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  1. Beren_One_Hand

    GRRM's cryptic location blog post

    A couple of posts before that one he says he’s taking a break from the Not A Blog for awhile. Maybe he just doesn’t want anyone knowing where he is so he can actually get some work done.
  2. Beren_One_Hand

    Brienne's Honor in Pennytree

    If Brienne is not lying, could Lem Lemmoncloak be holding the girl, who helped nurse Brienne back to health after her fight with Biter, against her? I'm not sure why he would hold her and not Poderick. It's also possible that, if Sandor is the gravedigger and he did follow Brienne, Sandor has taken one of the orphan girls from the BWB in a similar way that he took Arya from them and is holding her against Brienne for some reason.
  3. Beren_One_Hand

    Was Robert doomed to fail from the start?

    It’s my opinion that a lot of Robert’s behavior after winning the crown was due to the loss of Lyanna; in part due to her death, as well as the possibility that she ran off with Rhaegar. He made Lyanna out to be the perfect woman and to compensate for losing her he whored and drank and feasted. Yes, he fathered a bastard in the Vale before he was betrothed to her and she had fears he would not keep to her bed alone; but I believe losing her exaggerated these behaviors. He was also stuck in a love-less marriage with Cersei. His whoring may have been lessened if he were married to a woman who loved him and that he had love for as well; that may not have slowed his drinking or feasting though (we see him in a drinking contest at the Tourney at Harrenhal).
  4. Beren_One_Hand

    Why did they have to fight at the ToJ?

    It's important to remember that conversation was remembered in a milk-of-the-poppy induced fever dream Ned was having. It may not have happened exactly as Ned dreams in that moment and the dream could be combining multiple events into a single showdown.
  5. Beren_One_Hand

    Was the wall keeping Maester Aemon alive?

    It's said that "ice preserves and fire consumes", I'm not sure exactly where, but I remember reading that. So, it's likely that living at the Wall helped prolong Maester Aemon's life and that when he travelled into warmer climates, the increase in heat sped up his demise. It may be possible, if Jon is dead and not just very near death, for his body to be preserved in an ice cell or in one of the food storage areas under the wall. If Jon is very near death, but his spirit/mind is warged into Ghost, that being placed into an ice cell could slow the process of death long enough for his body to be healed. That's all assuming that the Wall isn't in complete chaos after the mutiny and people can collect Jon's body quickly enough and get him into an ice cell.
  6. Beren_One_Hand

    Any examples of undying loyalty in the books?

    The Blackfish was loyal to Robb Stark before disappearing from Riverrun, still flying the banner of House Stark during the Seige of Riverrun.
  7. Beren_One_Hand

    Were Daenerys and Viserys together the whole time?

    Dany also says that after Darry dies the servants stole their money, but Viserys still has their mother's crown (which he later sells). If they were together during the time of Darry's death, how did Viserys keep the crown when the rest of their money was stolen? Wouldn't the servants have stolen the crown too?
  8. Beren_One_Hand

    In GRRM's world, what is the value of being a good man?

    The value of being a good man is people may think of you more favorably after your death.