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  1. Paizo, in collaboration with a bunch of other publishers, has announced they're creating a new open license, the Open RPG Creative license (ORC). https://paizo.com/community/blog/v5748dyo6si7v?Paizo-Announces-SystemNeutral-Open-RPG-License It's a pretty long statement, but the key bit (after a bunch of slamming WOTC) is:
  2. Been really struggling to find a game that captures my interest for the past couple months. I dropped DarkTide pretty quickly after realizing how little content there actually is right now. Dropped Persona 5 Royal a while ago due to frustration with the writing. Tried and dropped a bunch of indie games not worth going through. Pretty much the only game that's kept my interest is Vampire Survivors, which I hadn't played in almost a year and has a ton of new content. And also there's Immortality, the recent Sam Barlow FMV game; which I've been playing through with my girlfriend. I'm hoping the new Fire Emblem is good, because it looks like it'll be a couple more months before anything else decent comes along (unless Forspoken ends up surprising us all). I'm worried though about all the past Fire Emblem heroes being in the game. That seems like a recipe for bad writing that is just there for fan service.
  3. Maybe it's a UK vs US thing? I've never been in a game where there were actual, physical minis.
  4. To me this feels like a solved problem, they just need to take a page from Games Workshop. E.g., regularly release supplemental rules that are written up in books filled with artwork and additional lore. Publish player versions of campaign books, which might have things like write-ups of basic background info that any in-world person might know, maps of public locations (like a street map of Waterdeep), and other non-spoiler content. Sell higher quality supplemental stuff, like metal dice. They could even try pushing minis more; which will never be fundamental to the game, like they are for Warhammer, but it seems like almost no one besides streamers actually use them right now. Hasbro's problem, which others have pointed out, is that they don't want to put in any work. All the best content, even all the okay-to-decent content, is third-party; the official campaigns suck. And the best tools, like D&D Beyond, were made by outside developers and eventually bought by Hasbro. Roll20, which feels vital to playing online, is still independent.
  5. Subpoenas are the big one. The House can do all sorts of investigations (and "investigations") on its own. Also impeachments. Yeah, you need the senate to convict. But if, say, DHS Sec. Mayorkas gets impeached (articles have already been introduced) it's a big hassle/distraction until the senate acquits. And they can both file lawsuits and submit court briefs on their own. Last time Republicans had the House majority they made the House party to several Obamacare-related lawsuits.
  6. And there was almost just a real fight on the floor. Mike Rogers had to be pulled back from charging Gaetz, and then stormed out of the chamber. Seems like maybe you do. But anyway, how does he get agreement between the sides on what should be in the placeholder package if he can't pass the original package?
  7. It literally is the difference. The senate's old rules continue to operate until new ones are passed; whereas the House's expire when they adjourn sine die.
  8. Difference is that the senate is a continuing body, so it continued to operate under the previous organizing resolution. Which was bad for Democrats, since it meant that the committees still operated as if there was a Republican majority. But it did mean that the senate could technically function.
  9. Lol, the "moderate" GOP rebellion may actually be happening. Not necessarily against McCarthy on the Speakership, but on the rules package immediately afterwards: I honestly don't know what happens if there is a Speaker but there isn't a rules package (whereas without a Speaker the House can only do what it's done the past 4 days). Maybe the House just functions under general parliamentary procedure until a rules package does pass?
  10. Harris just flipped, not sure if he got his bribe already or decided he didn't want to part of the absolute fringe. But that's getting things awfully close for McCarthy.
  11. I assume nothing. McCarthy won't always be able to ensure such high attendance of his conference and there will likely be plenty of times he doesn't have a numerical majority without the holdouts. If they get punished I could certainly ones like Gaetz voting with Democrats on procedural stuff (never actual bills of course) simply to fuck with him.
  12. As far as I know, no. He's given away committee spots to the HFC, including the all-important Rules Committee. But all reporting so far is that the gavels themselves will still be assigned by seniority.
  13. Well, Ken Buck missed the vote today but will be back, so McCarthy's really at 215 now. That's close enough to keep trying and maybe sneak through if enough Dems or any of those 7 miss a vote (it seem 1 Dem did miss this last one). Also, if none of McCarthy's supporters abandoned him yet, despite giving away the farm to the HFC, I doubt they'll blink as he gives away enormous bribes to 3 of the 7 (e.g., key committee gavels). Some of them, like Harris, seem likely to accept that. I don't know if 5 of them are truly "never Kevin no matter what".
