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  1. Joy Hill

    Did LF encourage Joffrey to beat Sansa?

    I agree. Besides, there's also a risk that Cat's look-alike daughter becomes less pretty after those beatings. But I think a trained warrior would be more apt than the average person to know what is a lethal blow and what isn't. (Then again, the dudes who beat Sansa seem quite moronic)
  2. I'm almost certain LF egged Joffrey on to behead Ned, but do you think he might also have encouraged him to beat Sansa (telling him that girls want their men to be strong or whatever)? That way, Sansa would be willing to plot escape with one of his creatures, and when the time comes LF would appear as her savior. Personally, I'm not sure because LF wanted Sansa to stay alive and pretty, and I don't believe Joff needed encouragement, but I think it's possible.
  3. Joy Hill

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    The secret ingredient is dragon poop. Any chance that Varys turns out to be Spider-Man?
  4. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    Personal wealth, without hesitation. Now all I need is to find an idiot Lannister to manipulate. Would you rather share a cell with Biter or Ramsay?
  5. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    The Kingsguard. You get to be clean and eat. Plus you can always keep a paramour. Would you rather watch a beheading or a hanging?
  6. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    Run. There's no way I'm doing that. Would you rather travel with Hodor or Shitmouth?
  7. Joy Hill

    Wed, Bed, Kill

    wed Jhogo bed Rakharo kill Aggo Grey Worm, Strong Belwas, Varys
  8. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    The Wall. Wildfire sounds horrible. And I think I'd be pretty safe if I stay on the Wall. Would you rather have dinner with Cersei of Walder Frey?
  9. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    Oh boy. I pick Tywin, because he's super rich and apparently he gives pocket money to his kids all their lives. Would you rather have Dontos or Patchface as your fool?
  10. Joy Hill

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    I hear it involves catching pokemons. Where can you find dodos in Planetos?
  11. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    Good point. And the caves where the children live probably have those huge spiders Bear Grylls likes to eat. A dragon. It would probably be a quick death. Would you rather live in a version of Westeros that has the internet or modern medicine?
  12. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    North of the Wall. I prefer cold weather to hot weather. Besides, Sothoryos is probably full of gross large six-or-eight-legged creatures. Would you rather have sex with Tyrion or Littlefinger?
  13. Joy Hill

    Would you rather?

    The old gods. There's no risk of having to listen to a boring long speech. Would you rather let Jaime or Stannis babysit your kids?
  14. Joy Hill

    Be as unhelpful as possible, v. 3 (No)

    I think he'd be a fan of Twilight. How awesome woul ASOIAF be if it were a sitcom with a laugh track?
  15. Joy Hill

    Things you found oddly amusing

    In AFFC, when Cersei insists Jaime attends Tommen's wedding night. I just have this image of Jaime alternating between looking stoic and irritated while the Tyrell cousins have pillow fights and play the Westeros version of truth or dare (the dares might include super-old but hot uncle Jaime).