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  1. Actually he was last rider of Balerion. Or he was dragonrider but his dragon died.
  2. Another interesting question is. How often Faceless Men go native/rogue? For instance when Roose B raped that poor woman that angry woman could have hired a professional to kill Lord Bolton. But that FM could have decided to stay as lord of Dreadfort. When he had killed and taken Roose's face. Or there would be huge lure for FM to kill somebody else and take their identity as their own.
  3. Was Peremore an Andal? Or it is possible that he lived b4 Andals came to Westeros.
  4. I am surprised that nobody had typed about connection between Faceless Men and Boltons. Or both of them flay their victims. Certain bastard even behave like a FM.
  5. That is not possible as long that only way to transfer large sums need ships or at least wheelbarrows and takes long time. Or IB would need to have much larger pro cent of their assets as reserve. But partly from that reason prices of loans just couple 100 years ago were much higher than nowadays. For instance annual 50 % interest level for a loan would have been cheap and normally price would have been even larger. So a bank would still make profit though it lends smaller amount of gold and keeps larger reserves than modern banks. Totally another thing is that Iron Bank almost certainly have more businesses than only banking. For instance when Kustaa Wasa rebelled against Kingdom of Denmark major reason he won and became King of Sweden 1523 was his deal with Hansa League. Or Hansa financed his rebellion and lent to him mercenaries and warships. But price of that support was that Hansa gained total monopoly of foreign trade of Sweden. In theory IB could make similar deals with any VIP. Or debtor could pay back his debt by giving IB monopoly of all trade with areas controlled by him. Iron Bank could also start collecting custom revenues of any ship that sails either from/to harbor controlled by a VIP who have not paid back his debt to Iron Bank. Good thing for IB in that would be that they could use part of those revenues to finance special operation that is necessary for collecting unpaid debt. So a customer who thought that he would not pay his debt would lose most of his own revenues until IB had gained back their money. Naturally including mandatory service fees.
  6. Unless a facedancer wears face of a vice guy and also take over all property of that dead person. Or I assume that if Illyrio causes problems to IB he will be killed and replaced by a FM who will reallocate all properties that Illyrio owned to Iron Bank.
  7. None of other great houses own a VS sword. So that should not be huge problem for Lannisters. But reasons for their failure will be something else.
  8. Both of those kings tried to make sure that there are many people having royal blood in their veins. But Robert's widow was bitchier. So A4 was worse king but he had nicer queen.
  9. The reason why SVB collapsed so quickly was internet. Or customers of IB cannot use computers to move their money. But they would have to travel to Braavos. Besides all money is metal not bytes or bills. So moving large sums is neither easy nor safe. Assuming that Illyrio outlives fA. After all if Iron Bank suspects that he is plotting against them Illyrio will be killed and replaced by a FM wearing his face who will make sure that debt is paid. Or there is a possibility that IB will get back their money when fake Illyrio pays that debt. Besides if IB is really desperate they could do same thing that emperors of Rome did when they needed more cash. Or they killed some rich people and kept their money. Bank of England to my knowledge does not have any connections to active Death Cult. But Iron Bank almost certainly has access to some fanatical assassins who might not like idea that somebody is danger to their bank.
  10. That potential collapse would take some time. But Braavosi could launch raid to Pentos in weeks and if that raid would be successful they would have enough money to pay all their bills. In fact if Sealord or Iron Bank suspects that Team Blackfyre are plotting against them they would have to launch that raid when they still have working navy. Totally another thing is that as soon Iron Bank finds out that there is man who claims to be Aegon VI they will send an emissary who will ask simple question "Dude. Where is our money?" If answer to that question is something else that he is happy to pay back that debt his invasion will fail bc Braavos and Iron Bank will smash Golden Company and anybody foolish enough to ally with him b4 Team BF have even chance to secure his crown. There is even a possibility that some mercs of GC company will betray and sell him to IB just to make some money. After all there is no way that Sealord and IB would allow anyone who would fail to pay back national debt to sit on Iron Throne. So A VI either will promise to pay back that debt or Golden Company will fail again in their invasion to Westeros and he will be known as another failed pretender for Iron Throne.
  11. When one is talking about the wall this dude comes to mind and naturally his successor who wanted to build new wall somewhere else.
  12. What makes Dothraki dangerous is their ability to replace all their losses very quickly. For instance in TV serie their horde lost about 99,99 % of their screamers and horses in one massive kamikaze attack against Army of Death. But just some weeks later their horde had enough riders and horses and so was again ready for battle.
  13. Rule of cool. For instance when a warlord has huge army his hostile older brother gains ability to produce a Shadow Terminator. Or dudes (+ 1 dudette) whose main motive is to become rich and have many concubines send most of their forces to places there are neither any gold or young women.
  14. As long as Braavos has stronger navy than Aegon VI and Pentos they could use their warships as collectors of custom revenues. So any ship sailing from/to Westeros or Pentos would have to pay protection money. Or they would make sure that only ships sailing there would be their own and so gaining monopoly of trade with Westeros and Pentos. Or they could just raid and sack some cities like Kings Landing and Pentos. So unless Team Blackfyre has access to more warships than Braavos and Iron Bank their plan would fail bc Team Iron Bank could make Pentos and Westeros pay special operation that is necessary to gain back all money that IB had lost.
  15. Thanks to Aegon IV most people living in Kings Landing and many people outside of that city has at least some royal blood in their veins.
  16. Actually in books during Battle of Green fork TF Bolton had almost as many men than TF Lannister. But most Northmen were infantry and so they had more infantrymen than their enemies. But they only had couple hundred horsemen. When Westermen had over 9000 cavalrymen.
  17. Lack of Northern navy at Sunset Sea and existence of Ironborn. After all IB had raided Western parts of the North thousands of years and Starks had done nothing to eliminate that threat. Another annoying thing is that people who want to gain riches and sex slaves invaded huge swamp without any gold or women instead of major city like Lannisport.
  18. I want to buy enough food for an army. King Stannis
  19. I assume that he could have reverse gangbang with aunt, sister and 2 cousins.
  20. How about vampire like being who has tendency to burn any book that might include info that might harm children. Besides that potential bs has, unlike most Northern lords, kept most his own people alive. So any possible children under his protection will learn how the World actually works and would become very good at running protection business. Naturally cute and fertile girls have greater chance of surviving than any boy.
  21. Varys is Santa. After all 1. He knows who is naughty or nice. 2. He has an army of small people. 3. He uses his sledge and chimneys to move around. 4. He wants to gain back his original stronghold at North Pole that he lost b4 Long Night when his workers rebelled and castrated him.
  22. Euron and Team Hightower (Lord Layton and Mad Maid) will wipe out themselves and everybody else who just happens to be too near them in massive magical duel. Or their spells will react violently and cause huge collateral damage when both of those teams attack each other using magic.
  23. It seems that Ned and his gang killed High Sparrow on the way to ToJ and Ninja Reed has been wearing face of dead holy man to cover that crime since that murder.
  24. If he had been there he would have died. Because swamp ninja Howland would have assassinated him like he did to poor Arthur.
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