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  1. Fez

    How do I buy a mattress?

    So I went to a mattress store, spent probably close to 90 minutes there, and eventually found a medium firmness Serta mattress that seemed like the right fit for me. However, even after some seriously aggressive haggling on my part, the mattress+base+delivery is damn near double what the online retailers like Leesa and Casper charge. I really wish I knew what those mattress felt like. The store had a Purple, which I did not like at all, but my understanding is that Purple is pretty different from other online brands. Has anyone slept on any of the online mattress? There was an all-foam mattress at the store that reminded me of a Tempurpedic (though different brand) that I liked a lot, but was $3,000. Are Leesa mattresses like a Tempurpedic one?
  2. If Trump is right about his base, that's certainly true. But I think it'd take a lot more than no-wall for Trump to lose his base. So long as he keeps his lib'-triggering tough guy persona, I think he can get most of them to support nearly any policy (at least, until it directly and negatively affects them too much). But Trump has no political skills for even testing what his base is or isn't comfortable with, he just makes evidence-less assumptions and acts accordingly.
  3. Courts generally move so slowly that I suspect the media will lose interest as well. Plus, even if Trump eventually wins on the declaration, there will be a further round of court cases from Texas landowners trying to prevent eminent domain from happening. The state of California will probably file its own lawsuits as well. By the time this all wraps up, even if Trump wins everything, there will probably be a new President in office, who could just cancel the project anyway. The whole thing is just so fucking stupid.
  4. I went to play Apex Legends and discovered I pretty much cannot. Turns out I am part of a fairly sizable group of Nvidia card owners who regularly get CTDs while playing the game. I'm not sure if this is a Respawn issue or a Nvidia issue, but Nvidia currently lists it as a "known issue" on its most recent drivers (it was on the last two too). Some people suggest rolling back three updates, but I don't want to deal with that hassle for a game I don't know if I'll even like. I did play one game though, and it seemed like it had promise. I had pretty extreme screen freezing issues though, where the game would lock up for up to 5 seconds at a time, until finally crashing. Which is a shame, because my team was in the top 3 in the final circle when the CTD finally happened. Not through anything I did of course, one of the other random folks on my team was some Apex god, who solo killed at least 10 players during the match; including two solo team kills. I mostly just ran around trying to figure out how to compare weapons on the ground to the ones I had equipped.
  5. Fez

    True Detective Season 3 (SPOILERS)

    I wonder about that. I'm sure it's not GoT-expensive to make, but this can't be a cheap show either. The ratings are not very good and the critics are okay with it, but it's not a darling. HBO already has three other dramas similar to that, but closer to being critical darlings: Big Little Lies, The Deuce, and Succession. They've got the Watchmen series and the JJ Abrams/Jordon Peele black Lovecraft series coming soon as possible new tentpoles, plus several other smaller dramas (and are maybe spending a lot co-producing the BBC's His Dark Materials series, who knows). And there's the GoT spinoff spinning up production It's not like it was a few years ago, where HBO had no choice but to renew TD again because they had no dramas besides it, GoT, and Westworld upcoming. Plus, Pizzolatto already has other production deals at HBO that he can work on; that Perry Mason miniseries he and Robert Downey Jr. are supposedly creating looks like it's finally moving forward (which I'd be much more excited about if RDJ was starring in it rather than just producing it).
  6. I don't see it. Schumer is popular in New York; especially among upstate registered Democrats who usually vote Republican. Take a look at his last three general elections, he won nearly every rural county all three times. Democrats don't do that in New York (or anywhere usually). His approval rating in New York is at it's all time low right now, 53%, but that happens to every congressional leader as they energize the opposition party. Democrats are still with him. On top of that, he has basically unlimited funding and is close with every major Democratic power group in the state. He's not going on anywhere. On the other hand, AOC will need something to do, since she's there's a good chance she's going to lose her seat after redistricting. New York is expected to lose two seats and this Amazon thing may very well cause the state legislature to decide its her seat that needs to go. She could run against one of the neighboring Democratic representatives, but with the changes in New York election law last month she's not going to be able to benefit from a low-turnout, under-the-radar primary. Also, none of them are quite the mismatch for their district's demographics the way Crowley was.
  7. Fez

