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  1. I 100% supported Renly, as I felt all things considered he was the best out of the rest. Let's look at each King's power base and a quick look at their temperament at the start of the WOT5K; Joffrey (Westerlands + Crownlands) - Is a craven, cruel and all together unfit to be King, would be worse than Aerys II Balon (Iron Islands) - he's not really even in the running and an Ironborn would never be accepted on the IT, I think we can take a hard pass at him. Robb (The North + Riverlands) - Has the aptitude of a very good King, and is very talented at warfare, but seriously lacks judgement in certain situations. All together though, not bad at all, probably the best temperament out of the 5. Stannis (Dragonstone) - He worships a fire God that the Seven Kingdoms would reject wholeheartedly, and his base is by far the weakest of all the 5. He has very little charisma, though he is a seasoned warrior, and has a strong sense of Justice. Sadly, his faults are greater than his strengths. Renly (Reach + Stormlands) - Has by far the strongest base of all 5 Kings, with a lot of capable men around him. Renly himself is charismatic unlike Stannis, with at the very least a certain aptitude for court intrigue and understanding of the Game. He is not cruel or overly hedonistic like Joffrey or Robert were. Let's get something straight, Renly would not make a great King, but a capable one which is an upgrade on the last 3 Kings Westeros has had.
  2. Ashara Dayne is simply a bit of a mystery and distraction from R+L=J, that's it.
  3. I remember seeing something about a few girls GRRM liked dating musicians instead of him when he was in High School & college, maybe it's some pent up resentment
  4. I'm certain Dareon was innocent and the girl later claimed it was rape to try to protect her honor. If it was rape, why did Rowan not just execute him? I think Lord Rowan himself knew what was going on, and didn't want to kill an innocent man. Dareon is right to be bitter, and it's just one more step in the wrong direction for Arya
  5. Plot convenience. Because it's utterly asinine to kill Aegon's mother in front of him and not expect him to grow up with a vengeance.
  6. Do you know how to end all this worrying? Simply have Viserys killed or force him to take the black, it saves a lot of issues later on down the line, as there is literally no other candidate to threaten the Baratheon regime. If Viserys had children, this issue would have haunted house Baratheon for decades like the Blackfyres. Dany could have been wed to Joffrey to unite the claims of both houses like the house of York and Lancaster did. I'm surprised nobody mentioned this option in the small council.
  7. The only incorrect thing Robert did was not actively trying to kill Viserys and Daenerys when they were young. That would have saved a lot of lives down the line.
  8. Why Ser Aliser? House Thorne are from the Crownlands There are a multitude of houses from Stormlands that would support a Targaryen restoration, give Storms End to one of them, maybe a Connigton or Fell
  9. If Jon Arryn had killed Robert and Ned, RR would not have happened, and tens of thousands wouldn't have died. I'm not saying that RR was not justified, but that it is not so simple to break an solemn oath and there are consequences.
  10. I hope it's never confirmed whether or not Aegon is the real deal, would be a good thing to ponder on.
  11. Westeros needs someone knowledgeable who can rebuild it, Bran would not be a terrible option. If Bloodraven uses magic to control some of the Lords of the Realm to not oppose him so they can focus on rebuilding Westeros, is that so bad? Remember Bloodraven wasn't the type of person to want to seize power for himself, and sided with Aegon over Daemon Blackfyre for the good of the Realm. It's not like Bran lives forever, he'll become a King who is not loved but the Realm will heal under him and the series will end with looking towards a long Summer. Jon might be his heir, who knows.
  12. Stannis wins a Pyrric victory at the Battle of Ice and will get killed shortly after by either the Northern Lords like Manderly or Ryswell betraying him to declare Rickon KITN when Davos brings him in from Skagos, or Stannis just succumb to his wounds in his fight against the Boltons, either way Stannis will not live for much longer and Winterfell will belong to the Starks again. Melisandre will burn Shireen for Kings Blood but use it to revive Jon and not Stannis because she sees something in her visions that convinces her Jon is the actual TPTWP and not Stannis. Jon gets revived, will have a more ruthless side to him and executes the people who stabbed him. The Others then attack, resulting in the Wall falling, the destruction of the Nights Watch, and subsequently Jon being released from his vows, he'll then go to Winterfell and try to rally the North against the Others, and Howland Reed will heed his call to arms, go there and reveal R+L=J in the crypts of Winterfell. Euron will ravage and occupy large parts of the Reach, but when he tries to take Oldtown he will be repulsed by Aegon (Sam will also help out in some way, maybe helping JonCon's soldiers get into Oldtown or something), anyhow after Aegon liberates the Reach, he will be crowned in Oldtown by the Faith á la Aegon the Conquerer, and take Arianne as his bride, it is then the Lords of the Realm will flock to his banners. Margaery is executed during her trial, Mace will launch a blood bath in Kings Landing, The High Sparrow will then open the gates for Aegon and he will sit on the IT as Aegon VI The Battle of Meereen is rather boring, all that will happen for sure is that Dany unites the Dothraki by being proclaimed the Stallion that mounts the World in Vaes Dothrak, she goes to Meereen and defeats all that oppose her, she then marches West, adding people like Tyrion and Victarion to her retinue, after liberating the Slaves of Essos she finally departs for Westeros. She will start a 2nd Dance when Aegon refuses to give up his crown, and Dany convinced that Aegon is a "mummers dragon" will kill Aegon and his loyalists like JonCon, Arianne, Tarly and sit on the IT as Daenerys I. Agree on both Tommen will be killed by JonCon who will want any opposition to Aegon to disappear, and I think one of the hot headed Sand Snakes kill Myrcella when they hear Arianne has wed Aegon. With her 2 kids gone Cersei then flees to Casterly Rock where she weds Euron in exchange for his army and ships. When Dany marches North to combat the Others, Cersei will retake KL and put everyone who disagrees with her to the sword including the people Dany left in charge of KL when she left. Jaime comes in at this time and kills her while Kings Landing burns to the ground. The Battle for the Dawn happens in Winterfell, Jon + Bran + Dany will be the key to leading humanity to victory, I think 2 Dragons die but Drogon lives. Dany will die in a strange land (The North) dreaming of the House with the Red Door in Braavos. The Realm will gather in the place the song of Ice and Fire began, Harrenhal, to hold a Great Council and decide on a new King. Jon will be the obvious choice, but will be manipulated by Bloodraven into giving up his crown and throwing his support to Bran, who is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms. Jon then goes North to work on bringing the free folk into the realm, as well as ensuring the Others do not threaten Westeros again. Rickon rules as Lord of Winterfell. Edmure Tully is released and restored as Lord of Riverrun Edric Storm is legitimized as Edric Baratheon and Lord of Storms End Doran will still be Prince of Dorne (and be plotting something) Some Tyrell will rule the Reach Some Lannister rules as Lord of Casterly Rock Harry the Heir is Lord of the Vale with Sansa as Lady of the Vale. The End
  13. Spot on, the reason why Targs have a divine right to rule Westeros, can fuck their Sisters to maintain "Purity" while nobody bats an eye, are the only ones to ride Dragons, and why people in the books constantly remark that Valyrians are closer to Gods then Men in ASOIAF is that GRRM simply has an unhealthy obsession with "otherworldly" looking characters, and thinks Violet eyes and White/Silver hair are really, really, really cool, it's that simple. And no matter how he dresses it up with the odd "mad" Targ, it's clear that he wrote Valyrians to be above the rest of the other races in Westeros. I don't expect this notion to be challenged anytime in the series. As a result, I highly doubt any of the 3 Dragon riders in TWOW will be of non Targ descent, which sucks
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