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  1. I'd have thought the most impactful thing would be how the Suns lost, not the Bucks. At least the Bucks lost it gradually, not roll over in the first half with a shocking point total and the game out of reach in the third quarter. I mean, they were relatively close at half time and down 15 at the end of the third, as opposed to the Suns being down 30, getting matched by Luka alone, and then down 40 in the same time frame.
  2. Shocking. What happened after the first two games?
  3. Eh, I think we discussed this before, but just feel the need to mention when Harden's free throws are mentioned, that players like KD are just as guilty of abusing it and also Harden was pretty good with his change of pace and step backs even if he leverages the threat of fouling to makes things easier. Or if its so easy, why aren't there more Hardens? On the other end, Trae Young seems to have coped pretty well after being accused of being good only because of the fouls a couple of weeks into the season. *Not comparing Harden to English, just in defense of Harden. Also, I don't want to take the effort to do so, but I hope someone cross references the media hyping the Lakers in preseason and bashing them after their losing streak into the all-star break and see if they are the same people who hype Harden and the Sixers a week into the trade and are bashing him now.
  4. Going into the season, I thought that the Suns benefited from injuries the last playoffs and aren't that good. They proved me wrong, were a strong team throughout the regular season after a slow start and looked to be the favourites until the last three games. Wonder if it might be a potential team breaking moment like when the Clippers demonstrated that the Jazz can't defend when Rudy's not in the paint and Rudy isn't able to punish you offensively if his team doesn't set him up. Team primarily being Conley and Ingles. I know that the Jazz hasn't broken up yet, but I think their window was last year and they blew it and are only spiralling downwards now.
  5. Didn't manage to catch the game, but looks like they've managed to contain Chris Paul for the past three or four games after he burnt them in the first two. Wonder if they trap him early or switch and never leave him. The other teams might want to take notes if the Suns manage to advance or even use it for next season.
  6. Nah, I'm sure the other teams in the East bear a part of the responsibility. Detroit in particular.
  7. On the MVP debate, I think that not having co-stars is kind of the entire point. You shine brighter when your team revolves around you. Of course you still have to be up to the task, but having to share responsibilities takes away from you even if they sacrifice to accommodate you, not to mention when they demand to have their turn. Even though Giannis and Steph won their MVPs with good teams, they were also the clear primary drivers of their teams offense. _ Separately, am I the only one not sold on Murray? Don't get me wrong, I do think he's good, he can create for himself and his team, and also can actually drive giving Denver a different dimension on offense, but he's had two fantastic stretches. Once in the bubble and once just before he got injured. He has a high ceiling, but he was slow to start before that. Is it because he needs time to heat up or did we happen to catch his peak? Or maybe it doesn't matter. They have Hyland who looks promising even if he hasn't shown the same ceiling yet. And Campazzo is something like the fifth PG on the depth chart. Also, Porter only fell to Denver because of his back. Hopefully he gets over it but it might haunt them.
  8. Have you tried eliminating whether its a faulty stick/slot? Put them in one at a time in each slot?
  9. I assume he didn't think that far ahead and just wanted to remind them of why they're watching his stream in the first place, plus he'd get out of it he just managed to kill the dragon or something.
  10. Because he was getting mocked on twitch and that was his way of putting on a strong front.
  11. The last time I looked into the rules, the difference between the two was the amount of force applied. I think it was a one word difference. Intent shouldn't be a factor in theory. Who knows if the referees aren't confused about it themselves though. Caught a bit of the earlier game. Both the Celtics and Bucks were making a lot of unforced turnovers, passing to no one and such. Bizarre.
  12. I missed the game, but Chris Paul was 14/14 from the field (4/4 FT). That's disgusting for a guard. Even zero range centers don't necessarily go hundred percent on what is often less attempts. And they only won by 6 despite that. Wow.
