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  1. Fez

    Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3

    It's a real good looking trailer. And even if it weren't, I'd still be excited. I have trust in the show after how good its been so far. I don't think its confirmed that Zachary Levi is or isn't in Season 3. From the trailer, if he is in it I don't think its a very big part. But I don't think there's been a definitive statement on it. It seems like a pretty big thread from Season 2 to just completely drop though; even if the signs are clear that their relationship was on the rocks.
  2. I don't know anything about Feige's workflow process, but I hope he has people working for him that he trusts completely; because between this and the Star Wars movie he's involved with, I don't see how he'd have the bandwidth to ensure quality control on everything.
  3. Fez

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    Yeah, the Epic store is incredibly frustrating to navigate still and lacks a lot of basic features (like Wishlists). That said, it works perfectly fine if you know exactly what game you're looking for. And the different free game they offer every week (two weeks? I can't remember) is right at the top of the store page; it isn't buried away.
  4. Fez

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    So I found the product key in my windows registry, but it didn't work. No idea why, but I just kept getting the error message that it was an invalid key. I called Microsoft and eventually got through to a person who, after I provided her with my proof of my purchase from 2014 of Windows and my receipt from Saturday of the new motherboard, generated a new product key for me for free. That key worked, my Windows is activated again, and hopefully I'm finally done with tech issue for a while and can get back to just playing games. As a bonus, I got a free copy of The Outer Worlds (once it launches) and three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC from AMD for buying one of their CPUs (the Ryzen 5 3600X). I was almost certainly going to buy The Outer Worlds anyway, so that's a nice savings for me.
  5. Fez

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    PC is fixed, works great. I played a little bit of Code Vein. That's a hell of a character creator. I've run into a new problem though. I need to re-activate my Windows 10 license. When I try following the set directions to do so after replacing hardware, I just keeping getting an error message that the Windows activation servers are unavailable and I should try again later. I called customer support and they said I need to re-enter my old product key. Now I never bought Windows 10, I bought Windows 7 around 5 years ago and did the free upgrade to Windows 10. Customer support said I can use the Windows 7 product key, but I have no idea what that key is anymore. Apparently my records aren't very good. Is there anywhere that that key might've been saved? It's the same SSD as before and Windows is still running on it, just not activated. And I have a Microsoft account that was linked to the previous version of the computer. Is there some file or account page buried somewhere that would've saved the key? I really don't fancy paying $140 for a new key after already shelling out $750 this week on the computer.
  6. Fez

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    Well, apparently I need to buy a new motherboard and CPU, which will also require replacing my RAM and upgrading my power supply. Time to do a bunch of research on the latest Intel and AMD stuff and decide just how much future-proofing I want to do. At least my GTX-1070 is still fine, as are the SSD and HDs, and the cooling system. Plus the cables.
  7. I'd be all in on Robin and Steve spin-off show though. Hell, they could even keep Dustin as a recurring character.
  8. Fez

    Trailer Thread VI

    I would've believed Justin Lin. And I think I would've been more excited if it was.
  9. What about the third season? I suspect the show actually has a relatively limited shelf life. Unless the Duffer brothers both 1) want to keep making it, 2) are willing to make pretty big changes to the show, and 3) the audience is okay with those changes. And I'm not convinced any of those statements are true.
  10. Fez

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    In the wake of yet more PC issues, I finally took the plunge of bringing it in to Microcenter. The tech I was talking too agreed that based on what I said it mostly like is the motherboard, but they'll do a full diagnostic check of everything. If it is the motherboard, my board is too old to be straight replaced; I'll need to upgrade. And upgrading will mean new RAM (since I have DDR3 still) and a new CPU. I don't have a huge problem with that, I was thinking it was probably time to upgrade my CPU anyway. But this is going to be an expense I wasn't necessarily looking forward to having this soon. Fun times. Also apparently Microcenter is so backed up it could be until Friday evening before they even get to the diagnostic check. Guess I'll have some time to get through my backlog of books.
  11. Fez

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I'll check out Imperator eventually. I got scared off by how middling it sounded at launch, so if there's been major changes and more coming that sounds good to me. Meantime, I'm still playing Gears 5, Greedfall, and FFXIV. So I'll be busy for a long time. I'm curious about Code Vein, and how much it lives up to the "anime Dark Souls" moniker some people have given it; the reviews seemed pretty divided.
  12. He killed two slaves and a free African American at Harper's Ferry, as well as several white people who weren't slave owners.
  13. He's right though. It wasn't just slavers that Brown killed. Just because his cause was right doesn't mean his methods were.
  14. Fez

    Trailer Thread VI

    Knives Out continues to look really good.
  15. Fez

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    More than halfway through the Shadowbringers expansion of FFXIV. It's good, but the game is always good, and I don't quite get the people who were claiming it was the best JRPG in years or making other, similar statements. It's completely solid though. No complaints. I also picked up Gears 5. I didn't play Judgment or 4, so it's been a while for me. I think it's a fun game though. I'm still pretty early in the campaign, but it seems like a surprisingly good one and the game is simply gorgeous, both in graphics and art design. Horde Mode is fun too, though I wish it were shorter. Mass Effect 3 remains the pinnacle of co-op shooter multiplayer and that's an old game now. And I picked up Greedfall. I'm about 6 hours in, and I think its a pretty decent RPG. It reminds me of the Larian Studios' games before they stumbled upon success with DO:S, and is a huge step up from Spiders' earlier games. There's a fair amount of jank, but nothing unplayable and all the systems seem to be working. The main thing to know about the game though is that it's a fantasy world inspired by 17th century colonial Europe. And, after the starter area, you are at a colony in the new world (and the new world is 95% of the world map, so I assume the rest of the game is there), complete with rival colonial powers and an oppressed native population. I've heard conflicting stories about whether the game properly engages with the legacy of real world colonialism, but that's not why I'm bringing up the setting. The thing to know is that Spiders' made a relatively realistic world and this is an RPG in the true sense of the word. You are an extremely privileged member of a colonial society and spend your time in the game playing that role accordingly. In my 6 hours, I've spent maybe 15 minutes in combat, the rest has been talking to people and solving relatively mundane quests. At least 4 hours have been spent trying to root out corruption in the mercenary army that serves your country (you're the nephew or niece of the ruler). Which isn't hard to do from a mechanical perspective, it's mostly just a matter of going to various people with yellow exclamations and clicking through all their dialog options. I've seen a lot of people describe the game as dull, but I think of it more as a slow burn. And at least some quests give you multiple options in how to resolve them (maybe most do, I'm still in the middle of three big side quests that started the moment I reached the colony). The writing is solid and there clearly is a grander plot to uncover, there's been way too much foreshadowing and Chekov's items for there not to be. Also, the voice acting is really quite good, which a big plus for me. Shame that the lip syncing is terrible. It maybe isn't worth $50, but RPGs are so rare these days that I feel justified in supporting developers still making them. And I'm hoping this is a sign of better things to come from Spiders. It's their biggest and best game so far, and, judging from Steam at least, their biggest hit too. I'm hoping this is their Witcher II and that their next game will be something special. It's not as good as Witcher II, but its a similar leap in quality from their previous games as Witcher II was from Witcher I.