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  1. Fiddler

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    I'm with you. I get choked up just seeing the trailers.
  2. Fiddler

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Great game. Shame that KC had it won except for their one defender who lined u p in the Patriots huddle. Should be a good superbowl.
  3. Fiddler

    Cartoons you'd like to see remade?

    I wouldn't mind some gi joe or mask remade, but it would depend on the animation. The animation is what has always turned me off of all the transformers after the original.
  4. I'm enjoying the help out of the game. Been playing a bit of cool with my brother and it is great fun.
  5. And there's the lions we all know and love. In the NFL you can't dominate for a half and only lead by 10. It's s a surefire way to continue losing.
  6. How do you not rush to the line and quick snap a AN sneak? FG s will cause you to lose, especially against the patriots.
  7. Nothing about the lions inspires confidence and I am a did hard fan of the team.
  8. Sweet. I haven't finished it yet, just past the red cages area, but I am still enjoying the game. I did beat the Nameless, the boss on the ship, finally yesterday. It was a nice feeling. I picked up Death's Gambit this week. It is a 2D metroidvania/dark souls type game. I haven't played it all the way through, but the game just isn't grabbing me. I am not sure what it is, but the controls seem a little delayed and the movement seems stiff. The game just doesn't feel smooth to me. Other people seem to like it though. Also re downloaded Binding of Isaac and Darkest Dungeon to my PS4, thanks to Northernlion on youtube, and have been enjoying both of those as much as before. Just waiting around for Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76 to release.
  9. I have been playing those same two games lately. Really loving Salt and Sanctuary, wish I would have picked it up earlier. There has been a couple of bosses that I just struggled very hard on, but, so far, I have been able to overcome them. Tomorrow I will be trying out Death's Gambit. Looking forward to that.
  10. Fiddler

    R,I.P. Thread

    This hurts. We joked when I was younger that my dad was secretly Van Vader because of a passing resemblance, a CPAC head strap and the coincendence that Vader usually didn't appear in the PPV until my Dad went into his room.
  11. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I really enjoyed the first AvP movie. It was a fun action romp with some cool moments between the predator and the woman. The second movie was an abomination except for one thing; the predator in that movie was awesome. It was like some bounty hunter with cool gadgets and badass weaponry. The rest of the movie though? Don't watch it.
  12. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I have to admit I have a soft spot for Chronicles of Riddick. I am not sure what it is about that movie, but it is one of those movies that if I come across it while channel surfing, I will stop and watch it.
  13. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    I love that song. I really enjoy that cheesy pop like that. I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I am not a huge fan of Will Ferrell. I really like Anchorman 1 & 2, but the rest of his starring role movies I do not like. Even his stint on SNL I didn't care for him as much as some of the others at that time. Even though I will admit, his Bush impression is fantastic and the one man show he did as Bush was great.
  14. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    As someone who has never read Hellblazer and did not know who Constantine was, I love that movie (could be just because of Keanu). Love the scene at the end when he is talking to "Lu".
  15. Fiddler

    Unpopular opinions

    Goblet of Fire is also my favorite Potter book. I also don't really care for the rest of the movies. I did enjoy Chamber and Stone, but hated what they did with Dumbledore in Goblet. I mean when Harry's name came out of the goblet, it seemed that Dumbledore was going to beat the tar out of him.