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  1. 1 hour ago, Arakasi said:

    Dunno I think it’s a fine game but I think WotR is a lot better. Then again I’m not bugged by the HoMM mode in the game and I got into the game well after launch which I assumed fixed launch bugs. So not an apples to apples comparison. I think the simplest answer is easier here. It’s a long game and I doubt many reviewers got to act 3.

    That's basically where I'm at too, early in Act II. I really like how cinematic it is, and the voice acting is top notch. But in most other respects I think WotR is the better game. I've also noticed that the battles mostly don't seem as tactical as D:OS2. I'm glad there's not the overwhelming reliance of surfaces, since that's not really 5E. But it feels like there's a lot less verticality or terrain involvement in most fights. There's some, like the Grove defense. But a lot of fights enemies rush right up to me (or I can rush right to them) and it's just back-and-forth rolling until something is dead.


    Separately, kinda funny start of Act II spoilers:


    It took me a long time to figure out what the issue with the shadow lands even was, since my main character had a mace that automatically emits light. So I entered the area, did nothing, and nothing happened to me as I was exploring. Eventually I got in a fight where my main character was far enough away from a party member that I got the tutorial pop-up; and suddenly it all made a lot more sense.


  2. Absurd how busy this gaming year is. It's not just all the big games either. There's also Shadow Gambit (from the makes of Shadow Tactics and Desperados 3), Book of Hours (from the makers of Cultist Simulator), Dredge (horror-ish fishing game), Roots of Pacha (prehistoric Stardew Valley), Viewfinder (puzzle game), Jagged Alliance 3, and Remnant 2. All came out this year, and all I haven't touched yet. There's also The Lamplighter's League in October. And, probably at some point this winter, WH40K Rogue Trader (which, if it's anything like Wrath of the Righteous will seriously eat my time, I've put over 1,000 hours into that game).

  3. 2 hours ago, Relic said:

    I got two achievements today that 6% or less of players have unlocked - A long rest using only booze as supplies, and recruiting a hireling. 

    I got the booze one too.

    The whole hirelings system just seems odd to me. We can already respect any of the companions anyway. And I think the hirelings are all appearance-locked, right? So they aren't even good for adding another custom character as a workaround for the multiplayer issues that exist. I guess they're useful if you happen to kill/drive away too many party members and can't get a full team otherwise?

  4. 8 hours ago, IlyaP said:

    I found the owlbear cave. Momma attacked me. What was I meant to do there, if anything? 

    If you have animal speaking you can get out of the fight. But even if you do, if you wander too closely she'll attack you. The main draw, I think, is that the owlbear egg is valued at 750 gold. Not sure yet if there's a way to hatch it and have two baby owlbears in your camp.

    You can also trick some cultists into attacking the owlbears.

    And, most importantly, in the other part of the cave there's a selune statue. There's some decent early loot there and if you have shadowheart with you there's a dialog check to trigger the next part of her story earlier than you'd otherwise get it.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Heartofice said:

    I did restart as a Paladin in fact, to see how it would play out trying to be pure Lawful Good. It's tough. I got 10 minutes in had to free Lae'zel from her cage and if you don't pass a deception test you basically have to kill the Tieflings (or Lae'zel), which makes you break your oath and turns you into an oathbreaker! 

    I mean it's funny, but I think being good is going to be harder than I expected. 

    The Oath of Vengeance is basically the easy mode for being a Paladin and keeping the Oath.

    But also, Oathbreaker isn't really a bad thing (except from a RP perspective potentially). It's its own fully defined subclass with some good spells that pure paladins otherwise can't get.

  6. So I did decide to restart as the Dark Urge; albeit one struggling to be good rather than embracing the evil so my major decisions haven't been too different yet. And the playthrough has been a lot faster so far since I already know where a lot of stuff is. At 10 hours I'm level 4, halfway to 5, and have done everything on the first map except the goblin camp at all or the Underdark (also, from what I explored of the Underdark on my first playthrough, I really did not like how navigating it felt; maybe I'll skip it this time).

    I really like a lot so far. I appreciate that, unlike a regular playthrough (or just about any other RPG), some of the conversations with party members are about me and my problems rather than about them. And trying to be good does, so far at least, really make it feel like a "Tav+" playthrough. I could see how an embracing the evil playthrough should wait until a second game though, since it seems like it would cut off a lot of stories prematurely. But as is, I get lots of cool choices (and plenty of RPing opportunities) and only a couple unavoidably evil moments.

    It's also been interesting seeing how playthroughs can feel different even when making similar choices. I'm not sure what hidden triggers are causing it (I don't think its related to the Dark Urge stuff specifically), but this time I've gotten a lot more Asterion camp events and almost no Gale events (no staring into the fire, no looking at his image, etc.). In fact, the first event I had with Gale after his initial intro was when he was telling me about his big problem. 

