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  1. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Still wondering about Theons ultimate fate/purpose. With Jaime finally leaving Cersei and going north to join the heroes and Theon heading off to rescue Yara, is there a chance that Theon could end up being the valonqar? What do you guys think? They keep having him referred to as 'Little Theon'. I'm not completely sold on this theory but I did wonder after this episode. (PS do we know if Yara is being held in kingslanding or on Euron's ship?)
  2. Lady Fishbiscuit

    Bets On The Father of Cersei's Current Pregnancy?

    Yes, I think the same. It's one way to be sure Jaime will protect her at all cost.
  3. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    I think this is entirely plausible and don't get why people think it's too cheesy or obvious or whatever. Cat & Ned married out of duty, Cersei and Robert married out of duty and alliance of houses, Sansa was promised to Joffrey for the same reason, Margaery married the Baratheon princes for personal gain and they married her to shore up their support in Westeros etc. etc. Robb ditched duty and married out of love and look where that got him. Point is, in the big houses that's more commonly the reason why you marry someone. Dany is already aware of this, having been married/given to Drogo and later agreeing to marry the awful Hizdahr in Meereen. It's the reason she left behind Daario. I think it's likely they will marry in the show and in the book too, there is foreshadowing all over the place for it, but I believe it will be a short marriage and Jon will die before the end as he is very much the tragic hero and is all about sacrificing himself for the greater good.
  4. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    My thoughts... I've missed Bronn! Hope he's not about to die. Maybe he'll switch allegiances to Team Tyrion again. Awesome, awesome dragon and Dothraki action. Field of flames #2. That noise the dragons make before the flames come gives me chills every time! Are the Tarleys dead and why has Randyl Tarley made no mention whatsoever of Sam stealing his VS Sword? More great comedy and timing from Davos; he's so much better than book Davos. I think he is seriously considering retirement in Naath when this is all over. Loved all the astronomical symbols in the caves and immediately thought "please let @LmL do something on this! (Which he's now said he will - hurrah!) Is that the last we'll see of Meera? Was there a double meaning in how crap it is that she's just leaving without so much as a party bag after everything she's done (leaving Winterfell / leaving the show). I get that her and Jojen's mission was just to get Bran to the 3eR/3eC but I hope we see her again, preferably along with her dad. "Chaos is a ladder" was great! LFs face! Loved all things Arya. Team Stark remainers are almost all together! Yay! Arya vs Brienne made me think about how people underestimate Brienne all the time (like Jaime did) and now she's done the same with Arya. I agree with some that a skinny blade swung one-handed probably couldn't stop a large one swung 2-handed by a much stronger person, but I'm sure Brienne was going easy on her for most of it. It didn't make it any less enjoyable for me. Arya's training may not have been years-long, but it was seriously intensive. Nobody blinded Brienne or beat her with a big stick all day until she got better. Plus Arya uses her size and speed to her advantage and whatever faceless mind-zen stuff 'no-one' taught her. Was Sansa looking sad watching Arya fighting because she realised she has no way to defend herself apart from with other people? Maybe she'll ask Arya for some training. LF looks increasingly worried by the Stark kids. I reckon his next move is to try to get on team Targ. Hopefully Varys and/or Tyrion will nip that in the bud. I don't see LF dying... he's like the cockroach after the nuclear war... Why did Bran give away the dagger when he knows it can kill white walkers? Is it because he knows arya will need valyrian steel to defend herself? Is he able to overcome white walkers some other way? Tyrion's sad face during the battle. I assumed it's because he was sad/worried for Jaime, but after seeing next week's trailer it seems it is also because he doesn't agree with what Dany is doing. When Jamie went in the water I thought - please don't resurrect him as Jamie Stoneheart, that would be dreadful. I don't think they will but who knows? I hope he is rescued, captured and gets to have an overdue chat with Tyrion. Jon & Dany - looking very likely that a marriage is going to be proposed by someone. I wonder if they'll find out before or afterwards that she's his aunt? Looking forward to that revelation! Maybe it will actually make her see him as an equal and stop asking him to bend the F-ing knee! and lastly... with high-profile characters not needed for the endgame being killed off at a steady rate, it's clear that Theon still has a part to play, but what?
  5. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Interesting notion! I haven't read Dune but I see what you're getting at. I wonder if Bran knows what he's supposed to do and how he fits into all of it.
  6. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Or let's just agree that I think something and you think something else and it's all down to different perspectives rather than right and wrong? Not buying into anything, the book and show are different things and I'm enjoying them separately on their own merits. Maybe book-Bran will come across as less of an asshole or maybe his behaviour will be better explained with the benefit of hundreds of pages. When he met Benjen he didn't actually say much. A normal response would have been "oh uncle Benjen, I'm so glad you're alive(ish)! And you saved us! *hugs*. Oh you've no idea what we've been through... this is my best friend Meera, I'd be dead without her... Do you know about father and mother? And Rob? And little baby Rickon? It's so sad... *weeps*...". Ok, so he may be less close to Benjen if he was mostly at the wall with the occasional visit, so it may be more noticeable with people he should be closer with like his sisters. Poor Meera probably spent too much time dragging him around in a semi conscious state to notice how much he was changing, so it was really only noticeable when he didn't react to her leaving. I think they're trying to show that he's so full of info finding it hard to sort through what's 'him' and what's 'everything else', so meeting people, even family members, just throws up random visions and memories which he just says. Thats just what I think and you're welcome to your own opinion.
  7. Lady Fishbiscuit

    The Night King and Northern Castles

    I reckon the NK will head for Winterfell because Bran is there and Bran is probably his biggest threat. He may send part of his force south at the same time though.
  8. Lady Fishbiscuit

    Cersei Forgot About Littlefinger?

