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    Who is the 3EC?

    Bran. Whenever the 3 eyed crow “speaks” to Bran in his dreams it is always in italics. Martin uses italics for thoughts, therefore Bran is speaking to himself as the 3 eyed crow. I believe it is an older Bran in the future reaching out to his past self through the weirnet.
  2. Beren_One_Hand

    Random Though: Jon was named "Brandon" by Lyanna

    If Jon was named Brandon and Ned changed it his name to Jon, it’s possible he did it to make the impact of him bringing his bastard home less of a blow to Catelyn. She was betrothed to Brandon before marrying Ned.
  3. I’d say he’s talking about himself being a humble piece in Cersei’s plans and that he has a will of his own; making his own moves instead of the ones she planned for him.