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  1. Hibee87

    Arya vs Sansa what are your thoughts?

    Arya saying she betrayed the family as she would have fought them? She was the servant to Tywin Lannister, even befriended him you could say. Why didnt she kill him when she had all those chances? Something very hypocritical if you ask me
  2. Hibee87

    So now we know how the Wight Walker war ends

    Maybe I missed something but why didn't the wight they were trying to capture not die when John killed the WW? All others fell except, conveniently, the one
  3. Hibee87

    Azor Ahai

    Aww man, I thought I was onto somthing. Thanks for the explination though
  4. Hold the phone........the prohecy is she will be killed by her little brother (valonquor for high valerian correct?) Would her dying in child birth (ironically like her mother) be seen as her little brother killing her (since its presumably jamies seed and he is 2 or 3 minutes younger IIRC) were all assuming she will be killed at the hand of someone, sword, etc etc but ive never thought of it this way until now
  5. Hibee87

    Azor Ahai

    This may have been covered, and I can't say im 100% sure on the exact prophecy but is it possible that THE HOUND is Azor Ahai? This thought came to me after last nights episode. I recall something about being 'reborn' in fire (you could poetically say he was reborn in fire when the mountain burned his face) The fact he didn't die when Arya left him suggests he still has a major role to play. He saw the flames telling him to go north. And lastly, which is pure speculation at the moment but may tie in is the upcoming battle north of the wall. IF, Thoros (im sure its him who has that fire sword) is killed and drops it. events may unfold and the hound is forced to pick this up - light bringer? I am probably totally wrong, but thought it may be worth discussing?