    Pretty sure LF must be working as a double agent or at least pretending to. Cersei may still believe he is on her team but pretending to be team stark until the right moment. If so, then she sees him well-placed with insider info and a large army in place that can defeat the north at any time. Think Severus Snape in Hogwarts . As we all know, LF is on team LF. He was certainly very interested when they were talking about Dany. With Sansa giving him the cold shoulder and Jon being openly aggressive to him, it will be interesting to see how he plays things with Dany and he could still tell Cersei he's doing it all for her.
  9. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    That's a really good point. Maybe littlefinger's weird speech was just foreshadowing how Bran would help her / the North / the realm. If Sansa uses Bran's knowledge, then she'll be one step ahead of everyone (except Bran, obvs.). As well as knowing what people are doing, she'll also be able to get insider info on what makes people tick. Same for Jon & Dany when they all join forces. Although I suppose it's what they do with the knowledge that matters most. As Bran will have seen what happened in the last long night, he should be able to give good counsel as well as info. Hand of the king in the north? It's interesting to see how emotionally detached he's becoming, now that he's seen 'everything'. I know a lot of people didn't like this, but I think it makes sense. He must be completely overloaded, like someone who is extremely high-functioning multiplied by a billion and he's still only a child. That would surely change you considerably. Plus, his focus and purpose is now on saving the world and stopping the long night, which will make the family reunions seem less of a huge thing compared to the big picture. Yes, wedding speech was pretty creepy, but was a clear way to show Sansa that everything means 'everything' and he's probably still not mastered the balance between knowing everything and being a dick. His training was pretty limited and cut short after all.
  10. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP701

    Yes! That would be hilarious!
  11. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] Will Arya honor guestright?

    Yes, I noted the stranger reference too! I recon they're doomed, nice friendly people don't last long in Westeros. I also reckon it will be Nymeria & pack. Arya might dream it through the wolf's eyes and wake up to find everyone butchered but herself.
  12. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP701

    Arya has a habit of not ending up where she planned to go. Trying to get to Winterfell she ended up at Harrenhal and then Braavos (among other places). Maybe she'll run into The Hound & Beric again. I'm hoping Gendry ends up with them. They might even tell her Jon and Sansa are at Winterfell, causing her to change course. If Nymeria turns up and hangs out with her it might give away who she is but also remind her of her roots and turn her back to Winterfell. I could be wrong though. It's fun to speculate who she'd disguise herself as in Kingslanding!!
  13. Lady Fishbiscuit

    Puns and Wordplay

    Also Old English wella, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wel and German Welle ‘a wave’. Made me think of LmL's waves of night . Well can also refer to an underground spring or a fountain.
  14. Lady Fishbiscuit

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Fantastic episode, I couldn't take my eyes off it. Not a huge fan of battle scenes in general but that was gripping. It was dirty and noisy and horrifying and hard to know who was on which side at times, like a real battle rather than some romantic notion of one. The charging horses were beautiful and ominous. The piled up bodies made me think of the army of the dead pouring over the walls at Hardhome - I really hope they burn them all before the cold winds come. The slow creeping crush of Jon's men as the flayed men shields moved in closer and closer until they could barely breathe. Even the usually fearless Tormond looked panicked. Brilliant. I am worried that there are a lot fewer people left at the Wall and in the North in general to face the incoming army of the dead. Sansa's smile as Ramsay got his comeuppance was great. I don't think Sansa is evil and scheming as some have said, she is just trying to survive while also dealing with the rape and torture she suffered at Ramsay's hands; and this is after having lost her wolf, seeing her father executed, being mistreated by the Lannisters, used and betrayed by LF and hearing of her mother and siblings being murdered. That would definitely have a huge impact on her mentally and emotionally, but if she was truly cold and heartless she wouldn't have forgiven Theon, she'd have had Brienne kill him. I was convinced that the Umbers, at least, would change sides at the last minute, but alas, no. I was really really disappointed in the Smalljon and glad when Tormond killed him. I hope it goes down differently in the book. As a few others said, I didn't see Harald Karstark meet his end, so I assume he's still alive. If I remember rightly, Littlefinger was offered Warden Of The North by Cersei on the condition that he got rid of the Boltons. For one terrible moment, when the new banners unfurled at Winterfell I thought they might be Littlefinger or Vale banners. Phew! Be interesting to see what his next play is - I'm assuming he will try to turn Sansa against Jon by convincing her he is a threat to her succession. He may try to marry her or get her to marry Robin to secure more power in the Vale. Whatever he does, I really really hope she tells him to fuck off. Meereen was satisfying progress at last - Dany ended the seige and now has her ships and her vast army for the voyage to Westeros. The dragons were amazing as always ne we got a 'Dracarys!'. Dany & Yara's whole "sisters are doin it for themselves" thing made me smile. Not sure how the Iron Islanders will survive if they can't reave anymore - but I'm assuming that's something to worry about another time. Maybe they'll all become ship builders and sell those , Up til now I've not been a fan of the 'Cersei unleashes wildfire on KL' theory, but even I have to admit that there have been a LOT of mentions of wildfire caches all over the place. Could be ice and fire next week with the parallel tales of KL and the approaching army of WW in the North. Like a lot of people, I am wondering where Ghost is. Ghost has always been more elusive than the other direwolves and, even in the books, he goes missing for considerable periods of time but has a knack of turning up when he's needed. He would have certainly died if he'd been in that battle, so I'm glad he wasn't. Maybe he didn't come to Winterfell with Jon as he is going to help Bran next week back at the wall. Maybe he and Jon are not as connected as they were following his death & resurrection. Who knows?