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  1. That will be a factor, but it will mostly be because they will have no more use for Stannis after the Boltons are defeated, as they know Stannis would intend to drag them into another war for the Iron Throne, which the Northerners don't care for. Stannis's victory will be a pyrrhic one, and most of the men genuinely loyal to him will die, the Northern Houses such as the Manderly's and Dustin's will sweep up the survivors and kill Stannis, but make it look like he simply died in the fighting against the Bolton's. By the time Davos arrives to WF with Rickon, it'll be too late. Rickon will be proclaimed Lord of Winterfell then
  2. Edric Storm will become Lord of Storms End and head of House Baratheon by the end of the series Stannis will win the Battle of Ice, but be betrayed and killed by Northern Lords. The Others won't make it past Winterfell, which people will complain about for years after the series is ended The Stark children will have no love for each other by the time they are reunited, Rickon will be feral, Bran will lose his humanity, Arya will become a sociopath and Sansa will be thinking about her claim to WF and the North when she sees them again. Jon will lead humanity against the Others in the Battle of Dawn 2.0 and win, discover his heritage, and gain the respect of all the Lords in the Realm. When a Great Council is held to anoint a new King he will be by far the most likely candidate, with most thinking the council will just be a formality. However, he will be manipulated by Bloodraven into giving up his crown and supporting Bran's candidacy for Kingship. Tyrion will die a sudden brutal death sometime early in ADOS or late in TWOW, as no man is as accursed as the Kinslayer
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