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  1. But Robert is legitimate, as legitimate as Aegon the conqueror and any Targ king. He took the throne by force of arms just like Aegon did, there's nothing inherently different about the way the two became kings. There's this thing called right of conquest. After all Aegon merely usurped the rights of the former kings of Westeros after defeating them.
  2. Well said, I've been searching profusely for books that come close to the realism, characterization and complexity of ASOIAF to no avail. Do you perchance have any recommendations?
  3. It was foolish of him to stay in the US. He should've moved to Russia or some obscure Carribbean Island or a country with no extradition treaty with the US.
  4. I have two agree that the double life sentence with no parole is too harsh. What happened to the FBI agent that stole the coins?
  5. The more perplexing thing is Daenerys ends up falling in love with him and romanticises him, this is very apparent in her later chapters. Perhaps she's one of those that have a preference for "bad boys" but I can't understand how a sheltered, shy girl like AGOT Dany finds a supposed scruffy barbarian attractive.
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