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  1. Arguably for the best, since I'm not convinced all 50 votes were there for the relief bill if it stayed in. Maybe down the road they can cut a deal with Republicans to at least raise the minimum wage bill some; though I doubt they'd go for $10 in exchange for e-verify. There aren't 50 votes to overrule the parliamentarian, not even close.
  2. Guess I'll stick with Torment for at least a bit longer. I'm kinda facing a dearth of interesting RPGs recently. But I'll drop it pretty quick if I get bored and there's nothing great to power through to. In other news, Seems like a good news, bad news kinda thing. The good news is, Dragon Age and live service just don't mesh so maybe there's a chance at success now; the bad news is, this may mean even more delays and a whole new set of feature creep.
  3. Speaking of which, if this keeps up I wouldn't be surprised if we see a change in House rules pretty soon. Unlike in the Senate, House majorities are usually much more willing to change the rules anytime it suits them.
  4. I started playing Torment: Tides of Numenera on Gamepass. It seems alright so far, if a bit over written. I remember it was considered a bit of a disappointment when it released a few years ago though. Has anyone else played it? Is it worth sticking with?
  5. I feel like its gotten pretty common for political figures with three names to get called three letters; Amy Coney Barrett often gets referred to as ACB, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was RBG, etc. It's just a convenience thing since no one wants to type out all three names all the time. In other news, Gamestop stock started surging again for some reason. It was under $50 for most of yesterday, and pretty stable for the past three weeks, now its up to $127 (and was briefly as high as $180 at the start of trading). Guess maybe this saga still isn't quite over.
  6. Not BioWare's credibility; EA's. They aren't the terrible company they were a few years back, and are supposedly one of the only AAA publishers to take tangible action to prevent crunch. But they've had very few hit games outside of their sports franchises for a while now (basically just Apex Legends and the money train of The Sims 4). It's downright amazing how little they've done with the Star Wars license. I figured it was important to them for Anthem to turn it around; if only as a PR move to show that their studios were still capable of doing more than annual money grabs.
  7. Anthem is so far the only Bioware game I never bought (besides MDK2; I even played Shattered Steel way back when). This rube avoided that scam.
  8. I'm a little surprised. They took so long I figured they'd end up making some sort of improvement, as face-saving measure if nothing else. Guess they figured they took too long though, and there'd be no getting back the playerbase no matter what they did.
  9. It's always better to have an elected office than not to have it. And the Texas Governor certainly does some things, but it is one of the weaker governorships out there. The Governor does not directly hire state agency heads, and has almost no authority to fire them. There is no state cabinet. The Governor has no formal role in the agency rule-making process. Though Perry and Abbott have strengthened the office by carving out an informal role. For a long time the state comptroller and the Lt. Governor (as head of the legislature) were in charge of the state budget process. The energy industry, backbone of the Texas economy, isn't regulated by the executive branch at all. The independently elected Railroad Commission does that.
  10. It is interesting though how little the numbers have moved for older adults though. I suppose after so many years they've either internalized how they identified in the past, or they just don't see it as worthwhile to change at this point. It's also worth noting that this isn't asking "How do you identify to other people?" it's just "How do you identify?" So presumably there would be some people, particularly in earlier iterations of this survey, who were in the closet but willing to come out in an anonymous survey.
  11. Gallup has done their first poll on LGBTQ self-identification in the US since 2017, and its got some interesting resulting. https://news.gallup.com/poll/329708/lgbt-identification-rises-latest-estimate.aspx Overall 5.6% of adults identify as LGBTQ, up from 4.5% in 2017 (with another 7.6% answering "no opinion", up from 5%). That's a big jump in just 4 years, and it primarily comes from Gen Z; where 15.9% self-identify, compared to 9.1% of millennials, and 3.8% or less for every older age group. And digging into the data, while all identifications jumped up among Gen Z compared to millennials (and millennials saw a jump among every identification compared to Gen X), the biggest driver by far is the number of people identifying as bisexual. What the study can't identify is whether this is because younger adults, particularly Gen Z, are more comfortable in stating their identifications or whether there is something affecting how younger adults identify. Regardless though, it seems like another indication that even if the courts attempt to rollback any rights, it at least won't last very long.
  12. Fallout 76 was put out by the Bethesda- Austin studio though, not the main Rockville MD studio. I imagine they probably got pulled in at some point to help salvage things, but probably not nearly all of them. It's the same as how we can't blame main Bioware for Mass Effect Andromeda. Although, continuing the analogy, main Bioware's next game was Anthem; hopefully Starfield is better than that.
  13. House Dem leadership was pretty pathetic tonight. The background: This would be the perfect opportunity to show that things actually are different, and the House Republicans deeply involved with the fringe are non grata in the chamber. Instead, House Democratic leadership whipped in favor of the bill because they didn't want to see a post office renaming fail, and it passed 406-15. It doesn't go more low stakes than this, but its illustrative of the complete lack of a spine that deeply pisses me off sometimes.
  14. Texas is a weird state. Not only does the state government not do much, but a lot of what the government does do is run outside the usual branches of government. The Texas General Land Commissioner, Texas Agriculture Commissioner, and the three members of the Railroad Commission of Texas are all directly elected by voters and are extremely powerful.
  15. Lotta competition for worst senator, but Ron Johnson regularly makes a run for the crown.
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