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  1. The Way of the Dragon

    Northern Coinage

    That never got off the ground for the Starks. Head side would have been Robb's likeness. The tails side, a direwolf.
  2. The Way of the Dragon

    An Evil Name

    Preston Jacobs referred to the passage beneath the wall and called it the bastard gate. George made bastardry a prominent thematic element. Men fathering children and the husbands of the mothers rejecting the child. The Lord's Sin, if you will. I find it hard to fault the husband who will now be faced with supporting the bastard of the man who raped his bride. But compassion would win out in a perfect world and the husband would take in the child and raise it as his own. Ser Willem Darry sacrificed everything to raise Viserys and Daenerys. That was the path of the righteous. Most men are not though and chose to get rid of the baby in the most discreet way possible. Without soiling their hands with blood. Ridding the family of an unwanted baby while keeping up with his own morality. It was a neat solution until Allyssane stuck her nose into it. She only made it inconvenient to get the baby across the wall but not impossible. Ten thousand years of bride-raping would result in thousands of noble bastards carried out to die. Enough to have an army.
  3. The Way of the Dragon

    House Manderly demanding his Reach lands back from Targaryen/Velaryon/Baratheon

    I look forward to a Targaryen restoration under Queen Daenerys. IF the Manderlys cooperate and support her claims to the throne, sure, She should wipe out the Baratheons and give their lands to the lords who supported the return of the dragon.
  4. The Way of the Dragon

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Balon saw his opportunity to attack when the Starks took their forces south. All the other reasons he gave don't really play too much into the decision. The bulk of the strength of the north went south with Robb and thus left it vulnerable. The unique defense of Moat Cailin was attractive. The Ironborn strength is on the seas. The Boltons and their Frey allies would have managed to clean the north. Balon would have lost his hold on the north.
  5. The Way of the Dragon

    Foreshadowing the end of house stark

    And that is precisely what happened.
  6. The Way of the Dragon

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    They had every right to kill him for his betrayal. The heir to The Twins died fighting for the Starks and then they refused to honor their oath. The Starks deserved to lose regardless of whether the RW is justified.
  7. The Way of the Dragon

    Dany and child murder

    You are trying to rewrite the story. And power? She handles power better than anybody else. Look how Joffrey handled power. Cersei is a disaster at having power. Robb was a complete dickhead after getting power, the idiot broke his oaths to his own supporters and executes one of them for an offense that he let his own monther walk from. Ofcourse he was going down. Jon Snow had some good opportunities to make good, but he can't stop himself from meddling in the war to the south. He executed another sworn brother for a very minor offense, let the worst criminal in the history of the Watch walk, sent that criminal to fetch his sister, and then tops it off by forming a wildling attack party to attack the warden of the north. That's misuse of power, misuse of the office. Daenerys is in the same situation the United States finds itself right now. The last of the superpowers with a lot of power over everybody else. She has handled that power well and used restraint. You and I do not know, because neither one of us has access to George Martin, what Daenerys will do in the future. If we go by her record at this point in the story, yes, she can be harsh but she also shows great compassion and mercy. She could have taken the lives of the Ghiscari wine bearers. Their families were working against her government and they are trying to enslave people again. She chose to execute only the slave owners who are over the age of twelve, which is very, very generous considering what those families have been doing to their slaves. Don't forget what the Astapori do to produce their main export, they murder puppies and newborn babies to make an Unsullied. By everything that is right, she could have ordered all of the slave owners executed and it would have been justice. That is more appropriate justice than the innocent children got who died in Westeros while the Lannisters and the Starks were fighting. Tywin Lannister would not have hesitated to torch the whole city and put all of the slavers to the sword. I would not trust anybody else other than Daenerys Targaryen to have super power status. She is the only one who can handle such power responsibly.
  8. The Way of the Dragon

    The Stranger has three heads?

    The Stranger, or rather the concept, was invented by the Faith of the Seven. Seven is their sacred number.
  9. The Way of the Dragon

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I don't think so. Daenerys Targaryen is the hero of the story. The war in Westeros that was started by the Starks and the Lannisters has not abated. Stannis is still at-large. Jon Snow threw the Night's Watch into chaos. Manderly is plotting something vile. She will ride her dragons to Westeros and rebuild the kingdoms into one unified land.
  10. The Way of the Dragon

    George hates hero worship

    Human flaws make the future rather bleak. There is a chance to make it all better but as the man himself said, "utopia will never ensue" it must be fought for. As long as there are people willing to fight the good fight, hope is not lost. Jon is not suited for leadership. His primitive nature make him more suitable to live as a Wildling. Many characters will die in the next book. You can count on it. Winter is the killer.
  11. The Way of the Dragon

    The Tyrion of Fevre Dream (spoiler)

    The novel was written while our man was in his formative stage. The premise is indeed interesting. Vampires in the South. The use of the n word made me cringe. Anyhoo, on to my commentary. Jorah Mormont also compare favorably to Abner Marsh. He wants to go back home and found allies in the Targaryen siblings. Daenerys is the direct comparison, the parallel to Joshua York because she is the only ruler/leader/noble in the story who wants to improve the lives of the many. She puts aside her own desire to take back her lands in order to help the slaves. Daenerys/Joshua are the main protagonists assisted by Jorah/Abner. Sour Billy Tipton is a hired gun like Bronn. But I can connect him to Victarion too. Somebody sent on an errand to the bidding of another for the promise of something desirable to him. Empty promises but Billy's eyes are clouded. I can also see Arya in Billy's depravity. Arya is driven by the promise of revenge. The shared theme is the question of whether the strong can prey on the weak. Do the strong, in this case the vampire race and the white masters, have the right to prey on the cattle/slaves? As beings who have the capacity to reason, the answer is no. One of the strong, because he spent time with the cattle, grew to sympathize. Daenerys was "sold" to the Dothraki and eventually grew to care for the predicament of the poor and the weak. Joshua used his time to find a solution to quell the need, though less it brings less pleasure to the vampires. Daenerys is forcing the masters to release their slaves, though it will mean those masters will now have to work and earn their own living. Nevertheless, though not easy, the two heroes are doing the right thing.
  12. The Way of the Dragon

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Viserys was a true and legit king. No action was needed on his part. Robb, on the other hand, was the heir of Ned Stark at best. He was never a king. He failed in his quest to become king. He failed to separate the north from the kingdom.
  13. The Way of the Dragon

    "The Ice Dragon" (1980 book by GRRM)

    It is a cute short story. I accept it as an early inspiration for Song but not in the same world.
  14. The Way of the Dragon

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Oh he knew all too well what he was doing. He loved his mother and didn't want to punish her. He didn't care for Karstark and didn't have a strong desire to spare his life. Prejudice. Bias. Compromised judgement. Whatever. Robb was unfit to become king. Thank god he never was. He was a homeless king-want-to-be when he died. He died a homeless rebel leader.
  15. The Way of the Dragon

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    And neither would Stannis pardon Catelyn for essentially the same crime. If Stannis is at all just. Which has not been proven. He too is erratic.