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  1. The short story, Bound, that fits between book 2 and 3 was a lot of fun.
  2. I assume you mean Book 1 there. You're clearly in charge of you, but there is a big difference in not having to enjoy every book in a trilogy in order to read the next, and being able to enjoy a book 3 without having read book 2. I find it impossible to imagine how you could enjoy Holy Sister without having read Grey Sister. Good luck trying, but it seems a foolish move to me.
  3. To me this is crazy. These are books about characters. The plot isn't the big deal. If book 2 doesn't work for you then give up. Reading a page catch up instead of the book will not connect you to the characters emotionally. And if you're not connected then why on Earth pay for book 3 and invest time in it. That makes no sense.
  4. In cases of doubt all you ever have to do is take six or so words of any line and paste it into google in quotes. You will immediately find the source.
  5. This reader is disgruntled by all the women. Ultra grimdark and needs more men in the convent! "A joyless book lacking the interesting characters of The Broken Empire and the joyful wit and comedy of The Red Queens War. Lawrence took every grimdark cliché, amped up the blood to 11" "Second, what's the point of the nuns? Why are they all female, is there a vow of chastity. It's never clear in the book why they are nuns? Why just girls? If they are paramilitary wouldn't it make sense to train make hunskas along with female ones? The sex restrictions aren't backed up by the religion."
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