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  1. I 100% supported Renly, as I felt all things considered he was the best out of the rest. Let's look at each King's power base and a quick look at their temperament at the start of the WOT5K; Joffrey (Westerlands + Crownlands) - Is a craven, cruel and all together unfit to be King, would be worse than Aerys II Balon (Iron Islands) - he's not really even in the running and an Ironborn would never be accepted on the IT, I think we can take a hard pass at him. Robb (The North + Riverlands) - Has the aptitude of a very good King, and is very talented at warfare, but seriously lacks judgement in certain situations. All together though, not bad at all, probably the best temperament out of the 5. Stannis (Dragonstone) - He worships a fire God that the Seven Kingdoms would reject wholeheartedly, and his base is by far the weakest of all the 5. He has very little charisma, though he is a seasoned warrior, and has a strong sense of Justice. Sadly, his faults are greater than his strengths. Renly (Reach + Stormlands) - Has by far the strongest base of all 5 Kings, with a lot of capable men around him. Renly himself is charismatic unlike Stannis, with at the very least a certain aptitude for court intrigue and understanding of the Game. He is not cruel or overly hedonistic like Joffrey or Robert were. Let's get something straight, Renly would not make a great King, but a capable one which is an upgrade on the last 3 Kings Westeros has had.
  2. That will be a factor, but it will mostly be because they will have no more use for Stannis after the Boltons are defeated, as they know Stannis would intend to drag them into another war for the Iron Throne, which the Northerners don't care for. Stannis's victory will be a pyrrhic one, and most of the men genuinely loyal to him will die, the Northern Houses such as the Manderly's and Dustin's will sweep up the survivors and kill Stannis, but make it look like he simply died in the fighting against the Bolton's. By the time Davos arrives to WF with Rickon, it'll be too late. Rickon will be proclaimed Lord of Winterfell then
  3. Edric Storm will become Lord of Storms End and head of House Baratheon by the end of the series Stannis will win the Battle of Ice, but be betrayed and killed by Northern Lords. The Others won't make it past Winterfell, which people will complain about for years after the series is ended The Stark children will have no love for each other by the time they are reunited, Rickon will be feral, Bran will lose his humanity, Arya will become a sociopath and Sansa will be thinking about her claim to WF and the North when she sees them again. Jon will lead humanity against the Others in the Battle of Dawn 2.0 and win, discover his heritage, and gain the respect of all the Lords in the Realm. When a Great Council is held to anoint a new King he will be by far the most likely candidate, with most thinking the council will just be a formality. However, he will be manipulated by Bloodraven into giving up his crown and supporting Bran's candidacy for Kingship. Tyrion will die a sudden brutal death sometime early in ADOS or late in TWOW, as no man is as accursed as the Kinslayer
  4. The insane thing is that when you read the TWOW sample chapters, they're still moving at the pace of ADWD. For instance, in the 2 Arianne chapters we've seen so far, she has not yet met Aegon. That is just far too slow if we ever want to see the conclusion of this story.
  5. I actually think TWOW will come out in 2021, probably around Autumn time. How far the book actually takes us to the end would be my concern The story has become so convoluted now that even if TWOW was 2000 pages it would not be enough to get the story where it needs to be. These are the plot points that NEED to be resolved in the next book: Jon resurrection Battle of Ice Sansa in the Vale Cersei returning to power Aegon's Invasion of Stormlands, then meeting Arianne Daenarys getting the Dothraki on her side & sorting out the battle in Meereen, then heading to Westeros Margaery trial & Faith sparrow Euron invasion of the Reach Arya receiving training then leaving the House of Black and White Brienne and Jaime with Lady Stoneheart in the Riverlands On top of resolving all these plot points, TWOW would have to set up for the final book. It is clear why GRRM is struggling, there is just too much plot points to resolve in 1 book. As a result, I am fairly certain this series will either never be finished OR it will have to be extremely rushed just to provide an ending. Not sure which is the worse option, but I believe that is where we are at The very slow plot progression of AFFC & ADWD most likely doomed this series unfortunately, hope I'm wrong of course, but we'll see.
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