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  1. Maxxine

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    I was literally just thinking this. I by no means think (f)aegon is as cruel as Joffrey overall. But his reaction during the cyvasse game is very Joffrey-ish in that it indicates a sense of entitlement, which undermines the little speech by Varys at the end of Dance. The theory is a good one (and also could apply to a number of other characters), but in practice it doesn't seem like that (f)aegon embodies that at least from the little we have seen of him so far.
  2. Maxxine

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    I do agree with the OP. But most of the new characters/storylines that come about in Feast and the first half of Dance annoy me for one reason or another. I will say Aegonpresents a special annoyance he adds an extra unneeded complexity thats going to hold up the resolution of an already complex story. I don't mind the story being complex but he just seems an issue we could do without. Especially since imo the character himself is not likable or interesting. I think hes just there bc of what Dany says about the mummers dragon: it gives the hero something to fight.
  3. Maxxine

    Theon's bastard

    Theon's problem in regard to the Iron Born is not his inability to produce an heir, but how weak he is. Even before Ramsay they weren't going to follow, They really won't now. The Iron Born are no more than the Dothraki on boats. They follow power. Theon has been broken and even though he's found himself emotionally and spiritually from his time as Reek, he's not going to regain who he was physically so the Iron Born won't have him
  4. Maxxine

    Saddest moment in series?

    Oh come on! This is seriously one of the saddest scenes? This is nowhere near as horrid or sad as: red wedding, cat having to watch Robb die , arya watching the massacre outside the Twins and Ned being beheaded, Sansa being physically and mentally abused Bran being thrown out of a window and crippled rickon becoming hysterical and deranged as a result of no parents. Meanwhile, Jon gets told he shouldn't have been born! Oh no. i find it hard to believe that you actually believe what you said... This seems more like an attempt to turn this into another catelyn stark hate thread. Cat did nothing wrong in this situation she was a grieving mother who didn't want the presence of her husband's bastard son around her and her frail, fragile and broken Bran... Just because she may be justified in saying something doesn't make it any less sad for Jon. So because she's justified in feeling the way she does Jon's feelings can't be hurt & we can't feel bad for him? Plus she's not justified in saying what she said. She may be justified in her feelings about Ned having a bastard. But to tell a child regardless of who he is you wished he were dead when all he wanted to do was make sure his brother was ok is wrong & it would hurt a child's feelings and can be seen as a sad moment.
  5. Maxxine

    Saddest moment in series?

    When Weasel runs away from and it's not caught by Gregor's men. And Arya thinks "Run as far you can and hide and never come back." Sad for two reasons. The literal reason of Weasal is what 3 or 4? And she has to hide and fend for herself. Who knows what happened to her. The figurative reason of Arya completely losing the child in her life that can never come back. As a side note: I know a lot of people believe that Weasel's purpose was just for a figurative reason for Arya & she won't be seen again. However, I hope she makes another appearance. Not to be serve a meaningful purpose but just to say where she is and what happened to her. Maybe she winds up at the inn where Brienne found Gendry.