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  1. Worth noting though that countries on the upswing currently, like the US, France, Italy, and Israel only saw increases in cases starting around mid-June, or even later than that. Whereas in the UK the increase started in late-May; the UK could simply be further along the curve than the others. And India even further along then that; COVID cases there have cratered from the peak in May. The raw number of cases is still high, due both to the population size and low vaccination availability, but it's been a major improvement.
  2. He's not '60s/'70s era John Waters-levels of weird, but I think David Lynch is still a pretty weird guy. Not a lot of filmmakers could or would make something like Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive. Also, what about Sting?
  3. Whoops. Yeah, I meant the SyFy miniseries. I never played the Dune 2000 RTS, it came out during an interim period where I didn't have a PC capable of playing anything.
  4. I've got a real soft spot for the Lynch movie; especially whichever weird cut it was that my parents rented from the local video store back in the '90s. I generally thought it was weird and interesting in the right ways, and I never had that much reverence for the books so I was fine with most of the changes. Though I agree that I probably like it more for its weirdness than for it being a cinematic experience. I didn't like Dune 2000 at all, thought it was way too bland. I played the hell out of the DUNE II RTS game back in the day. Almost always played as the Harkonnens though; their special tank and missile attack thing were so OP. I don't think I could ever go back to it though, it's missing so many QoL features of modern games. Plus I suck at RTS games these years. Anyway, that new trailer looks dope as hell.
  5. Not a chance that the Biden administration is going to get into a health care fight before the midterms, aka the thing that helped sink Democrats the last two times they had the trifecta.
  6. I assume that's looking at US fans only? Because I would think Canadian NHL fans would ensure that it has the most liberal fanbase overall.
  7. Wasn't really a choice. Damon and Affleck co-wrote the screenplay along with someone else and they were announced as being part of the project along with Ridley Scott right from the get-go when it left development hell. Damon seems fine though, as does Adam Driver. Affleck is the only one who seems out of place in the trailer. Regardless, I'm looking forward to it for sure.
  8. Well, I've beaten Mass Effect Andromeda. Albeit I probably skipped more than half the content. But I did all the "Allies and Relationships" missions and all the main stories on each planet, in addition to the main quest line, so I think I got a pretty good taste of everything. In the end, I think that's a completely solid 8/10 game. And its one that gets significantly better the deeper into it you go. The final mission and ending is definitely an area where it seems like they looked at ME3 and took some real lessons learned to heart. The final mission is long, epic, and reflects your major choices from throughout the game. All the allies you made show up to help, both in cutscenes and as actual ally NPCs. It feels like a really good culmination of things. And then, after the ending, there's a fully playable epilogue where you can talk to your crew and a few other people, read a bunch of new emails, and get some DLC hooks that unfortunately never materialized. And then after the epilogue, all the major NPCs throughout the game have at least a few lines to acknowledge what you've done. And there's also at least 3 (maybe more, that's just the number I got) short, non-combat quests providing capstones to some of the emotional arcs of the game. All in all, it was almost 2 hours after I finished the last fight that I actually turned off the game. It was a really good note to end on. Next up, after I get back from vacation I may turn to Monster Hunter Stories 2. Or possibly Cris Tales. I still need to get back to Scarlet Nexus to finish that up too.
  9. Tom Brady has apparently decided it no longer makes financial sense to be pro-Trump...
  10. Among the asshole gamers, I think gender is a bigger hangup than race. See just how angry they get at the idea of playing as a woman in time period games, since it "breaks historical realism." Although, maybe its more because there's been a bigger push for gender diversity than racial diversity in gaming so far; so it just comes up more.
  11. I'm not sure if this is true, but I always got the sense that the game was originally designed for Emily to be the only protagonist. And then they added Corvo in when they got concerned that some players wouldn't want to play as a woman. But the story just makes so much more sense to play as Emily.
  12. The latest 40K game had it too, and that's only an AA game. I think wall running, and mobility options in general, are only going to get more widespread in FPS games. Unfortunately it only really works well with mouse and keyboard, and I'm a controller-only player.
  13. Pretty sure they've got diamond mines, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's an industry (at least luxury diamonds, not industrial ones) where the US still has a larger presence than China. Also, a map I'd be more interested in is showing which countries the US or China is the #1 trade partner, versus it being another country entirely. Like, China edging out the US in trade with Germany seems like a big deal, but are either anywhere close to the amount of trade Germany has with France or Italy?
  14. Played a lot more ME: Andromeda, and I'm pretty sure I'll see it through to the end this time (although I am going on vacation starting this Wednesday, and even with great games I can have trouble getting back into them if I don't play them for a while). I am having fun, although large sections of the game have become a podcast game; which just feels wrong. But roaming around the planets is straight up boring on it own; and that's even with me skipping a huge number of the side quests. There is some good fun to be had in the game though. Since the combat itself is fun I'm enjoying the bigger combat sections. And I'm glad I gave the squad and ship crew a second chance, since I think some of them are actually pretty good characters. Vetra in particular is right up there with the writing quality of someone from Shepard's crew. The only ones that are actually bad are Cora and Gil. Liam's a whiny asshole, but I think it's on purpose since everyone calls him out on it regularly. Which is an interesting choice for a party member. Makes it hard to care about him, but it is interesting to see what fuckup he'll do next. I think Ryder herself is a good character, who is on a believable arc from an in-over-her-head rookie to a confident leader. And I do keep finding cool lore, some of which is also well written. I think the Ryder Family Secrets quest would hold up with anything from the original trilogy. Not the open world aspect of triggering each section of it, but the sections themselves back at the Nexus. And I suspect some of this stuff will in fact tie in to the next Mass Effect game, assuming it isn't all answered in ME:A itself (and my understanding is that it's not). Stuff like: If you don't like the ME:A gameplay or hate all the writing, I don't think it's at all worth playing through the game to learn that stuff first hand (though those handful moments that direct reference the original games did give me chills). But they are some pretty cool hooks for the next game I think, even if it's a direct sequel to the OT and set entirely in the Milky Way. And since I am overall enjoying the game, I'm glad I learned that all first-hand (I didn't play long back in 2017 to reach any of that).
  15. The issue with discussing the ME3 endings in detail is:
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