  13. I think it'll be the Suns as long as Booker is healthy. There are probably sportswriters who go into that, but I wouldn't call it research and its difficult to quantify. I don't think there are consistent results that form a trend, even before accounting for seeding and injuries which will muddy the picture. Do we go with GSW going 16-1 as evidence as rest is good, or do we discard the entire sample due to how stacked they are? Or even if we go with the premise that resting loses you game one, how far do we take it? Can we not also say that it helps you win game seven? I think the only way that theory gets proven is if higher seeds who sweep their previous opponent frequently gets beaten by an opponent that just won in seven. Its pretty inconclusive otherwise.
  14. I don't mean that Denver would have won, I just thought it was a shame that they aren't still playing and they could have given a better showing the first two games. Hopefully Porter and Murray get over their injuries. Porter's is especially worrying since it's a recurring injury that has allowed him to fall to Denver in the first place.
  15. Pity about Denver. It was quite competitive outside of the first two games.
  16. Yeah, not surprising at all. Still disappointing though. Have to wonder, what is Simmons' value if the Nets want to trade him? Has it collapsed to Westbrook/Wall levels?
  17. Eh, they haven't been blown out, lost by 1, 7 and 6. Could easily have been a different series if a couple of bounces go their way. Pair that with Durant essentially being a toe length from sending the eventual champions packing last year, its easy to expect more from them this year having Kyrie available in place of a limping Harden. I don't think anyone expected Durant to be struggling as he has so far against any team. Its really just credit to the Celtics defense.
  18. Never played the original, but I thought it was a bit of a scam that they released DE only a few years after HD. They did incorporate all the expansions brought in with HD, so I got DE eventually but am not sure if there were any noticeable differences as there was a large gap since I last played HD though. I think that the fact that it has a semi-active competitive scene helps. Also it has a relatively low barrier to entry hardware wise. Its kind of like CS and DOTA in those respects. Different genre of games and monetisation methods but similar in the sense that the core game play hasn't changed that much. I'm not that familiar with StarCraft, but I heard that Blizzard did a lot of damage to its competitive scene so it isn't as popular as it could have been.
  19. Think its a bit of a stretch considering its been remastered twice in the past 10 years, and the current iteration that it is releasing an expansion for is only three years old. Or that the first sequel kind of bombed and its expansions are lower priced than the expansions for this.
  20. My memory might be faulty, but last year it was all about how the Blazers including McCollum failed Lillard and he deserved better than them and should demand a trade. Bummer about George. The Clippers have been playing without him for most of the season though, wouldn't count them out yet.
  21. What? You're not keen on paying loads of money to own the receipt of something someone else owns? Shocker. I feel like its a bit like multi level marketing, where you're building the value by introducing new people to it and then making off as the first mover and leaving others to hold the bag. Really wish governments would act on it and cryptocurrencies instead of sitting on the fence, semi encouraging it, hoping it pays off for them for fear of missing out.
  22. Don't like Beverly either, but thought that the Zubac's missing the rebound and smacking Beverly in the head should have been a flagrant. Unless it was and I missed it.
  23. What would the Lakers take though? Two first round picks and Kevin Love? Sexton? Is that acceptable for the Cavs?
  24. I think its good. Currently it feels like there is increased parity in the league and also injury related slides in seeding, but its not like 8 seeds don't get smashed regularly in the years before. And the 8 seed has beaten the 1 seed how many times? 5 times in 40 years? And how many times have they been swept? Should we just make it a bye? At least the single elimination games adds some excitement prior to the chore. Besides, maybe the playoff experience will help the team in the next year or give you a preview of an up and coming team like Memphis. Also, might not have been the best year to make that comment as Charlotte has a positive record as the 10 seed, and is just one off the 7 and 8 seeds. __ Outside of that, the threat of slipping to the 7 and 8 seeds or for the middling teams ascending in seed helps to maintain interest in the end of the regular season. Its not just about the 1v8 series. I'd be happy to see a minimum games won for the 9 and 10 seeds though.
  25. They can be bought out. Don't have the time to read through it, but here's the first link on google.
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