    And since I won't be able to play much this week anyway, I'm also hoping that by the time I finally hit the later parts of the game the bugs have gotten smoothed out more (since it does sound like Act 3 can be pretty buggy for some people).

  7. 13 minutes ago, Werthead said:


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    Met Karlach, resolved her issue with Wyll, defeated her paladin pursuers, met the lunatic demon patron thing, found the Off-Brand Necronomicon and had Shadowheart read and overcome it, defeated the tough gnoll battle, found and defeated the tough battle with the mephirs who are like ten times tougher than in BG1/2 for no apparent reason, defeated the dark druids and resolved the druid/refugee situation almost immediately.


    I decided to read this spoiler since I knew you were behind me in the game and...


    Wait, there are dark druids?! I never learned about them and yet completely resolved the druid/refugee situation in an apparently quite different, but still satisfactory way (and not, the "side with the goblins" path). This game's breadth is amazing.


  8. Been continuing my Act 1 exploration. I'm still wrapping up quests and getting XP, but I'm kinda getting the sense that maybe I should push the main story forward. The map is starting to feel pretty depopulated (not that everyone is dead of course, there's been an awful lot of "oh, i'll see you in Baldur's Gate!" lines from NPCs too) and most of the companions haven't had much to say in a while.

    But at the same time, I've been reading some general non-spoilery things and am starting to wonder if I should start over as The Dark Urge. It really does sound cool and some people are saying it doesn't need to wait until a second playthrough.

  9. 1 hour ago, Poobah said:

    I found the tooltips mostly self-explanatory but I am admittedly a big D&D-er. What do you mean about the casting system? Happy to help. Generally dice are used for two separate things - to see if something succeds / hits, and in this case the game transparently tells you your success/hit chance up front unlike in tabletop D&D; and then afterwards to generate the damage number, essentially a somewhat weighted range based on the types and number of die used (ie. 2d6 vs 1d12 have slightly different distributions and averages). 

    @Fez I don't think I've noticed that about mage hand, did you get yours from a racial or something that gives it that limitation? I'm not in game now but I feel sure I've used it pretty much at will, I could be misremembering tho. 

    It's a fair point about spiritual weapon though, I guess I just accepted it for gameplay reasons without questioning it. In default 5e it is very overpowered but mine still feels pretty effective at the moment but I'm not that deep in the game - is the problem that its hp isn't scaling when you upcast it later and it's just dying immediately or something? Right now it's actually feeling like a decent boon that it takes some heat for me while still attacking for free. 

    9 minutes ago, Relic said:

    1) as mentioned above are you using the can't rip, or are you getting the spell from an equipped item? 

    2) SW is pretty dang OP in 5e, so the change here took me by surprise at first, but doesn't bother me. It's immune to crits, and I've been bailed out by mobs targeting it instead of a low hp party member. 

    1) Nope, its a universal change. See the reddit thread here complaining about it 

    2) The change does bring its own benefits. But I hate casting it in a patch of burning ground for instance and it taking damage. And if it gets killed its first round of being, that just feels like a major waste of a 2nd (or higher) level spell slot. I agree that it was strong in 5e, but it was a critical part of a cleric's offensive package.

    Also, I don't feel like this was a balancing nerf. This feels more like a game engine limitation, where they didn't have a way to make an untargetable summon.

  10. 4 hours ago, Poobah said:

    All the departures from 5e I've noticed are balance decisions, largely buffing terrible things, the totem l turn barbarian path was also renamed for, I must assume assume, for reasons of being racist or culturally appropriative (haven't looked in to it but that's where mind mind goes). 

    I don't have an encylopedic knowledge of 5e so in many cases I don't even notice the changes. But there are two that I have that I think are awful:

    1) Making mage hand a once per short rest spell

    2) Making spiritual weapon a targetable unit that has a health bar and its own initiative separate from the caster's. To compensate, it no longer requires a bonus action to use each turn. But it feels awful to use now.

  11. 14 minutes ago, Maithanet said:

    In that kind of environment, it is basically impossible to run a primary against Trump.  All the candidates are afraid that attacking him head on and making him look bad will just make his sizable fan club very angry.  Desantis and co are learning that running in an election where you are afraid to go after the frontrunner is basically impossible.  Desantis ran his campaign initially as if he were the frontrunner (mostly ignoring Trump and attacking Biden and various culture wars issues), but Trump always seizes the spotlight and he has to respond (which he does very feebly).  It is a recipe for disaster.  Plus, at least on the national stage, Desantis has been a horrible candidate.

    DeSantis has run a disaster of a campaign. He tried running to Trump's right. But Trump's supporters don't care about most of those issues (like cutting social security). Or, if they do care (like hating LGBT+ people), they prefer Trump's style and approach on them. And meanwhile, going so far right has soured DeSantis among all his supporters/donors who wanted a candidate that would focusing on cutting taxes, gutting what little is left of the regulatory state, and outlawing abortion and otherwise staying quiet.

