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  1. this video right here is like healing balm to my damaged dreams and hopes. Hope it helps you all too
  2. The ultimate plot twist ASOIAF death is when GRRM sees this pile of shite and have an heart attack making all the book fans forever brood in sadness and misery - never ending night.
  3. Lol, Game of Deus ex Machinas is getting really ridiculous these days
  4. Ser Morbid

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Is it just me but idea of sending Theon to Winterfell is ridiculous ? of all people Theon ? The guy who publicly executed ser Rodrik .. you know ... the very respected and loved northerman from noble house ?
  5. Ser Morbid

    [Spoilers] EP602

    What is not in Line is Roose being such a retard to get stabbed by such a shitwit that Ramsey is. I highly doubt that this will happen in books.