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  1. Fiddler

    R,I.P. Thread

    This hurts. We joked when I was younger that my dad was secretly Van Vader because of a passing resemblance, a CPAC head strap and the coincendence that Vader usually didn't appear in the PPV until my Dad went into his room.
  2. Fiddler

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Love me some E3. One of my favorite times of the year. I seem to be in the minority but I like the look of Anthem and look forward to trying it. Same with Division 2. As for games this year, I am pumped for Black Ops 4 (still a huge CoD fan) and Fallout 76 (curious how it will work and I love that series so much that I am willing to give it a go). Cyberpunk looks sweet and I enjoy CDProjekt games, so interest is high. Then there is the new From game, shadows die twice. I think Soulsbourne games are right up there as my favorite type/genre so this game could be awesome. Another game that I am looking forward to, even if it is just to figure out what the hell it is, is Deaths Stranding. That trailer/gameplay they showed was very interesting and it makes me want to play it, badly. Finally, after the Bethesda conference, I installed Elder Scrolls Legends and have been playing it quite a bit. It is a collecteble card game that is very similiar to hearthstone from Blizzard. So far I have been having a lot of fun with it, but I also really enjoyed Hearthstone.
  3. Fiddler

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    I won't go that far, but I do enjoy that movie. It's just fun to watch.
  4. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I really enjoyed the first AvP movie. It was a fun action romp with some cool moments between the predator and the woman. The second movie was an abomination except for one thing; the predator in that movie was awesome. It was like some bounty hunter with cool gadgets and badass weaponry. The rest of the movie though? Don't watch it.
  5. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I have to admit I have a soft spot for Chronicles of Riddick. I am not sure what it is about that movie, but it is one of those movies that if I come across it while channel surfing, I will stop and watch it.
  6. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I love that song. I really enjoy that cheesy pop like that. I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I am not a huge fan of Will Ferrell. I really like Anchorman 1 & 2, but the rest of his starring role movies I do not like. Even his stint on SNL I didn't care for him as much as some of the others at that time. Even though I will admit, his Bush impression is fantastic and the one man show he did as Bush was great.
  7. I haven't had the time to read through all of the posts so far, but wanted to answer the question now. I am 42 and there is only about 2 years total that I did not live with my parents. I moved out when I was married at about 23. Then, a year and a half later, my mom, my wife and I all lost our job (we worked at the same manufacturing plant and they moved to Canada) and my wife and I moved back in with my parents to pool our money. Then my wife and I divorced and my mom passed within a year of each other. It was this moment that I realized my Dad had never handled the bills or any of the household expenses, so he needed me to stay with him. I have continued to live with my dad because he has Parkinson's disease and struggles with certain day to day life activities. It may seem strange to a lot of people, but I never felt the need to move out and my parents never cared that I lived with them. When I look back on my childhood I seem to remember always having an aunt or uncle living with us, so it may just be a family thing.
  8. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    As someone who has never read Hellblazer and did not know who Constantine was, I love that movie (could be just because of Keanu). Love the scene at the end when he is talking to "Lu".
  9. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    Goblet of Fire is also my favorite Potter book. I also don't really care for the rest of the movies. I did enjoy Chamber and Stone, but hated what they did with Dumbledore in Goblet. I mean when Harry's name came out of the goblet, it seemed that Dumbledore was going to beat the tar out of him.
  10. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I'm not going to get into an in depth discussion about the differences. I have never been a huge fan of the books. Again, I can understand that they are classics and lots of people like them, but I have always struggled getting through them. Never been my favorite books.
  11. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I agree about this. I love the third movie. I don't care for any of the Godfather movies. I have watched the first one a few times and just didn't care for it. I can understand it is a well made movie and the performances are good and everything, I am just not into it. Also, the LOTR movies are much better than the books, but the BBC production of the LOTR is much better than both.
  12. Fiddler

    Is David Eddings any good?

    I forgot all about the Exiles. I really enjoyed the first two. Also still like the two Dragon trilogies.
  13. Fiddler

    Deadpool 2: Cross Universe Casting

    Gotta say, the team behind Deadpool continues to blow away the marketing!
  14. That looks fun! I remember that Ghost character from an Iron man comic when I was younger. I don't remember much about what happened, but I remember Iron man dealing with them at one point.
  15. I've been reading a lot of good things about him. Maybe fighting for a guard spot to help their shitty run game. Combining him, the new C in round 1 and the RB in round 2, could mean good things for the run game and Stafford. I like what Quinn is doing with his drafts and I hope Patricia is the coach this team needed.