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  1. For me stress I got from my work place is enough, I couldn't handle additional stress from TV show.
  2. I understand where you coming from, but I still think you take it to seriously and it hurts, this is reason I said it is not healthy.
  3. Because GRRM is genius D&D are not even close, you can't expect they keep same level of writing as when they have books to fallow and when GRRM was involved in show. You can't expect show to came even close to books, differences between mediums is to big for this kind of story. For me books are serious read and I love every chapter of it. Show is fun, I don't take it to serious, good visuals, usually good acting, some times great directing, like last two episodes, Sunday night fun. Sometimes I'm pissed with unused potential, but I try to separate it from books as far as I can. Surely even for TV show they have flaws that can't be justified(Arya stupidity from 7th episode).
  4. I watched many show I liked at beginning then I stop watching after it becomes shit(Heroes). Why watch it if it don't bring you any enjoyment?
  5. Masochisms isn't healthy, you should search for help.
  6. This was my feeling also. I think mistake and missed opportunities for storytelling and development from season 5 lower quality of hole season 6. They need to go against character development and logic to make plot points.
  7. I'm really sick of whining, books are better then adaptation every time, get over it. Dorne without Aegon is nothing, I'm sure that we have Dorne in the show only because of Tyrion trail by combat.
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