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  1. Been chatting with a few women through the various apps, haven't really hit it off with anyone else yet though. I've been debating paying Okcupid for a month of premium, to see the 41 unknown 'Likes' sitting there. But a single month is so expensive. And I've been told that Okcupid doesn't restrict who sees your profile based on your preferences for who you see; so a lot of these 'Likes' might be from women I have absolutely no interest in. Like women who are located overseas.
  2. It's a shame Democrats couldn't have made one of the three Republican vote sinks based around his district. Although then again, in a district that red, he'd almost certainly lose a primary anyway.
  3. Sure. But unilateral disarmament, like Democrats have done in too many other states, is beyond fucking stupid.
  4. In a bit good news, Illinois Democrats still know how to play hardball:
  5. Played a bit of The Riftbreaker on Gamepass. It's kinda neat, seems to basically be Factorio with less focus on logistics and more on base defense. Plus a bit of a story campaign. I was hoping for more of a true tower defense game though. My larger issue is the controls. There's both gamepad and M+K. The gamepad works great for combat, but is just as clunky as I worried it'd be for building. Meanwhile, M+K works great for building but caused cramps in my left hand pretty quickly during combat.
  6. I mostly agree with this. And talk about prosecution is moot anyway because Garland won't do it an Biden won't fire Garland. But I'm saying what should've happened is Biden nominate a firebreather AG, and that AG announces the day of her/his confirmation that warrants were being issued for basically everyone in the Trump organization over financial crimes related to the Trump Hotel plus Trump himself for Jan. 6. With additional arrests in the following months as the investigations continued. Ideally, Senate Democrats would also rush to get the AG through too in this scenario. Garland wasn't confirmed until March, but if they played hardball on getting the committees operating properly they could've gotten in January like Austin and Yellen were. Alas, it didn't happen, and I worry Democrats will deeply regret it in a few years. ETA: Also, even if it is too late for Trump, it's not too late for the various advisors that must people haven't heard of. If folks like Eastman saw consequences for their actions, I think it would have a deterrence effect. Whereas right now, every would be-fascist sees what's going on as a freebie. If their overthrow of democracy works out great, and if not they continue on like nothing happened.
  7. No, you can switch between them freely. I don't however, because I don't like how RTWP feels even in the trash fights. But the price I pay is the game being at least 50% longer.
  8. The way to solve this problem is clear. Most of the people who would organize and lead such an effort have already committed federal crimes, either related to Jan 6. or to the 2016 election. Indict, arrest, and prosecute them all. Sure you'll still have feckless fucks like Rubio and Hawley out there, that likely haven't committed any crimes yet. But they are less likely to act in the future in this scenario because 1) Trumpworld won't be able to edge them on, and 2) They'll see that there are real consequences to future lawbreaking, including potentially to members of Congress; like Gosar, who probably is a criminal. The judicial system can be preventative as well as punitive under the right circumstances; now's the time to use it. And if it doesn't work out, well, at least Democrats could honestly say they tried their best.
  9. I'm not saying DOJ shouldn't be independent, it absolutely should be. But the AG is nominated by the President, and Biden should've nominated an AG who was going to follow the law wherever it led. That is the only norm that matters anymore. And soon it won't either if Republicans are left unchecked.
  10. This is my point though. Garland absolutely should not be following the norms right now, Republicans sure don't. All he should follow is the law; if Trump committed crimes (and it seems clear he did, on so many different fronts) he should be charged. Let the chips fall where they may.
  11. Bring charges against Trump. Fuck the norms, it's time to go all in; he committed crimes and needs to be brought to justice before he can do further damage.
  12. Here's a question I saw being asked the other day, why has the House still not voted on the Endless Frontiers Act/the United States Innovation and Competition Act? It passed the Senate 68-32 back in May and provides $250 billion in new funding for various research, development, and technology expansion initiatives. Sure Republicans watered it down from the original vision, but it still does a lot anyway. And I've never heard about it being tied to the reconciliation bill or the BIF at all. This was always talked about as a separate piece of legislation.
  13. Yikes: Combine with this story, about how Sinema is not in contact with almost any of her old allies and friends: I'm thinking there's a low, but non-zero chance, that she flips parties. Especially if Republicans take the majority on their own in 2022. Granted, 2024 is ways away; and if she gets on board in the end at least some of the current anger will disappear. But still.
  14. Yeah, to give an example of one I actually beat (because I didn't realize the rewards were so low): It was the final dungeon of Act 2; my party was level 9. This boss was level 30 (granted monster levels work different from character levels, but still). It could wipe out all my melee characters in a single turn if they were in range. Its armor class was so high I could only hit on a natural 20 for 5 of my 6 characters; plus it had damage reduction. Its touch defense was so high I could only hit on a 15+ on my 3 characters that could do touch attacks. Its reflex and fortitude saving throws only failed on 1; but it's will saving throw would fail on a 5 or worse. Also, it was immune to most status effects. After a couple reloads, I realized that it wasn't immune to baleful polymorph, a will status effect that is permanent and prevents an enemy from attacking. However, to cast it, I needed to make sure my wizard had a higher initiative to ensure she went first; and then the boss needed to roll a 5 or worse on its saving throw. I must've reloaded at least 7 or 8 more times until it happened. And then, even though I wasn't in danger anymore, the boss still had all its HP and all its defenses. To speed things up, I switched the game from turn-based to real-time, set everyone to attack auto-attack, and left the game running to go make lunch. When I got back 5 minutes later, the boss was nearly dead; and it was finished shortly after that. That's not fun game design. That's just boring attrition. I'm sure there's other ways to win than baleful polymorph, but I suspect all of them are just as slow and unreliable. But as I said, these fights are all optional and don't give anything besides an achievement. The only trick is realizing when you're about to encounter one so you can avoid them. But that's not too hard. I think there's 8, and I'm in Act V and only encountered 3 of them, so I think most are well-hidden. Also, they are all in side areas and all have unique names, but not names that you've encountered in the story at all.
  15. His polling seems to be sitting around 40% in NYC; which is bad considering how Democratic the city is. OTOH, 40% of the NYC population is about 17% of the state population. If those 40% really like him, and I have no idea if they do, and if he can pick up just a bit of upstate support, he could slink through if the field is divided enough. If there's 5 or 6 credible candidates, 25% might be all the winner needs. Granted, if the field is divided enough, I assume Hochul wins just on the strength of folks that don't care/aren't engaged and automatically vote for the incumbent.
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