    I think DeSantis plan of pretending to be the frontrunner could've worked. But he needed to be much smarter about what positions he took, not have terminally online staff getting him sucked into dumb controversies, and be way more charismatic. No guarantees, but seems like roughly 60% of Republicans are at least theoretically open to voting for someone besides Trump. But right now a bunch of them are planning on voting for Trump anyway and the rest are spread way too thinly.

  12. 18 minutes ago, Relic said:

    Oh, that's sort of weird. What percentage of the game is that, roughly?

    So I'd heard that too. And, without knowing anything else, from what I've heard the city is mind-boggling huge. Like comparable to the size of Novigrad from the Witcher 3; except that you can enter every building.

    I read an interview with the developers where they said the original plan was for a series of smaller maps of key areas (like the city was in BG1). But they decided that would be too big a departure from the rest of the game. So they made an entire city instead.

  13. 2 hours ago, Relic said:

    Man, im level 4 and havent been to Baldur's Gate yet. Tons of things to do in the opening zone. Even found an entry to the Underdark?? 

    I just hit level 5 and I'm still in that opening zone too. I am trying to be a bit completionist though. I think I've only got a couple things left, then check out the underdark, and then move on to the next zone. 

    Game is massive, especially considering I know there's alternate paths for some of the big quests I've finished. But even setting aside that aspect, I don't understand how Larian estimated a playthrough would be only 40-50 hours. I guess you can skip a lot of stuff, but it feels like you'd be too underleveled for the critical path fights if that's all you did.

  14. 54 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:

    I don't know when to decide to go for a long rest. Is it just based on everyone having exhausted certain abilities? I wish the game had a day/night cycle. Would have made it more immersive that way.

    Generally yeah, it's when you've run out of spell slots on your casters or run out of short rests to refresh martial abilities and heal (you generally don't want to use potions outside of combat to heal, they're a bit too limited and pricey for that).


    9 minutes ago, ASOIAFrelatedusername said:

    I have yet to discover any drawback the long resting and no time limit for quests. 

    There actually are a small number of triggers that can go off, apparently without warning. And, once they do, you are on a long rest timer for things to happen on their own. E.g., Act 1 goblin spoilers..


    I don't know what the trigger is. But, after a certain point, if you long rest too many times Halsin simply frees himself from the goblin camp.

    It seems like usually you're safe, and the game certainly encourages long resting since most companion events are tied to it. But sometimes it can cause unintended quest advancements.

  15. 2 hours ago, Arakasi said:

    So is this a schtick here with Larian games or do they always start with a ship wreck and getting washed up on shore? Like they are really going out of their way to echo the original sin 2 plot.

    Also I’ve not figured out the UI yet but it seems awful so far. I have to bring up some wheel every time I want to use Eldritch Blast to choose it from the wheel instead of some button or something? This constant having to go to the wheel to do anything but basic attack is getting tedious. Hopefully it’s just that I’ve not figured out hotkeys or something.

    Are you playing with a controller? Because yeah the radial wheels are how the UI functions with them. It's what I'm doing and it's not great, but it's not terrible either. At least, it's not since I spent a bunch of time customizing the wheels rather than the awful auto-add system they have by default.

    The UI is much more intuitive, and faster, with mouse and keyboard. But I just prefer playing games with a controller whenever I can.

  16. Sounds like we're about to get some real "wrath of god" level t-storms and tornados here in the DC area in a couple hours. OPM just announced at 245 that all federal offices were closing at 3pm so people can get home in time. I've never seen that happen outside of blizzard events and never with such short notice.

  17. 43 minutes ago, Gorn said:

    Yeah, this is why I really would have preferred if you had 6 party members like in BG1 and 2, or in the Pathfinder games. You "must" have a tank, cleric, arcane spellcaster, and a martial DPS, and can't really afford to deviate from that party structure. With 6 party members, you can experiment with different combinations, and also to build your party around companions whose personality you actually like. I played Pathfinder games with two rogues for example.

    I do generally agree with this. However, the game does give you the tools to break free of the mold somewhat. For instance, I've found a necklace that lets a character cast guidance at-will and another that lets a character cast a heal 1-8 HP at will (to prevent it from being OP, it's basically unusable in combat; whoever is healed has to pass a saving throw to avoid falling asleep for 2 turns). With those 2 things and Paladin you don't need a cleric anymore and you've already got your tank.

    Likewise, to compensate for the change in how ability scores are assigned at character creation, Humans and Half Elves were given the 'civil militia' trait, which grants several weapon proficiencies and shield proficiency. Which means you can slap shields on to Wyll and Gale and it doen't hamper their spellcasting at all. In fact, Wyll can end up being a decent tank himself while also being your arcane caster (or your martial DPS, they gave Pact of the Blade several of the benefits from Hexblade to buff it).

