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  1. Hi Everybody! People always clearly separate the show's Night king from the 13th Lord comander from the books, the Nigth's King. In the show the Night king seems to be more of a personification of all the white walkers. A leader for show fans to identificate and to focus attention on. The books Night's King instead was the 13th Lord Comander of the Watch who presumably took a White Walker female as a wife and controled the Watch for years before he was brought down by the Stark in winterfell and the King beyond the wall. Moreover, some theories have stated that the 13th LC might be the same figure as the Last Hero, who went in a trip with 12 companions to stop the white walkers and finally could defeat them when he made contact with the children of the forest. And these 12 companions would be the first 12 LC of the Nights Watch As far I understand it, there is nothing explicit that links the two characters and the separation between the two of them is mainly caused by the inclusion of the scene in the show were they show how the Nigth King was created, that would be inconsistent with the timeline in which the Nigth's King from the books is posterior to the Long Night. Watching this week's episode of the show we were shown again 12 white walkers entering winterfell, as well as in that scene of the conversion of Craster's son back in season 3 . My questions are: If the figure in the show is not related to the Night's King from the books why do they insist in showing those 12 other white walkers again? Could anyone think of some way to connect the two stories so they both have sense? I assume this has been discused thoroughly but couldn't find it. Please don't go with the show is the show and the books are the books! Just triying to tie it toghether.
  2. Can anyone convince me of how is it a good strategy to wait for the enemy OUTSIDE your castle walls? Ty