident in a used book shop a few years back.
  7. Silver Bullet 1985

    The Others and the Sidhe

    The show is casting its shadow on our fellow readers. Benioff and Weiss chose to make the Others into primitive beings.
  8. Silver Bullet 1985

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    You mean he's like Samwell Tarly.
  9. Silver Bullet 1985

    What to ask GRRM?

    Stan Lee passed away today. You can ask George about Stan and his influence on him.
  10. Silver Bullet 1985

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    Asshai is the best destination because it is on the edge of western Essos.
  11. Silver Bullet 1985

    Name the Parents

    He was duty bound at the Wall. She was at Winterfell. It would be difficult to find the chance to do it. For most people but not for Mance Rayder. This is a man who can get into anything. It could have happened during his unofficial vacations from his duties. He was a ranger. Whose to say he went south instead of north during many of those missions. He could prearrange a meeting with Lyanna. She rode out in one of her equestrian adventures and met up with Mance. I think it happened in Winterfell though. Mance was in one of his bard disguises echoing Bael and they did the nasty. Lyanna is a lot like her niece. I'm referring to Arya. Do you picture Arya tearing up just because a handsome prince is singing? No. I don't. Unless the song he sang already had some deep sentimental value to her. Rhaegar sang one of Mance Rayder's songs. She heard the same song before. I am not convinced with the knight of the laughing tree theory. Mance is a man of average size. I am going to say about 5'10". The unknown knight was short and slim. You might want to search the forums. One of our members posted a theory on this matter. It was primarily about the tower of joy but it took on a life of its own and morphed into Harrenhal. On a sad note, I am saddened to report that Stan Lee has passed away.
  12. Silver Bullet 1985

    Name the Parents

    I won't be able to answer for any other person who believe this but I can give you my own reasons. I suspect the other believers each have their own. It makes more sense than that other bullshit theory of Rhaegar being the father. So yeah, Mance being Jon's father makes more sense to me. It fits with the tale of Bael the Bard. Jon and Mance are cast from the same mold. They both have trouble following the rules. They both betrayed the watch and broke their oaths. The Targaryens are my favorite house and I don't want Jon to be a part of this house. To sum up, Mance is the more likely father.
  13. Silver Bullet 1985

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Rodrik Harlaw? I don't think so. They are more like to listen to a godly man like Aerion. The Ironborn are not exactly sophisticated people and neither is the Drowned God.
  14. Silver Bullet 1985

    How could Steffon Baratheon not find a Valyrian bride for Rhaegar?

    My opinion only, but I think the rape happened a long time ago. Daenerys was conceived shortly before the fall of King's Landing. The rebels had already made gains towards taking the war so the king sent his wife and heir to the safety of Dragonstone. The conception took place before the queen left for Dragonstone.
  15. Silver Bullet 1985

    How could Steffon Baratheon not find a Valyrian bride for Rhaegar?

    The faceless men are not powerful enough to call on a big wave to sink the boat. I think it's just a nasty wave that came their way. Bad luck.