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    Did Richard Jordan really embody Duncan Idaho either back in the Lynch version? Also, he's not really a big deal in the first book, and, even if the movie is so successful they decide to adapt the whole series, I suspect there will be such massive to changes to the other books that who even knows if Idaho would be in those movies. Or what role he'd play.
  8. As usual, I think a lot of folks here are ascribing too monolithic, concrete plans to a group of very disorganized and disparate actors. There's no grand plan among Republican senators, they're each just trying to thread the needle to stay in power until Trump's gone and then continue on their merry way of deregulation and tax breaks. They face a huge number of collective action problems, lack the courage to do anything about them, and are basically just muddling by. They don't want Trump to declare a national emergency, they know what the long-term effects would be, but they don't want to be the ones to stop him either. And right now they also don't want to antagonize him too much before the appropriations bill is signed.
  9. Fez

    UK Politics : Groundhog May

    Could become the go-to tax haven for wealthy foreigners looking to hide their money; seems like there's demand for someone to step up to the plate there with so many other former tax havens slowly cracking down over the past 10 years. It'd be easy with no pesky EU banking regulations to get in the way.
  10. I wonder if that would backfire though. If he's that concerned about his injury potential, it could cause teams to re-evalaute his durability as well and maybe cause some to decide he's too great a risk to be the #1 pick. No one wants to draft the next Greg Oden.
  11. That's my point though. Sure there are Democratic billionaires, but they don't get involved in politics the way Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, Joe Ricketts, Paul Singer, Woody Johnson, Norman Braman, Ken Langon, the Mercers, the Kochs, etc. all do. Each of them had their own favorite 2016 candidate (some also had their own favorite 2012 candidate) who they bankrolled long past the point of viability among the GOP primary electorate.
  12. He's definitely not a shoe-in. I think his main argument, and I don't know if it will be convincing (or even if it is correct) is that, as a moderate, old, white, man, he's the one best positioned to beat Trump. Because that's the kind of person that Obama-Trump voters would be most comfortable coming back to the Democratic party for and because, as a moderate, he's the one the newly flipped suburbs would be most comfortable voting for. Polling has already shown that electability is the biggest concern for primary voters this cycle, and if Biden can tap into that, he's got a huge advantage. Of course, there's also lots of arguments to make that he's not the most electable, that he has a huge amount of baggage that'll drag him down. I think some of the other candidates are in a better position than others to make those arguments, so it'll depend on who's left standing. But you've got still be standing in the final rounds to have any chance and Biden will still be standing then; if he runs.
  13. The thing Biden has going for him is that a lot of the big donors like him, which means if he runs he'll have the funding to go the distance. Many of the other candidates don't have that luxury. Small donors are more important than ever in the Democratic party, but there aren't enough to go around for everyone who is running. And there aren't enough potential "pocket Democratic billionaires" to keep afloat candidates who lack popular support, unlike on the Republican side, which kept a lot of names in 2016 going for longer than they should have. Some of the other candidates running right now will be dropping out before Iowa (or immediately afterwards) because their fundraising dries up. I've no idea who yet, it could be almost any of them depending on how campaigning this year shakes out. Biden doesn't have that concern. And the longer Biden (or anyone) is running, the more opportunity there is for something to shake up the race and cause things to break their way.
  14. Fez

    Trailer Thread V

    I've never found Rebel Wilson funny, so that puts a damper on this for me. Hathaway seems fine though. I am curious if they are sticking with the entire original plot being gender-swapped, right down to the twist at the end. Having a man play the Janet Colgate role and having that same ending seems like it would be poorly received.
  15. I'm not sure how much success EA is actually having these days. Seems like their only consistent hits anymore are the sports games, and my understanding is that most of them aren't selling as well as they used to either. Couldn't happen to a more deserving company though.