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  1. In the ACOK prologue, Patchface sings "Clever bird, clever man, clever clever fool. Oh, clever clever clever fool". Could this mean clever LF, clever Tyrion, super-clever Moonboy?
  2. In AFFC, Brienne V : The master of Gulltown Girl took Brienne for a whore and told them that his ship was not a bawdy house Foreshadowing of Brienne being taken for "the Kingslayer's whore" by Stoneheart and her men?
  3. I knew you were trouble, Taylor Swift - Jaime about Cersei
  4. Viva la vida - Robb Stark. Behind blue eyes - Jaime Lannister. Cry me a river - Jaime burning Cersei's letter. Snuff - Tyrion and Jaime (even though it's about a romance so some parts obviously don't fit). How to save a life - Ned and Robert. Safe and sound - Arya. Sansa. Like a virgin - Pia. No bravery - Riverlands.
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