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  1. Can it be modded like AoE2? It wouldn't be the first time fans fixed a game and introduced QoL improvements for the developers. Yeah, it's a balance nightmare as well. Not to mention that there are only so many ways you can do it before it gets ridiculous. I haven't kept up with AoE4, but I was pretty turned off when it seemed like basic units and buildings weren't universal. It's nice to know that it isn't actually a big deal. Might get it in 5 years time. Will be exciting to see if they managed to implement 3d cliffs properly or if its all hills and slopes.
  2. I happen to like AoE2 because of the way the factions are similar.
  3. I have a dumb question. If gas is not coming from Russia, it's coming from somewhere else. If there is sufficient production capacity from alternative sources, why do the price increases look so obscene*? If there is not sufficient production capacity and its a bidding war, who goes without? Or are we just being bilked by the oil and gas oligarchy? *at least for the UK from what I'm reading
  4. Who doesn't rely on imports? The USA and China can maybe, but even they aren't currently geared that way. You can print your own money, what are you going to do for your foreign currency reserves? Again, credit and bargaining power are an advantage large economies have that smaller economies don't.
  5. Just because you have a large economy and the credit and bargaining power that comes with it doesn't mean that all countries do. Or maybe you can try telling that to Sri Lanka.
  6. I haven't watched any of the Cavs. Does Mitchell actually fit next to Garland on offense instead of just taking away minutes from Garland? I've watched quite a bit of the Jazz, and while Mitchell is very good at generating offense for himself, taking and making bad shots, he doesn't quite create for others. But his teammates are mostly passive or Gobert* so it might not be his fault. Either way, he's at least be a good candidate to rest early and carry the bench when the starters rest. On defense it's hard to hide two players. Probably have to give up more shots and have Allen and Mobley cover the rest as best as they can. Against the Celtics, I'd put them on Smart and Horford. Horford can shoot right over them but you just have to hope he doesn't make them and also switch before he's in a position to post them up. The holes will be there, but they just have to contain the worst holes and hope the other team doesn't capitalise. Also, the Suns made the finals. They didn't win, but that's a team whose three best players are an old CP3, Booker and Ayton. It's not unthinkable. *Would be interesting to see if Gobert's screens make a difference on both the Wolves and Mitchell on the Cavs.
  7. I don't understand your objection. What do you expect the players to do? Do nothing but swim? Report to training camp an extra month or two earlier? Report to training camp rusty and out of shape? Play badly while fatigued and get injured and miss multiple months? And again, its months out from the season starting. They have time to recover from this. They aren't playing back to backs, three games in four days, flying after games and playing the next. If you don't want to see players rest, take it up with the scheduling instead. Reduce games. Extend the season. Or have them play in a bubble environment where they don't have to travel.
  8. @dbunting Different issues here. They aren't playing these during the season. These are tune up / workout games before the season. It has no bearing on rest during the season. You don't get to save up rest before the season and cash them in when you play back to back to back games. And if you jump and land multiple times a game for 100 games and not get injured, I think the one time you get injured qualifies as a freak accident. Think it happened to Paul George as well?
  9. Disappointing. I can support their panhandling and microtransactions, but loot boxes are disgusting. Did they at least get a nice pay day when they got acquired and surrendered their values?
  10. Is this still going on? There are only thirty teams in the league. Which teams are interested and which players are available/not available should be quite clear. Surely if they couldn't find a deal by now, they aren't getting one. Might as well punt to the start of the season when circumstances have changed. To think that the Sixers and Nets were a Kawhi bounce and a Durant toe away from beating the eventual champions. And Kawhi even left the Raptors after he won.
  11. Did any of you donate for the chapter? I sure didn't. What makes you think his cult fans won't make excuses for him while still continuing to donate? And it wouldn't be a surprise if he has already missed other stretch goal promises prior to this.
  12. Ostensibly its because she is the highest ranking official to visit for some time and it lends Taiwan legitimacy and that kind of stuff. No idea how it was decided that the Speaker of the House was the red line on the doublethink with regards to the One China issue. Surely there's someone lower that would also have been the highest ranking official that has visited Taiwan before this.
  13. Think Boston already has a good roster as it stands. They overpaid for an aging Gallinari but otherwise seemed to have had a decent offseason thus far. They are probably just doing their due diligence although I'm not sure its worth the risk that Brown might take offense. Edit - I hope Boston do the trade to punish Dante for starting a new thread.
  14. Irving only has a year on his contract as well. I don't think any of the thirty teams in the league are confident that they can resign him even if they do want him.
  15. I think that the problem is that there is always this other team willing to one up you and make the offer. So rather than spoil your relationship with the player, you just keep handing out max contracts or else trade them early. Otherwise you end up in this situation with Ayton where you spoil your relationship and give the max contract as well. Maybe it's because of player empowerment, but there isn't a Curry is an injury risk, let's give him $12m per year or whatever he was paid situation anymore. It's give Michael Porter a max and maybe write some injury protections in. _ Speaking of salaries, really disappointed that Woj didn't disclose how much the Wolves are paying Rivers. Maybe that's available somewhere but I'd have to go look for it.
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