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  1. Ended up picking up a few more Steam sale games because the prices were so good: Devil May Cry 5, Skyrim Special Edition, FFXV, Prey, Yakuza 2, and Oxygen Not Included. So far I've only played a bit of Skyrim. First time I've touched the game since the 360 days, when I put in well over 200 hours in the game. I downloaded a ton of recommended mods and, yeah, its Skyrim. The mods do make the game look a bit nicer, and maybe there's a lot more content (I've only just gotten to Whiterun), but it still feels like that game I played 9 years ago. It's a good game, no doubt, but I'm not sure why its still such a massively popular game all these years later.
  2. Also the tariffs and trade wars. Most corporate Republicans hate those, and that's a Trump special all on his own. President Kasich, Cruz, or Rubio wouldn't be bothering with them.
  3. I'm going to take the high route and just say that your viewpoint expressed here is atrociously fucking stupid, and not make any comments about you as a person. Change, real lasting change, happens when you convince the moderate center to go along with it. When you convince the apolitical, the nonpolitical, and the usually contented to go along with it. Revolutions (or, less dramatically, policy movements) supported only by students, professors, or the upper middle class fail; it's when they starting convincing broad swathes of the working class and middle class to join in that they succeed. And the way you get that mass of people on your side is to be "reasonable" and moderate as possible, while casting your opposition as the radical threat to their way of life, and while making sure you don't threaten any of the cultural touchstones that create their identity. And by incrementally moving the terms of the debate towards your goal, so that what was once radical becomes mainstream and accepted. And in terms of today. Yes. If you want to accomplish any policy success in the United States in the next four years, you're going to need the support of at least some of the people that voted for Trump in 2016. Not a huge amount; but a few. Except those conservatives have been extremely incremental, just in the opposite direction of what you'd like. Almost everything that Republicans have successfully done since Trump took office is the logical progression of 40 years of Republicans incrementally changing the terms of debate on issues, gaining and maintaining control of state governments, and appointing conservative justices. None of it came out of nowhere. They had everything lined up and waiting for when they had the opportunity to act; with the public on board for a lot it (at least the economic side). Trump through a wrench into things by being so unpopular and by trying to force issues where all this careful work hadn't been done. But as of right now, it looks like he'll be drummed out of office in a few months without accomplishing anything longterm that the Republican party wasn't already on board for.
  4. I would assume that they were going to build the character creator anyway as a way of creating all the minor NPCs in the game. Adding a player-friendly UI to it probably isn't that big a lift, and people love their character creators. It's a good low-effort selling point, especially with the number of people who don't realize how rarely they'll actually see the characters But I entirely agree with your point. And yeah, I'm okay on the gameplay being first person. In the Bethesda games I almost always did combat first person; I'd switch to third person when walking around towns though.
  5. 1. They reached those levels of power because of the stances they had. 2. Nearly everything Robespierre did was undone shortly after he died and there was an emperor followed by a restored monarchy. Thiers created a republic that lasted 70 years until the Nazis defeated them. Also, Robespierre did implement the reign of terror. So if we're talking about net positive good for people, you gotta keep that in place. 3. Sure Bismarck was a moderate. After unifying Germany he did his utmost to maintain the political status quo in Europe, the definition of a moderate, to keep peace. He also implemented a variety of successful social programs that significantly improved life for the average Germany people; things like sickness insurance, accident insurance, and disability insurance. German emigration to the United States significantly declined after these programs went into effect. And he did this over the objections of more conservative politicians, but he was certainly no socialist. 4. I'd argue that Stanton significantly set back the movement through some of her actions. Not ones that would be considered more radical at the time (like driving a wedge between white women and minority women), but it is part of her legacy. 5. On the spectrum of Senate Republicans, McConnell is far more moderate than most of them. He doesn't care about libertarianism, or Trumpism, or conservative orthodoxy; he just cares about keep power. He is willing to cut deals with Democrats whenever he thinks it is in his interest to do so. And he will always get to keep as a footnote in his biography that he was the deciding senate vote against a constitutional amendment to criminalize flag bruning.
