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    If GRRM changed some aspects of his story because of the lack of the gap, then it will be reflected on the show. We will more or less get the same endings for the 5 main characters on the show - which means if there is a Tyrion/Dany/Jon love triangle in the books, then there will be one on the show. Besides Dany has dumped Daario who she really did not love and there is strong foreshadowing in the books for Dany/Jon (Blue rose on the wall with the sweet smell) and strong setup on the show - Tyrion saying that Daario won't be the last to love her (The way he looks at her when he says this makes me think that maybe he is hinting at himself too). On the show there is really no one else for her to love.
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    Remember that Tyrion/Arya/Jon love triangle in the original outline? I think it has become Tyrion/Dany/Jon in the current version after GRRM possibly decided that Arya's age was an issue and she was too young without the 5 yr gap. It did look like Tyrion was feeling some rather strong emotions in his scene with Dany and there were some looks he shot at her which made me think that there's something going on there. It could be that he falls for her and then Dany and Jon meet and Bam! They fall for each other and we have Jon and Tyrion possibly at odds with each other.
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    Aegon's absence is really noticeable now

    It's the just the opposite for me. Aegon feels really extraneous to the story now. Remember in GRRM's original outline how Jaime murders everyone and ends up on the Iron Throne. It looks like GRRM has moved that role to Cersei and we will pretty soon have this happening in the books as well. Probably in TWoW, before Dany gets there. After this episode, it's becoming clear that the younger, more beautiful queen that takes down Cersei is going to be Dany and the show has clearly set that up. fAegon feels so pointless to the whole story. Dany is overpowered against Cersei and maybe that's a good thing. It's time to kick the Lannisters off KL. They have been sitting there since book one. But as Dany moves North it's not going to be so easy and I think that's where the show is going with their remaining 13 episodes/