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  1. As appealing as I think Bloomberg is to the voters I've been talking about, I worry that he is fatally weak on his left-flank and among minorities in a way that Biden isn't. It might be hard for Trump to attack Bloomberg, but I don't know how necessary attacks would be when certain parts of the Democratic coalition have such a low opinion of him already.
  2. In other news, sometimes problems find a way of solving themselves...
  3. Places like Orange County in CA, the Richmond suburbs in VA, Oklahoma City, the NYC upstate exurbs, etc. These don't have a history of voting Democratic, so I don't think they can be chalked up to Obama-Trump voters that came back. There wasn't evidence of improved minority turnout from 2016-2018, so we can't say they were responsible. And while some of them may have already been third party voters in 2016 because of Trump, I don't think most of them are historical third party voters because there simply aren't that many of them. Yes Democrats did generally better across the board in 2018, but the places they had new wins were primarily in moderate-to-upscale suburbs. Getting suburbs in the south to start voting like suburbs in the north is one of the big voting changes currently ongoing, and its trend that Democrats should be encourages and continuing. On top of that, moderate-to-upscale suburban residents are some of the most reliable voters out there. If they support you, you don't need to worry about their turnout. They are a key asset that Democrats should be nurturing. And here's the biggest thing, I think Democrats need to win Arizona this year, full stop. And I think Joe Biden is by the most popular of the leading candidates in the Phoenix suburbs.
  4. There's a fourth type of voter though, the Romney/maybe-Trump-won't be so bad voters who went Democratic in 2018. There's a lot of them, and they're why Democrats took back the House. And they are the group where I think Biden has a legitimate advantage over his main rivals.
  5. Good for Bloomberg, I wish all the Democratic candidates were this straightforward (at least for DC; Puerto Rico I honestly don't know how a referendum there would go, but they should get the choice again). In addition to the representation, having four additional Democratic senators would be very welcome.
  6. Fez

    NFL: Super Bowl, where legacies are made

    Don't know if Brady wants it, but I could see the Chargers wanting it; though from a business perspective more than a football one. No one cares about the Chargers in LA, they simply don't have fans. They've been playing in a stadium with only 27,000 capacity and haven't been able to sell it out. Bringing in Brady could make a big splash; at the very least the Patriots fans in LA would buy tickets to the games. Bill Simmons might become a Chargers fan.
  7. This is what I mean, it's either a lot of talk amounting to nothing or a lopsided vote probably...
  8. Fez

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    Well, it depends on how you define good writing, which is of course subjective. But subjectively, from what I've heard and the cutscenes I saw, I would not consider RDR2 to be well-written on the whole; even though individual scenes might be very well written.
  9. Fez

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    Haven't played it, not interested in playing it. I was deeply unsatisfied by the first game, nothing about the second game (and I've seen a lot of spoilers) sounds appealing to me. And the actual gameplay seems beyond frustrating.
  10. You're right that it isn't a usual situation, since the vote will definitely be happening. But the issue around the final resolution wasn't to get 4 senators on board, it was to get a rumored 15-20 senators on board. Do Romney/Collins/Murkowski/and a rumored 4th feel so much stronger than the other 15 senators or so that they'll vote for witnesses in defiance of the whole party? Maybe, but I have my doubts. So that's why I think there's either a lot of yes votes or no more than two. I don't know what happens in a 50-50 tie in this case.
  11. Fez

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    I've mostly adjusted to the graphics quality (which certainly aren't bad, its just that in my memory they were still cutting edge), but I'm surprised by the bugs, which I don't know if a mod could address. The worst was that after killing the griffin in White Orchard, there was a bug where only Vesemir's head sans hair appeared in the cutscene floating around. There's been plenty of others too. It does make me a bit sad though that there really hasn't been another AAA game since that is as well-written. Great writing certainly exists in other games, but its almost always indie and small budget titles; which just can't convey the same scope and majesty. Its why the Cyberpunk 2077 (and Dying Light 2 for that matter) delays feel so rough.
  12. I'd be very surprised by a 51-49 vote in favor of witnesses. With the ACA repeal vote as one big exception (which McConnell knew he had to allow a vote on), generally the way these things go is either nothing happens after a lot of talk or so many GOP senators tell McConnell how they strongly they feel that he allows a jailbreak and most of the caucus votes with Democrats (or the vote is just cancelled if its something that would fail).
  13. Fez

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    I saw the two Witcher 3 DLCs on deep discount so I picked them up, realized I didn't want to jump right into them and started the whole game over (I beat it back in 2016). The thing that struck is me that the game looks and feels older than I expected. The writing and voice acting is still fantastic, and the landscapes still look good. But the character models look surprisingly dated, there's all sorts of jank that happens going out of cutscene, and the controls are even clunkier than I remembered. I know the game is almost 5 years old, but it just didn't feel that way in my memory. Time is a hell of a thing. Still, I really enjoyed being back in the world again and I'll keep going.
  14. I've seen the argument, and I find it somewhat compelling, that Bloomberg isn't trying to win at all (though he'd happily become the moderate safeguard if Biden fell apart). Instead, Bloomberg wants to attack Trump, which is what almost all his ads have been doing. As a candidate Bloomberg gets cheaper ad rates, and he can't be dismissed as someone taking potshots from the outside. This read is in line with his promise to spend a huge amount regardless of who the nominee is; he wants to bring down Trump at all costs.
  15. Sure, I think making the transition that extended could greatly ease the shift to such an increased administrative burden. As would allowing the existing Medicaid MCOs and Medicare Advantage companies to be involved with the new system. However, to the best of my knowledge, that is not at all what the left is currently proposing when they talk about M4A.