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  1. Summary of the lottery Detroit Houston Cleveland (up 1.5 spots from 4/5 tie) Toronto (up 3 spots from 7) Orlando (down 2 spots from 3) OKC (down 1.5 spots from 4/5 tie) __ Toronto does move up. No first pick though. Rigged?
  2. If you want to gamble, you can bet on the order of draft lottery picks? I think that they're doing the lottery today.
  3. Yeah, the Hawks benefited from Simmons collapse in confidence and also massive blown leads from the Sixers. As far as the Bucks-Hawks series go, I think it just comes down to whether they can slow Giannis or not. As much as the Hawks (with their own injuries) struggled against a limited Sixers team, I think that its three consecutive seasons that the Bucks supporting cast looked good in the regular season only to disappoint in the post season. If, you told me before the Nets series that Irving and Harden would be injured, I would have predicted a comfortable win for the Bucks. Instead, they limped to victory in game seven by virtue of Durant's toe. The Sun-Clippers series is just the wistful CP3 or Kawhi watch depending on who wins. Both teams have a ready made excuse for themselves.
  4. Just looked at the box score. Apparently Simmons has 8 rebounds and 13 assists. Couldn't have told from his fourth quarter performance. And George Hill was a team worst -15. Still don't get the trade for him. He hasn't been good for awhile, that's why the Bucks let go of him. At least Danny Green still started on the past two championship winning teams. I didn't see most of the game but I reckon they should have went with Milton instead of getting him 20 minutes.
  5. I haven't watched much of the Sixers, but has Simmons always been so passive? He botched a fast break, isn't going for any rebounds, doesn't drive with the ball, doesn't cut off the ball, and being a statue in the paint doesn't space the court. He looked better one or two years ago cutting back door and getting free dunks. At this point, he's maybe contributing less than Porzingis did with the Mavs.
  6. Well, that's Kyrie and KD out. Now its only Beverly and Embiid remaining that I root against. Also, in hindsight, do you guys think that its worth playing hurt players like Harden and Conley, or even Embiid despite his numbers? I suppose it also depends on who their backups are, but I don't think its paid off. Of course, they also wouldn't be playing if their teams were already winning without them, but they just haven't looked good.
  7. Confounding. Walker and the first round pick aside, Horford is old and declining. I don't know who Moses Brown is, but a quick search tells me he's another centre, when they already have Thompson and Williams and is coming with Horford. Williams should be the future and probably present of the team, so its hard to see what this trade does for them.
  8. I don't know about that. The shots with the clock running down aside, that's kind of the shots he's been taking and making. And Bogdanovic and Ingles have had their tries. The Jazz just went cold and the Clippers were leaving it to O'Neale to beat them. He could have taken more threes than he did too. And they'd be in a better position if they hit a couple more free throws.
  9. Is there hope for the Bogdanovic match up? I thought that the Hawks went all in with a lower ceiling team, behind the Sixers, Nets and Bucks, but could all the injuries let them in? They might be beating the Sixers regardless too, not sure what is up with Embiid's injury, but he's still putting up numbers.
  10. Agreed. Compatibility is a factor as well. Maybe its inevitable that patching things will have its limits, but the resulting incidental hardware and software failure is a headache to deal with. My printer stopped working and I decided that it would be easier to print elsewhere than attempt to fix whatever driver issue it might have. Sadly, the commission free Windows store won't stop Minesweeper from being a hideously expensive subscription based service or being an ad bombardment otherwise.
  11. People usually complain about people missing out. The same thing applies though, this is a zero sum game. One in, one out. I won't have Tatum in over George. I think George had a better regular season. Maybe LeBron given how much time he's missed? _ Looking at the box score of the Nets Bucks game, Harden might be in, but he's not in game shape yet? And Harris is doing very little to earn himself some respect given how everyone dismisses the Nets team outside of their top three players.
  12. And right after I typed that, they doubled their point total in a third of the time elapsed. The gap isn't shrinking much because the Clippers are still scoring though.
  13. Jazz aren't playing well offensively or defensively. They look scared and panicked. The game might be over at half time at this rate.
  14. I looked it up and remarkably, there isn't much to differentiate between the two. Copying from wikipedia, a Flagrant 1 is "unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent" and a Flagrant 2 is "unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against an opponent." The only difference is the inclusion of the word excessive, which to be frank, could very well be a synonym for unnecessary. Going by that, I can see how this hit is a flagrant two, but most other hits previously ruled as flagrant ones would also qualify. Regardless, the vice president of replay or whatever his job title was completely worthless, repeating verbatim or almost verbatim what the referee announced instead of explaining the difference. We heard the referee the first time, we don't need a repeat.
