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  1. Aedam Targaryen

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    So... are you saying that the RW was perpetrated by Tywin and Co. in order to have peace and to bring Westeros together to fight the Others? I can promise that Tywin isn’t interested in peace... he is interested in his own power. And he knows nothing of the Others as far as I know. Your theory makes Tywin out to be a hero and savior to all of Westeros, and all of Westeros is not his motivation... House Lannister is his only motivation.
  2. Aedam Targaryen

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    These statements seem like you are also looking at this with a bit of a modern mindset. ‘Even by our standards’ implies that our standards of rape today are more lax than they are in Westeros, which is not the case. Also, while a 14yr old girl marrying an older man is reprehensible today, it happened a lot in Westeros. The Starks would be very upset by this, but I would argue that a father of a 14yr old girl in our time (in which NO 14yr old girls should get married) should be much more upset.
  3. Aedam Targaryen

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    Why? Do you remember why they wanted to go through the wall? They like their lives north of the wall where they don’t need to kneel for anyone. The only thing they didn’t like about it was the WW threat.
  4. Aedam Targaryen

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    This seems to be what they want us to believe. If you aren’t on screen, you don’t exist. It’s just like when a female Dornish bastard killed their prince and she was suddenly in charge. When we all know there is a list of other noble Dornish houses that wouldn’t have stood for that.
  5. Aedam Targaryen

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    Yes. Greyworm was being tough because Jon was his prisoner and his army was in control of the city. Until Tyrion says ‘we should pick a king’. Then suddenly Greyworm is cool with that plan. Greyworm; “You are not in charge. I am in charge. I control this city.” Tyrion; “Maybe someone else should be in charge.” Greyworm; “ok.” Dumb.
  6. Aedam Targaryen

    The vision in House of the Undying was real

    I also could use a reminder on when and how Littlefinger was gathering Targaryen banners? Unless you are referring to the tapestries from Robert, but in Westeros, gathering banners means something totally different than gathering tapestries.
  7. Aedam Targaryen

    The vision in House of the Undying was real

    I’m very curious as to how you propose that Rhaego could have possibly survived? Did he walk away while Dany was passed out? Did some Dothraki scoop him up to raise him to become leader of Dothrakii in secret? Even though Dothraki follow power, not bloodlines?
  8. Aedam Targaryen

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Because if the bells would have rung 10 minutes earlier than they did, Dany would have accepted the peaceful surrender? I don’t think that is reasonable to assume.
  9. Aedam Targaryen

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    I don’t know how. I’m not the 3 eyed raven.
  10. Aedam Targaryen

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    I didn’t expect Drogon to kill Jon (although I wasn’t so sure as they had their stare down). Many Targaryen dragon riders have been killed over the years, and I can’t think of a single instance that a dead Targaryen was avenged by their dragon.
  11. Aedam Targaryen

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    Let’s assume that Bran knew that he would be king and he manipulated everything in the world to put himself onto the throne. The important thing to know is, did he do it for his own personal gain/glory/revenge? Or did he do it because he actually knows it is what’s best for humanity? Since he mostly just stares out into space and doesn’t say much, there really isn’t much given to us to come to any reasonable conclusion about this. Also, in classic Bran fashion, his ‘all this way’ line is the only thing that might even shed a little light on his intentions, and it is incredibly vague.
  12. Aedam Targaryen

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    There won’t be a sequel. The worst parts of this show are because they didn’t have the interesting source material to use anymore. GRRM has written a TON of history stories but no future stories. While prequels could pull heavily from good GRRM writing, any sequel would rely exclusively on new writing, which has been proven to be bad. If HBO wants to continue it’s GOT money grab, it will have to look back, not forward.
  13. Aedam Targaryen

    Bronn - Highgarden and Master of Coin? Really?

    Bronn as paramount of the Reach makes about as much sense as a bastard woman becoming leader of Dorne by assassination the prince. So it’s in line with the rest of the show. Haha!
  14. This assumes that a Dany/Jon marriage would go smoothly and they would stay united the length of their lives, no one would ever try to betray them or divide them, Dany wouldn’t get crazier with age, and none of their eventual Targaryen children would land on the crazy side of the crazy coin. Breaking the tradition of a kings child automatically becoming the next king seems like a better long term solution, not just a solution for right now. That is what has been resolved. Even though Jon probably saved a lot of lives by doing so, it of course feels wrong to murder someone you love. And I thought the ‘I’ll find him myself’ line about Drogon meant that Bran would warg some birds and fly around and find him like he did when searching for NK on his dragon in ep3.
  15. Aedam Targaryen

    Thoughts on Arya possibly dying/failing to kill Dany?

    Nearly being burned alive multiple times in this most recent episode by Dany and her dragon seems like a pretty good and personal reason.