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  1. SuicideSheep

    Your most-read authors

    GRRM , Stephen King and Agatha Christie
  2. SuicideSheep

    Ranking minor POV characters?

    Arianne Martell Barristan Selmy Jon Connington Areo Hotah Melisandre Asha Greyjoy Aeron Greyjoy Arys Oakheart Quentyn Martell Victarion Greyjoy
  3. SuicideSheep

    Characters you dislike or hate

    Tommen - Such a moron . I also dislike Dany ,Balon , Walder Frey and Stannis.
  4. SuicideSheep

    Choose Your Kingsguard!

    1. Barristan Selmy 2.Garlan Tyrell 3.Sandor Clegane 4.Areo Hotah 5. Brynden Tully 6.Bronn 7.Bronze Yohn
  5. SuicideSheep

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    So , there was a scene with a penis of a child ? Or my mind is playing games with me ? 9/10 - Very good episode anyway.
  6. SuicideSheep

    Official Testing Thread

  7. SuicideSheep

    Which minor character's death hit you the most?

    The Hound
  8. SuicideSheep


    Hi everyone ! I'm the new guy , and i'm really excited to be here.I love the show and the books like every each of you , and i hope i'll have great time here !