  6. Who accomplished more? Teddy Roosevelt or Robert M. La Follette? Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine? Adolphe Thiers or Maximilien Robespierre? Otto von Bismarck or Kaiser Wilhelm II? Carrie Chapman Catt or Elizabeth Cady Stanton? And on the negative side, who did more damage? John Boehner or Ron Paul? Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz? Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater? Being closer to the center, wherever that may be, being perceived as the moderate option, not upsetting too many people at any one time, and pushing slowly but forever, that's how to accomplish lasting change.
  7. And I didn't like it in the Bethesda games either. I played as much as possible of Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas in that janky third-person mode they had. And I really like The Witcher 3/Mass Effect/Dragon Age style of conversation cutscenes. Perform for me you digital actors! I don't care about exploring the room or whatever while dialog is happening. I want lengthy conversations where I don't do anything except absorb the information being given, and maybe even feel an emotion if the writing is really good. And I want to see my digital avatar's reaction to that information happen up on the screen; none of this headcanon nonsense.
  8. Sorry to be such a harbinger of bad news. But at least I wasn't alone in not knowing this was the case, and also that I'm alone in being super disappointed by it. V is fully voiced so that's something at least. But apparently CDPR wanted you to be able to move and look around during dialog, even just walk away, so they needed to keep you in the gameplay mode of first person for all that. Also, I don't know if this true, but I did see some speculation that there may still be a handful of true cutscenes, which would be third person; but that almost everything that we'd think of as cutscenes in a game like The Witcher 3, such as all the conversations, would be in gameplay mode. And you will see your character in mirrors, inventory menus, and when driving a motorcycle. It all just really sucks. Even an option like Skyrim's janky 3rd person camera would've be something.
  9. Considering that privileged white people got to the place they are in through centuries of incrementalism to create and maintain the power structures that are currently in place; maybe there's a reason for that. Radicalism can led to initial big changes, but there's usually a pretty massive reactionary snapback; which often creates a new status quo even worse than what was in place before.
  10. There's a strong argument to be made that in most circumstances incrementalism accomplishes far more long-term change than radicalism. And moderates tend to favor incrementalism more than others; ergo, center-left moderates have accomplished more to improve society than the far left.
  11. Hooray! Just 15 more years Bobby. Keep getting them checks!
  12. Somehow I missed until yesterday the news that CDPR announced almost a year ago that they were scrapping the plan to have the cutscenes in Cyberpunk2077 be third-person. Instead basically the entire game (except for driving, which can be either) will be first-person only. Gotta say, this significantly dampens my excitement for the game. I was okay with the gameplay being first person, but I was really expecting the story moments to still be third person. And it doesn't matter how many mirrors they put in the game, it just isn't the same. Ah well. Mean time, I'm deep into a game I'm still excited for, Persona 4 Golden. It's now late December in the game, and at this point I only have left whatever extra content Golden added and the final dungeon. I haven't been using a guide at all; except to make sure I gave the right answers at the section needed to avoid the bad ending. Even though I once watched the entire Giant Bomb endurance run of the original game (not Golden) I'm still having a ton of fun playing it myself.
  13. How is Singapore doing these days? I know they had that migrant worker outbreak after previously having everything under control, but havent heard anything since. I ask because doesnt Singapore have a huge percentage of their buildings with AC? At levels basically only found in the US I thought. So I'm wondering if they're doing substantially worse than the countries around them at this point because of that.
  14. I guess that's good. Since she has so much money raised that she can probably force McConnell to spend more on his own race rather than giving quite as much to others. But his Senate Leadership Fund has so much cash that it probably doesn't matter, and he should easily win (just like he would against Booker).
  15. What a life Reiner had. Living through the Great Depression, serving during WWII, and then an entertainment career that spanned eight(!!) decades; from military shows in the '40s through TV acting and voice work in the '10s. And this is the last known photo of him, from a few days ago:
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