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  1. No idea how I missed that. I checked the rosters awhile ago when you were hyping up the Kentucky players. I must have skipped him because I assumed he came from overseas.
  2. Its probably a large and comprehensive database that is automated to flag things out. There's probably a few companies keeping track for analysis, betting, fantasy sports and trivia like this. Personally not very interested in trivia but also depends on how it is used. Not great to extend to a half baked analysis. Good fun for banter. On that note, the only non-Kentucky alumni team remaining managed to stave off elimination. Boston are our only hope to survive Rhom's gloating.
  3. Not sure what game you guys were watching, but its hard to score from the bench. Its not so much their offense but their defense that got them into trouble. I've been harping on the refs for awhile but for this game at least, Denver only has themselves to blame. Also, their rebounding has to be better. They are giving up a bunch of offensive rebounds. There was even a sequence where LeBron caught his own missed free throw to complete a three point play. Not great.
  4. Unfortunate for Boston. They had too many unnecessary turnovers. Its going to be tough now that they have used up their margin for error but they've had a winning position in all the games so they just need to be able to close it out. Its very winnable if they can keep their calm. The thread got nuked before the game. It wasn't there at half time at least. Had some thoughts on it but don't recall now. Just that Murray inadvertent elbow = flagrant. Rondo = not flagrant. And LeBron was setting a screen and pushing back against Murray so Murray had less control of his body than Rondo dribbling without being in contact with anyone else.
  5. The human body is really good at acclimatising I guess.
  6. Usually he has done something first though. And it wouldn't be so bad if he was at least witty about it, instead of just pointing and laughing. As I've said, I take my fair share of shots too. I'm certainly not defending Rothfuss. I just think that they are unprompted, tangentially related and crass. So, yes, it is a drop in standards.
  7. Thanks. I've always worn my shoes out completely since I've stopped outgrowing them. I've never considered that the cushioning would deteriorate before. Although that would probably explain the shin splints I had last year. I paid more attention to it on my last run and it felt fine but I suppose there would still be a pronounced difference with a new pair. I really hate shopping for new shoes. I'm not just lazy and cheap. I also absolutely detest the trying on of shoes and having the salesperson attend to me. I like to do my shopping quietly and alone. I do wonder about the ugly shoes. It's a matter of taste I suppose. There has to be people buying them for them to keep coming up with those designs. Would be hilarious if/when we find out that we are polar opposites in terms of taste. For the record, I prefer them as plain as possible and am never getting anything gaudy. @baxus comment on them becoming prettier has me scared.
  8. Its not quite upsetting as disappointing. Maybe with a touch of disgust. I'm just pointing it out to get a feel if this is the trend we are going down and also hopefully to rein it in. But yes, if this continues I'll just stop following this thread.
  9. Well, maybe those from lysmonger over the past couple of pages? Might have been more but I can't be bothered to look over the entire thread. I take my fair share of shots at Rothfuss too, but recently its been very petty. Sure, but I thought that we were a bunch of decent people here. I just thought that we were better than this. Its a new level of low that makes me want to quit this thread to be honest. Like, really?
  10. Am I the only who thinks the recent shots at Rothfuss are gratuitous and tasteless?
  11. So, for what is probably the first time, my shoes are getting worn out from the grooves becoming smooth and slippery before the soles start falling off. Its only noticeable when I try to sprint and I don't actually slip yet but I think that I should start looking out for a new pair for when it does wear out. Curious how long your shoes last and how they usually wear out. I've had this pair for only a little over a year and I don't run as much (maybe 5-10km a week) so I'm pretty bummed about its durability.
  12. He did have a post that says he completed a few chapters last month though.
  13. It could also be multiple sides acting on imperfect information / misinformation from the Chteah and believe themselves to be acting for the greater good and it snowballed from there. The difference in perspectives is really interesting. We are also finally talking about the books and not the author. How long has it been since we last discussed the books? All it took was calling Kvothe a dick.
  14. I'm not talking about morality. I'm talking about character. Specifically, him being a jackass. Surely after so many posts I don't have to put it in context every time? I've said in a very early post that I didn't think he was malicious. And your list? Hemme and Cinder, maybe Carcaret. I don't remember her. If your theory about Bredon is Ash/Cinder, you're counting him twice even. Edit - I think we're talking about different things with "worse characters" but I'll leave it there in case that isn't the case.
  15. Chandrian = Doesn't show up enough. I can give you Cinder. What about Lanre or what his name was after he turned. Chteah = Doesn't show up enough. Hemme = Forgot about him. Sure. Brandeur = Doesn't show up enough. Just being a toady doesn't make him an asshole. Coward maybe. Meluan = Has bias typical of everyone in the country. Multiplied by losing her sister to a Ruh. This is exactly what I mean with the protagonist deserves better. Also, I'm pretty sure the exchange went both ways. So at worst she's even with Kvothe. Carcaret = I genuinely don't remember. Was she just stuck in the mud about Adem culture or actually malicious? I can't recall. Denna = Manipulative, yes. Worse? Probably. Not quite in the same vein though. Bredon = Same with Denna. Helping Tarpis feed kids = Nice. Defeating bandits = He was tasked to do so. Fake Ruh = Was getting vengeance or saving the girls the priority again? Anyway, I'm not the one dismissing his good deeds as nothing. Quote me. You defenders are the one dismissing his bad actions as nothing. Because he does x good deed, everything else doesn't count. You're doing it again by the way. And I gave one example amongst others. That's drilling down? And I'm not calling him a villain yet. That's Scot. I'm calling him an asshole, jackass, dick, etc. Also, just because you mean well, doesn't mean you behave well. They don't come in a set. Good grief.
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