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  1. Another oddity is that Martells should have potential affinity for water magic and hate of dragons. Or there is a possibility that one purpose of that marriage was to minimize Targs access to fire magic and made return of dragons impossible.
  2. So are/were followers of other gods. Andals slaughtered a lot of people when they wiped out old political entities and CoF. Besides they were very traitorous. Or many of them betrayed their nominal masters and many Andals were kinslayers.
  3. William the Bastard became King of England 1066. But after that conquest for some reason William I gained same artist name than Aegon I and people stopped using his old tittle.
  4. But a dragonlord without any dragon is a loser. So when Targs lost their dragons they become a joke.
  5. I assume that reason why wildlings attacked CB was that all other tunnels under the Wall were sealed with ice and stone. Or they had to somehow gain access to at least one open tunnel if they wanted to bring all their people beyond the Wall. After all without that access anyone who could not climb would had to use either Bridge of Skulls or some kind boats or rafts to sail at Shivering Sea to bypass the Wall.
  6. I assume that Martin hates letter "L". After all in my head canon one of major houses in the North is House Karlstark.
  7. Joining crew of a ship is one possible but very risky way to move upward. After all poor quality of food and water, diseases, pirates, storms and some other dangers make sure that there are always demand for new blood in those ships. So very lucky and smart person who survives long enough could rise captain of his own ship and there is even one commoner who has risen to Hand of the King.
  8. My own version of those words would be "We will Bury You".
  9. It seems that Targs have same ability than Agent Smith had in Matrix. Or sooner or later everyone will be Targs.
  10. Another important fact is that HH has direct access to huge lake => HH should have a lot of fishing boats and when that lake is frozen during long winters fishes in that lake should help people living in that castle survive longer than people that do not have any access to fishes. So that ability to feed some people even during long winters should make HH more important than castles where people starve to death during long winters bc they cannot feed themselves.
  11. I would like to know who is "legal" heir of House Dustin and Barrowtown. Ps. It would also be nice to know what are words of House Dustin.
  12. I am almost sure that theoretical port city would not survive long bc Ironborn would start raiding both city and any ships that would try to sail either from or to that city. Or I assume that is major reason why Barrowtown is so far from the sea.
  13. They did that. After all standard policy of House Stark was to wipe out all hostile males and rape/marry their daughters to secure their status as rulers of the North and gain all possible useful abilities for their own bloodline.
  14. In my head canon Barrow Kings had ability to raise and control wights and Starks gained that ability when they married daughter of last BK.
  15. Revenge. Or Jon will literally bring winter to house that betrayed his kin.
  16. Do we really know that it was Queen R who wrote that letter to Manfryd Mooton? Or I suspect that letter was actually written by somebody else who wanted to cause problems to Her Majesty. So there is a possibility that queen did not actually wanted to kill Nettles.
  17. There is a possibility that price of magic Stannis had used is his "soul". Or he will lose control of his body and becomes puppet/avatar and whoever will control that puppet S will cause massive collateral damage b4 it will be stopped.
  18. In my head canon Barrow Kings had either ability to raise and control wights or they could not be controlled by others if they were raised as wight themselves. So by marrying daughter of last BK Starks gained that ability for their own bloodline.
  19. Histories of northern houses like Boltons, Dustins, Starks ...
  20. I assume that ruby is her power source. Or it is like kyber crystals in Star Wars. So her spells would not work without it.
  21. Another possibility is that WW are ruled by a queen and she do not want any competition.
  22. Personally I am more surprised that Varys was not killed by any relatives of people he doomed to death as spymaster of Mad King. After all he was major cause why many of victims of Aerys II died so there should have been many people who would had wanted revenge.
  23. But that policy works only as long as Tywin is still around. Or as long there is a possibility that Tywin will support Tyrion. So by killing his father Tyrion also wiped out his main supporter. In fact I assume that without support of strong master/mistress Tyrion would have similar destiny than Emperor Julianus. (He ruled Rome only 9 weeks until he was assassinated bc people he bribed to become emperor did not fight for him.) Or I agree with Tywin that Tyrion would be very bad choice as Lord of CR bc he would either become a puppet for somebody or his bannermen would rebel/ignore him like they did during "rule" of Lord Tytos.
  24. In Norse mythology Frey is god of summer and sunshine. So House Frey will save the world by winning next Battle for the Dawn and so ending Long Night and Army of Death
  25. Alas, Jon is unlucky. His 3rd eye might be open. But it is useless bc that is normally covered by his pants and he has tendency to sit on it.
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