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  1. Disappointing loss by the Jets, but I thought the team overall actually played pretty well. It was inconsistent QB play, and two killer interceptions, that did them in. But that's life with a rookie QB. And now they have to play a Thursday road game. Against a Browns team that despite not winning yet is definitely showing some signs of life. Because their first game was a Monday, it'll be the Jets 3rd game in 11 days. Not the best recipe for success.
  2. Fez

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    I mostly only pay attention to Buffalo basketball these years, but I was pleased to see that our football team is apparently 3-0 for the first time in team history. It's been 5 years since our last bowl game, and they've been pretty forgettable seasons. So with no easy way to watch the games, my main contribution to team spirit has been reminding people that Khalil Mack went to Buffalo and rooting for him to keep tearing through the NFL.
  3. Fez

    NFL 2018 Week 1: From Wentz You Came

    I can't remember, has there been a real analysis of whether the Thursday night game road teams do far worse than anyone else? Insanely short week, having to travel, etc.
  4. Fez

    NFL 2018 Week 1: From Wentz You Came

    I hate going game-by-game through the schedule, but I just did. I see 5 games where the Jets will be clear underdogs, probably by a wide margin: the two Patriots games, vs.Packers (assuming Rodgers plays), vs.Vikings, and @Jaguars. The other 10 though? That's one of the easier schedules in the league. I can pretty easily see an 8-8 season for them from here.
  5. Fez

    NFL 2018 Week 1: From Wentz You Came

    For sure. But those were question marks before the game. The Jets have a long history of bad QBs and the Jets defense has not been the thing of beauty it was a few years ago. So just getting those things right is enough to get -3 at home against an also unknown but probably not good Dolphins team. I'm gonna push back on saying the Jets will suck this year though. I don't think they'll win the division, that isn't happening until Brady's arm falls off, but the whole AFC looks weak enough that a competent Darnold and good defense could be enough to sneak to the 6 seed. Its way too early to say for sure which teams will suck. Except the Bills. They suck.
  6. Virginia is mostly Democratic statewide, but its Republican districts to the south that are most likely to get hit by Florence. And North Carolina is a mostly Republican state with a Democratic governor, filled with Representatives like Mark Meadows. South Carolina, beyond just being Republican, has a Governor who was one of the first to endorse Trump (not that that necessarily means anything, look at Sessions). Trump screws over his own voters in countless unseen (by them) ways, but he does like making big public showings of support for them; usually, but not always, via corruption (like those subsidies to some of farmers hit by tariffs). Puerto Rico wasn't his voters, Houston wasn't his voters, this is his voters. Also, he owns a golf course in Charlotte.
  7. Florence is hitting the Carolinas and southern Virginia eight weeks before an election, with several vulnerable Republican incumbents in the area needing to shore up voter support for Trump (there's been an extremely strong correlation between Trump approval ratings and Republican vote share in most special elections and polls). They will be sounding the drumbeat for a strong Federal response, especially with Trump putting himself on the line by saying the Federal government was ready and that the Maria response was "great" (Many voters in the area haven't paid attention to Puerto Rico, but will pay attention to what happens directly to them). So even if its not for the right reasons, hopefully there will be a concentrated, well-funded recovery effort.
  8. Fez

    NFL 2018 Week 1: From Wentz You Came

    Home team by -3 is basically the default Vegas line when the sports books don't yet what to make of a team(s). There were a ton of possibilities for this Jets season going in to, and most are still open. The Lions game suggests that "terrible growing pains season from hell for a super young team" is probably not what's going to happen, but no way to tell yet if the Jets are good. Meanwhile, the Dolphins were supposed to be pretty bad as well, but that Titans game was so screwy that its impossible to get a read on what actually happened there.
  9. Fez

    NFL 2018 Week 1: From Wentz You Came

    Some things never change for the the Jets. I've been inured to it for a long time. He has looked relatively good since the pick-6 though; at least on the Jets QB scale.
  10. I saw Searching out at movie theaters. I really enjoyed it. The plot wasn't too special, though it had some decent twists. John Cho was quite good, when he was actually on screen. The thing about the movie is that it entirely takes place on computer and phone screens, there's not a single standard camera shot in the entire movie. And it actually works really well, better than Unfriended did a few years ago.
  11. Fez

    Oscar News: Popular Film Category

    Follow-up: The new category won't be at the next Oscars. The Academy says creating a new category nine months into the year "creates challenges for films," and says they want further discussions and inputs from their members. I suspect the category will never see the light day.
  12. Fez

    U.S. Politics: A Song Of Mimes And Musicians

    I think its important to not get too hyped over the op-ed. Its entirely possible its some frustrated mid-level senate approved deputy director or assistant secretary who is trying to ease their guilt, or because some unflattering stuff may be about to come out about them in the Woodward book. Or it could be someone from the DC/NYC establishment social scene who doesn't want to permanently ostracized and is expecting their name to come out soon. Or someone from DoD (all the foreign policy references) who doesn't pay attention to how media cycles work and didn't expect any major blowback reaction from Trump. It's also possible the author is simply trying to show establishment Republicans that adults are in the room and there's no need to panic and vote Democratic in November. Or its a false-flag op-ed from a true believer who wants to cause a crackdown in the West Wing. It also could be the start of a plan to remove Trump. But that's far from the only, or most likely, explanation.
  13. If someone has a large enough DVD collection, I think its totally reasonable for them to not have invested in upgrading all of it to Blu-Ray yet. Hell, my mom still has a couple hundred VHS tapes she watches regularly. Although, in fairness, a lot of those are old movies taped off TCM and the like and were never released for sale at all.
  14. Fez

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    I thought Cavill was pretty solid in the latest Mission Impossible movie. I haven't seen much else of his work, but if he's capable of hitting that level of enjoyable competence, it'll be plenty. So long as there's a solid supporting cast, presumably of veteran British stage actors like every other fantasy show and movie. I wonder if a lot of the negative opinion of Cavill comes from his DC Universe movies, which, considering all their other problems, don't seem like a fair place to judge acting ability from.
  15. Interesting thoughts on Supernatural. It sounds a bit like if its a show I stick with it may eventually end up being a second screen show while I play a mechanics-heavy video game on my main screen. Though even 5 full seasons of quality is pretty rare from TV shows, especially the 20+ episode season shows.