  14. If this doesn't cause some of McCarthy's support to flip against him, I'm not sure anything will..
  15. What a long strange history the Bradley Fighting Vehicle has had. Once upon a time it was considered so ridiculous, and its development so troubled, that it ended up being the subject of a 1998 comedy starring Cary Elwes.
  16. If he makes no progress today I suspect he's done, but if he does peel off a few votes I think he gets to keep going at least through the weekend. Even though there doesn't really appear to be a plan to appease the 8ish "Never Kevins" (e.g., Gaetz). And the rumor last night was that there might be anywhere up to 4 McCarthy supporters who miss the votes today, which makes the math slightly harder still for McCarthy. It lowers the majority threshold by 2, but lowers his vote total by 4.
  17. I say 100%. He'll be safe because there won't be anything to do. He can powerlessly sit in the chair while endless fever dream bills pass the House and the committees do pointless investigations. It's only when a tough vote comes up that he'll collapse, which won't be until the debt ceiling standoff in the summer.
  18. There needs to be a LOT more pain and suffering before we get to the (still very unlikely) Aaron Sorkin ending. Including other candidates, like Steve Scalise, failing multiple rounds of votes. I'm fairly confident this is at least going into next week. Because the thing is, there's no pressing need for the House to do anything. The government is funded until Sept 30, the debt ceiling won't be an issue until the summer, and the Senate's in recess anyway until Jan 23. There's no real incentive for anyone to fold on anything (except McCarthy, who's folded on everything and has gotten nothing for it).
  19. They only did yesterday because 2 Democrats missed the vote (though in fairness, 2 Republicans did too). I suspect they don't have the votes right now, otherwise they would've already adjourned.
  20. Funnily enough, the open rules that the crazies want would heavily empower House Democrats as well and make it much more likely that a clean debt ceiling passes. The wouldn't need to wait for McCarthy/GOP Speaker to bring anything to the floor or need procedural votes (like discharge petitions) that never work. They could just propose an amendment on any random, unobjectionable bill (like naming a post office) and it'd probably pass thanks to the dozen or so House Republicans that don't want to play games with the debt ceiling. It would also mean that House Democrats could force swing district House Republicans to take tough votes, like on protecting abortion access.
  21. Debbie Stabenow has announced she won't run for re-election in 2024, so I guess new Michigan resident Mayor Pete has his opening already.
  22. From what I've read, it likely happened automatically. There wasn't any permanent law or regulation that the metal detectors be there, it was just a rule from last session. And that rule, like every other one, expired at 11:30am on Jan. 3. So there was no authorization for the detectors to be there and they were simply removed by facilities.
  23. It means the most to new members. Their staff aren't actually staff until they get sworn in. Which means they don't have official email accounts, office badges, parking permits, anything. Returning staff for returning members at least still have all that from last session. Although nobody is getting paid yet. And since no one is on committees yet, there's no committee staff yet. Which pushes back the timeline for functionally anything to occur, even pointless investigations of Hunter Biden.
  24. It's not just Ohio, some crazy stuff just went down in the Pennsylvania legislature today too. As a reminder, Dems won a 102-101 majority in November, but 1 Dem died and 2 resigned so the GOP has a nominal 101-99 majority until the 3 special elections are held (which are all expected to be easy Dem holds). One is scheduled for Feb. 23 and the other 2 aren't scheduled yet. So with that background, no one knew what today would bring with the new legislature sworn in. Well, after hours of who-knows-what talks on the floor, a back-bencher Democrat was just elected Speaker with all 99 Democrats and 16 Republicans voting for him. And said back-bencher has announced they will become an independent and not caucus with either party. It's an Aaron Sorkin plot come to life! After the 3 special elections are held, maybe Dems try again to get their first choice for Speaker elected, but that would require the new Speaker to step aside. Which might not be very likely.
  25. Or its the classic "Caesar refusing to be crowned three times" and is trying to appear above it all but will "reluctantly" accept power when he's needed. Although I suspect he really doesn't want to be Speaker, since it'll set a very definite countdown to his resignation. Far easier to be a bomb-thrower from the sidelines.
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