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  1. The Way of the Dragon

    The Baratheons Reanalyzed- Copper, Iron, and True Steel

    The boys have their glaring faults. I am no fan of Renly but he would have made the better ruler out of three. He had enough guts to command respect. He was politically aware and he knew how to get along.
  2. The Way of the Dragon

    Why didn't Rhaenys do a harrenhal on Sunspear?

    Maybe they could fish. But what are the nobles going to do without their silks and servants? The poor commoners will get tired of serving lords who can offer them nothing but hardship. They will turn on their lords and sell them to the Targaryens in exchange for peace.
  3. The Way of the Dragon

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Robb is cool headed. For a Stark. He was more thoughtful and deliberate. In the end they both lacked the internal strength of character to do what needed doing. I can agree with that. Both were lacking. Jon was always prickly. Jon and Arya took after Lyanna. Reckless and emotional.
  4. He would execute them. I think most fans know this. Robert, Stannis, and Renly would never have shown the Targaryen royal children any mercy. Daenerys is under no obligation to show mercy to the Baratheons, nor the Lannisters. They would not have shown any mercy to Viserys, nor to her. She doesn't owe them any mercy.
  5. The Way of the Dragon

    Why didn't Rhaenys do a harrenhal on Sunspear?

    Visenya would have. Rhaenys was not the warrior that her sister was. Dorne could have been starved. A blockade of the ports would do the job. The stubborn would die of starvation and the only ones left are the compliant one. A winning strategy.
  6. The Way of the Dragon

    The most interesting Targaryen king to read about

  7. The Way of the Dragon

    Gregor vs. Ghost

    Here are the rules. No armor for Gregor. His only weapon is a 3-inch blade. Ghost is assumed to have reached his full growth. No spiked collars for Ghost. Give the odds of winning for each.
  8. The Way of the Dragon

    An Evil Name

    The Starks are the ice side of the story equation. There are semi-rotting zombies like Beric and Cat. A similar creature should be Jon's future. His betrayal of the wall should have negative consequences for him.
  9. The Way of the Dragon

    An Evil Name

    Ice wight is more likely for Jon. The closest being who can bring him back are the White Walkers.
  10. The Way of the Dragon

    What if the Targaryens still had dragons during Robert's Rebellion?

    King Aerys II would have simply sent dragons to the Vale to apprehend and execute Ned and Robert. And that would have been end of it. Whatever evil plot the Starks and the Baratheons were plotting would end quickly. Then, of course, you could argue that the mere thought of defying the Targaryens would not have gone far if they had had dragons.
  11. The Way of the Dragon

    Is Jon Already a King in the books? Aka What makes a King?

    King of Winter. The NW will fall because of the trouble he made with the Boltons.
  12. The Way of the Dragon

    Is Jon Already a King in the books? Aka What makes a King?

    Not while Mance Rayder is alive. I also believe Jon will become King of Winterfell but in a perverted way. He will be King of Winter, part human part White Walker. He will rule over ice and death. That reign will last until the ice recedes and humans return to Westeros.
  13. The Way of the Dragon

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    The warlocks? Ice will have its equivalent to a greenseer.
  14. The Way of the Dragon

    An Evil Name

    Bael's son would have been called Jon Stark. He would not have inherited Winterfell if his surname was Snow. The Starks hid that scandal from the public. Imagine the north accepting the son of a wildling as their leader. It won't go over well. The wildlings have been harassing the north for millennia and as we know, those ice heads don't forget something so minor as a slight. The connection between the old night's king and jon snow is their betrayal of the wall. They accepted and were tasked with a duty to dedicate themselves but they fell off the wagon because of their emotions. The "love is the death of duty" that was talked about so early on in the story. The night's king brought the enemy to the wall and adopted their ways, but there was never any evidence that he let them cross to harass the people. Jon lets the wildlings through, betrayed the wall for Arya, and planned to attack the people he was supposed to protect. Something will happen to Jon Snow that will push him over the edge and bring the white walkers across the wall.
  15. The Way of the Dragon

    Is it likely for Bronn to return later on?

    Bronn is a sellsword. He is most likely to sell his services to the Golden Company and die in their service. He really has nowhere else to go except sell his services to Aegon or Doran. Families who hate the Lannisters. Daenerys Targaryen is too far for him to serve.