  15. It depends on the angle of camera though, doesn't it. His hands got the ball, his arm got the face. Its not immediately clear from the side, but you can see it from the front. I think the point of contention is the difference between a flagrant one and two and whether a two was appropriate and not whether he was hit.
  16. It's been clear since the initial preview that it is a design choice. It won't look different closer to completion. The official explanation is that it is to be accessible (system requirements), and distinguishable (team and unit type). For reference, minimum specs on Steam for AoE4 : Intel HD 520, CoH2 : GeForce 8800 GT, DoW3 : GTX-460. I don't know how critical the difference between integrated graphics and a separate video card is, but isn't that why you have graphic settings? I've felt that the key cause of the AoE4 looking crap is because of team colours and not the models. I think that they could look a lot better if they were more muted and not so bright and garish. The models could have greater detail to look better, but I think the primary offender is still the choice of colours. And the difference in detail is minimised when you zoom out for a better field of view anyway. As for the game itself, I've mentioned in before, but I'm not a fan of it being increasingly asymmetrical. Hopefully it isn't as pronounced as it is being hyped to be, with most of the technology tree being shared. I feel like it would be even harder to balance otherwise. I'm not much of a campaign player, so I place more emphasis on the multiplayer experience.
  17. Paul's just getting to the same spot and hitting the it over and over again. Jokic out now. Game over?
  18. These are two top three point shooting teams. The average is bound to edge higher barring a catastrophic drought for either team. Besides that, I meant to mention previously that Clarkson and Ingles finished top two for sixth man voting. I don't think they get close with their skillsets outside of the Jazz. They aren't just the one dimensional teams you were alluding to, even if they have only one standout player in Mitchell. The margin has been close enough both games that it could swing either way anyway. The Clippers have two stars, at some point you should expect them to just bulldoze the defense. Either that, or the Clippers are just outmatched/outcoached by the Jazz. __ Seems like we're heading for the Green and Harris showdown in the East finals.
  19. I don't think there's much you can do about people making improbable shots and those two players are going above and beyond. I agree that the Jazz aren't dynamic outside of Mitchell, with Clarkson being a streaky score first player, Bogdanovic trending passive and Conley if available, being old, but they have a good structure. They might rely on Mitchell to initiate and to bail them out, but otherwise, they rotate the ball well, force rotations and, well, are respectable enough. I don't know what you are expecting to be honest, holding the Jazz below a hundred? Give them some respect. The Jazz are an elite defensive team themselves, does that mean that everyone outside of Kawhi and George shouldn't score? *Saying Gobert's offense isn't special is quite kind. He does his part and finishes well, but he depends heavily on Mitchell, Ingles and Conley to create for him. He has no post game, and there's a fifty percent chance of a turnover every time he puts the ball down.
  20. Boston averaged 112 points against the Nets despite a depleted roster. If the Bucks can't match that, then that's on them. Unless you want to blame Harden for the 30 point swing. As far as the Clippers go, Mitchell and Doncic are very good? The Clippers are employing the wrong strategy against them? I don't think they played particularly bad myself, and if you look at the raw stats, they are averaging 107 points, which would be better than the Nets before they played the Bucks.
  21. Bucks barely scrape it out. Its hard to have any confidence in them even after a win. Airballing wide open three point shots, Giannis going for turn around fadeaways and leading the team in three point attempts. If they can't create consistent offense, I don't see how they are going to make it work even if they force the Nets to another bad shooting night. Seems like Conley is still out for the Jazz. Always a bummer to see injuries. Mitchell is starting hot though.
  22. I think that just having Barton back helps. Rivers has improved over the course of the Portland series, but Barton had a good showing from his cameo even though he had a long layoff. Its just a pity that Porter is struggling with his own injury now. Credit to the Suns though, Murray might have helped the Nuggets offense flow better, but defensively, it seemed like Chris Paul was getting whatever he wanted and Murray likely wouldn't have changed that. On to the next game. Hopefully the Bucks have a better showing and makes it a series.
  23. Do the Nuggets just pull Porter out? I don't know if his poor shooting stems from the injury, but surely they don't want to risk aggravating it?
  24. I couldn't tell with the lack of detail otherwise.
  25. I don't think it is that unique. I mean, if we're going to see similarities, there are others too. The turtle looks like similar to Mario, there's a Totoro/Cheshire cat looking thing, and there are just so many Pokemon that its probably hard to avoid particularly if you take inspiration from the same source.
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