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    Arthur Dayne?

    I. and IV. Jaimie was unrecognizable after he grew a beard. Perhaps Arthur is unrecognizable after he shaves his beard off--much like old what's-his-name that snuck into King's Landing with Catelyn. Barristan is another example of someone who used the beard disguise. I don't believe it is ever mentioned whether or not Arthur was bearded. Are any examples of bearded Kingsguard, or is that against the code? II. This one has always bothered me. "Halfhand" is a wildling sounding nickname, and clearly something he earned later in life. Every other ranger of note has a surname that indicates their identity. Some might like the idea of the mysterious stranger, and I do, under some circumstances, but this one flashes like a red light for me. Especially since he serves as one of the main witnesses for the defense of Mance's identity. III. I'm not sure if you've quoted it exactly, but if you have, would the ages line up, with maybe a bit of a stretch of the meaning of "not much older," if Arthur heard the story from the infamous Black Brother who showed up at Harrenhal? Someone regaling the knights he was attempting to recruit with stories of the wonder and beauty of the far North? IV. My first point notwithstanding, this is a very knightly thing to me, and indicative of almost obtuse dedication to some code or set of personal standards. Shaving in this sort of time period isn't easy in the first place. Going to the trouble of staying clean shaven in the coldest place in Planetos shows a lot of dedication--either to being clean shaven, or to maintaining a disguise.