    Basically, you still want to be able to buff and heal, cast arcane spells, take hits, and do serious damage. But there's more flexibility on which classes can fill each role than 5e usually allows.

  18. 1 hour ago, Corvinus85 said:

    Does the game remove one of the potential game companions if your custom character has the same class as theirs? I went with Fighter, and after the ship crash I've yet to encounter the gith? chick that is a fighter, too.

    Also didn't realize that you can only have 4  characters in your party, others have to wait at the camp. The camp mechanic is a bit weird and slightly breaks immersion.

    Nope, they stick around. I actually restarted because I was playing a barbarian but liked the barbarian party member too much to bench her all game. The Gith is pretty close to the crash site. 

    24 minutes ago, Heartofice said:

    No, I wondered that, but I started as a Rogue and the second person I met was the vampire guy, and I quickly dumped him realising I don't need 2 rogues. The camp thing is weird though, to just teleport to this other area in the middle of something feels a bit off.

    It is a little off, especially when you can do it freely in areas where there's lots of potential hostile enemies. It is cool though that there's multiple camp layouts depending on where you are.


    Anyway I encountered my first progression bug and looking online it seems like lots of people have many different issues with the quest (it's a big quest it seems). Which is very unfortunate. I don't want to roll back my save (also I've no idea how far back I'd need to go) but I don't want to push on either. It's not a main quest (I don't think) but if I don't finish it I believe I will miss out on the first of the non-origin party members you can obtain. And I don't mean the mercs/hirelings; there's some number of full party members that aren't origin characters that can join you.


    9 hours ago, Werthead said:

    This doesn't entirely feed into the turn based/realtime argument. The two Pathfinder CRPGs allow you to switch between RTWP and turn-based and they managed it extremely well. In fact, once you get over the prettiness of BG3 and the extreme granularity of detail, I'm not hugely sure that BG3 is a better game than Kingmaker, aside from not having the very-badly-explained kingdom management side-game in it.

    The issue is that real-time fights go a lot faster. So games designed for real-time at first (like Pathfinder, or PoE) have a lot of filler fights so that players get plenty of combat time. But those quick fights become extremely tedious when you're doing them in turn-based mode. Whereas in games designed for turn-based combat it generally means (at least for Larian) that there are no filler fights. Every fight is custom designed and more involved, and there's a lot fewer of them. I'm about 8 hours into the game (I restarted once already) and I think I've had fewer total fights than just the Market Square map in Act 1 of WoTR. But each fight has so much more going on.

    5 minutes ago, Werthead said:

    I'm also starting to wonder if I'm cursed. I've had to do three Advantage rolls so far (roll 2d20, take the better result) and so far I've massively failed every one, which seems statistically improbable in the extreme.

    Not relevant to this specific issue, but, speaking of dice rolls, I strongly recommend everyone go into the setting and turn off 'Karmic Dice', which is on by default. Karmic Dice mean that the dice rolls aren't really random (for both you or the enemies). Instead, there's increased odds of successful rolls if enough failures happen. Not only does this go against all laws and spirits of DnD, it has some practical negative effects. For instance it means AC becomes less valuable because dice will start getting weighted to roll high enough to hit. 


    Anyway, the game's incredible and pretty much everything I'd want from a DnD game. The amount of reactivity seems insane too. I feel like I've avoided several big fights simply because of my character's race and right now I'm freely wandering an area that it seems like most races would need to fight their way through.

  20. 12 hours ago, James Arryn said:

    A kazillion times more likely he’s pardoned ‘for the good of the country’. Which is something you almost never hear said about common criminals trying to steal things of much less worth/value/impact. It’s almost as if…stop me if you’ve heard this before…there’s two kinds of justice. 

    If the next Republican president isn't Trump, it means something has happened that has weakened Trump so much in the party that they don't need to worry about or address him every again. There's not going to be any nail-biter finish to the primary where Trump loses but remains a lurking threat. Trump is going to romp his way to the nomination unless something (and I have no idea what) causes him to completely collapse.

  21. 20 minutes ago, timmett said:

    Barrasso has been lurking like a buzzard at Mitch's right elbow for five years now, waiting for the burro to cease kicking so he can go for those juicy eyeballs. Some of us in Wyoming recall Barrasso as the avuncular doctor who did little health topic chats on public radio once a week. Bit disorienting to see him go full MAGA undertaker. Guess he learned from the Liz Cheney nosedive that 'establishment conservative' ain't worth a wooden nickel today.

    I still suspect Thune beats Barrasso in a vote, especially if someone like Rick Scott runs again as well and gets the 6-7 absolute worst of the senators. But I guess it also depends on how anything goes down. Like is McConnell eventually forced out or does he step down while most GOP senators still have good will for him.

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