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    How would you rate episode 702?

    First, I'm not your buddy okay Smuggie? Seeing 'Tons of sails in the dark'? Not logical, if you watch it again you might see 10. Where were the Dothraki sitting, and why didn't Euron's ships ever run into any of the other ships shuffling troops to the mainland. Look at the map and use your incredible logic to puzzle that one out. Tarly could have sat it out. It was just an opinion and a viable one at that considering Mad Queen Cercie had just torched his Liege Lords whole family in a move reminiscent of the Mad King. Before the war of 5 kings. What events did the Vale sit out of? I believe they withdrew under the rule of Caitlyn's somewhat psychotic sister. I wrestled with even responding to this because you seem to be one of the intolerant people who just HAVE TO BE RIGHT! It's a fantasy series with many hard to swallow plot holes. It's entertaining, but don't get to caught up with 'logical'. Otherwise maybe you can explain the sudden appearance of the Vale knights at Winterfell. Littlefingers transporter. Or even Bronn and Jaime's swim all the way across a lake, that was a river, with Jaime in full armor- underwater!
  2. Total agreement on both. Revisionist history on CoTF. The other unbelievable point is Jamie falling into perhaps the deepest river in any of the Worlds. I still gave it a 7 (highest I've given for two seasons). Things are picking up and main characters in peril. Littlefinger must die!
  3. Pwyll41

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Wow, you got all the answers......except.... How could you tell there were only Greyjoy ships there? It was dark and you just made up that answer. You're assuming. Tarly could have sat it out. Plenty of that going on. The 'Late' Lord Frey, the Aerie both have sat out most the war. Dorne for the most part. Tarly didn't HAVE to throw in with the murderous bitch Queen of Kings Landing. One would think that if you have three Dragons that close to Kings Landing you might use the opportunity to destroy your opponents navy as soon as possible. Those three points are what I was thinking about ......your Smugness.
  4. Pwyll41

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Gave it a three. C'mon, the sea battle in the dark? You could not even tell who was on what side. Now that Dani's navy is destroyed how will they transport the Dothraki? Where are the Dothraki? Maybe they are right now being carried to the mainland by the dragons? Where were the dragons when the whole navy was wiped out? Why would Tarly support the murderous bitch who just blew up his liege lord? No sense. There is just too many plot holes, and I mean MAJOR plot holes, to find this engaging. So next week Jon Snow hops on the Littlefinger transporter and is in Dragonstone. Jeeeez, The Sand Snake fiasco looks to be coming to an end. The HBO T & A show had its gratuitous lesbian tease and a sex scene with a eunuch! Seriously? Total wastes of time.