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  1. Ukraine is now officially denying that they attacked Belgorod
  2. So Weird West has left me pretty cold actually; glad it was just on Gamepass. I only played a couple hours, but from what I saw it's a very mechanical game. There's not too much in the way of dialog or personality; other than the setting itself. Which is neat, but is not unique. This would fine on its own (though I was hoping for something more story-driven after Elden Ring), but the mechanics don't feel great either. At it's core, it's actually a twin stick shooter; which is not a genre I much care for. There are trapping of Dishonored, like stealth knocking out enemies and hiding the bodies. And there are abilities you can activate in combat, but none of it feels very good. It's also a pain to actually use them (at least on controller, but the reviews I saw said M+KB controls were even worse); to take a silent shot on my rifle for instance I had to press and hold LT, then press and hold RB, then press X, and then press RT. And the systems don't all neatly come together in the same way. The game encourages fast saving and loading, like Shadow Tactics/Desperado 3; but there's not nearly the same level of creativity in the map design that I saw, or in the tactical options available to you. And if you're good at twin stick shooting it's all irrelevant anyway, you can just go in gun-blazing to everything. Lastly, from what I read, it's actually 5 separate campaigns, not 1. And, other than a perk system, nothing carries over. No guns, no money, nothing. So you're actually discouraged from fully exploring spaces because even if you find cool stuff you'll lose it all as soon as you move on to the next campaign. So yeah, it's a pass from me.
  3. Interestingly, Ukraine has been surprisingly cagey about the Belgorod strike. And it does seem like an extremely risky strike for them to send helicopters that exposed to AA fire. I think there's a decent chance it is actually a false flag, or a rogue operation. Israel has been dealing with a wave of terror attacks the past week and Bennett said he needed to focus on that issue instead.
  4. Downloaded Weird West on PC gamepass; looking forward to trying it out after work tonight. Though I would like to beat the final boss in Elden Ring before I dive fully into anything else.
  5. Addendum to the theory that every genchat thread ends up being a US politics thread: Every genchat thread ends up being a US politics thread or a WWII thread.
  6. Ukraine armed forces announced they've retaken 5 settlements in Zaporizhzhia oblast Looking at the map, it's pretty spread out group of places; suggesting that Ukraine may be advancing on all fronts in the area. Vesele in particular seems relevant, because, unless I'm looking at the wrong one, that's right outside Melitopol. Meanwhile, Ukraine also took back 3 settlements in Kherson oblast yesterday and there's unclear footage showing Russians doing something on the Kherson bridge. Seems likely though that they're rigging the bridge to blow if Ukraine takes the city itself back.
  7. The source is a Ukrainian official, so usual grain of salt. But, still... But this could be another reason Russia decided to vacate Chernobyl.
  8. Fez

    Elden Ring

    I've made it to the final boss, and wow is it a doozy. So many different attacks that can one shot me, and so few opportunities for me to get any hits in. Not helping matters is that I need to beat the second-to-last boss again every time before facing the final boss, with zero break between them. Now that boss isn't too tough, but is no pushover either. And if I use too many flasks in that fight, I don't have a shot at the end.
  9. Same. I knew I'd missed a bunch, but didn't realize there were 19(?!) that I hadn't seen. I will say that I thought the lowest ranked one that I've seen, A Bug's Life, was quite good. Though I may have some of it mixed up with Antz, which came out the same year. And yes, Wall-E is incredible and by far my favorite of the ones I've seen.
  10. Russia continues to violate the Geneva Conventions:
  11. Russian state-owned news at least is apparently claiming that it was a Ukrainian strike and that 4 Russian servicemen were injured; saying that a "shell" hit the depot I suppose it could be a false-flag op, but striking a legit military target that would hurt your own war effort seems like an odd choice for a false-flag. Or the shell could've accidently come from a Russian mistarget. And admitting that Ukraine can strike inside Russia seems more embarrassing than admitting that a few Russian soldiers fucked up badly, so this seems like an unlikely cover-up.
  12. A very large explosion is being reported at a munitions depot in Belgorod, Russia. Unclear if it was an accident or a Ukrainian strike across the border. Either way helps the war effort, but it would be a strong message if the Ukrainian position around Kharkiv is strong enough that they can hit Russia itself now. ETA:
  13. I think all involved parties are clear-eyed about Russia, and Ukraine will do whatever is the most tactically sound option for them. They know those forces will be redeployed against them elsewhere, so it's all a question of how much they can punish the retreat without overextending themselves and ending up in a bad spot.
  14. Apparently yes, But I'd view this as a military decision that they are just trying to claim credit for as a concession.
  15. Fez

    Elden Ring

    Well, some stuff happened. I reached the point where I got a cutscene that wasn't just a boss introduction, first one of those in a while. Then seemingly the entire world changed slightly and one specific region completely; with all new terrain and all previous bonfires removed. So make sure you complete every side thing you want, because at least in that region I think you lose access to anything missed. I went through the new version and I think I may be at the final boss; or possibly in the middle of a final boss rush. There was a previous boss that was a push-over, killed him on the first attempt. But this one seems harder, though I've only tried once before needing to call it a night.
  16. Which is a bit confusing since there was a story a little while back that Putin had given Abramovich the go-ahead to organize the initial peace talks. Seems like a thing you'd want a trusted associate in charge of. But maybe not. Or maybe that story was incorrect.
  17. Fez

    Elden Ring

    Been trying to brute force my way through Crumbling Farum Azula. Most of the enemies have absurd HP pools, so it's much faster to just run past them and hope to reach another bonfire. And there's too many platforming-related ways to die, so killing the enemies each time is just an exercise in frustration. I think I'm fine doing this too; the first actual boss I faced was a cakewalk. I mostly did the same thing when I was going through Hagiltree. Although there are a few really good farming areas there if you're so inclined. I found one that gives me 30K souls in about a minute. However, I'm SL 124 and not feeling much pressure to level.
  18. So, umm, yeah I'm baffled by this. It's not like when Russia killed various Chechen leaders under the guise of peace talks. None of these Ukrainians are decision makers; killing them would do precisely nothing. Except further strengthen Ukrainian resolve.
  19. It's been 6 months. I feel like that's a pretty standard time for a 50% sale for most AAA games; excluding Nintendo and the absolutely massive hits.
  20. If Kherson is retaken, and it is still an "if", I expect photos on par with the liberation of Paris to be flying across social media. Of course, I also would not be surprised if there has been some confusion somewhere in the reporting or the briefing, and what the Pentagon meant was Kherson oblast not city. However, the oblast has pretty clearly already been contested for several days now.
  21. Relatedly, Not sure its fair to simply call the south "a stalemate" anymore.
  22. Fragging has apparently already begun
  23. Right, that's what it sounds like. But does that mean pulling back forces from other areas so they concentrate on Donbas or trying to dig in and hold what they have? Because if they fully focused on Donbas I think they could take it, but I don't know if Russia would want to give up any of the land they currently occupy. And if they keep trying to hold everything they've got, then this statement doesn't really reflect any changes on the ground.
  24. Unclear what, if anything, this means in practical terms, but it's worth keeping an eye on:
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