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  1. I asked her the moment the picture is revealed https://twitter.com/zionius/status/1289229676775268358, but I understood her saying "I may have asked for an official take on it" as "I should have asked for an official take on it", so...
  2. @Ran Hazdahn No (LOIAF) or Hazdahn Mo (TWOIAF), which is correct?
  3. I was on mobile and only checked the first page of the google image resultsThanks for correcting me!
  4. Caraxes is another design, and not red, according to a instagram claiming to be Matt Smith himself.
  5. Lords Bigglestone, Chambers, and Perryn in F&B refer to Clint Bigglestone, Johnny Chambers and Steve Perrin, GRRM's fanzine friends since high school.
  6. I suppose they'd release the dragons with most screen time first, Sunfyre and Dreamfyre likely won't fit. Just as the news for actors. They announce Viserys first, then Daemon Rhaenyra and Alicent, then other minor characters.
  7. Now that we know S1 will likely cover only first half of Viserys's reign, the young dragon can't be Sunfyre. Deadline reports the 5 leads are Daemon, Viserys, Rhaenyra, Alicent and Sea Snake. The dragons could be Syrax and Caraxes.
  8. This suggests The Illuminerdi is trustworthy in HotD rumors. Based on their reports, it will probably begin around 105 AC (Daemon described heir), as described in the logline: The logline suggests they'd make it to 107 AC (Aegon's birth) at least, when Rhaenyra is 15 and Alicent 19. Harrold Westerling as Series Regular suggests S1 will end in around 111AC (the tourney when Blacks and Greens are named) or 112 AC (Harrold's death), when Rhaenyra is 20 and Alicent 24. Emma D’Arcy is 28 and Olivia Cooke 26, they can play Rhaenyra and Alicent 112 AC, and perhaps also Rhaenyra and Alicent in 105 AC. Redanian Intelligence reports they are finding Young Rhaenyra and Alicent, I guess they are to play Rhaenyra and Alicent in 101 AC, a flashback to the Great Council.
  9. Yep. Lord Caron had both titles in F&B, so this is not a big issue I guess, though they missed "the" somehow. Other trivial updates are listed in https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/k57eo5/spoilers_main_minor_errors_corrected_in_latest/
  10. The title Lord of Nightsong disappears in the latest update of ADWD kindle edition: Though it should be Lord of the Marches instead...
  11. In the show commentary track of that episode, GRRM said:
  12. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Gorzhak_zo_Eraz I guess this is incorrect? Of the three slavers presenting the head, we can only sure one of them is the Rabbit (his rabbit teeth betrayed him), we don't know the other two. But since Barry didn't know the names of them, we can assume they are not among the seven who came to the pit, ie., not Yurkhaz, Little Pigeon and Drunken Conqueror. Also they can't be Malazza, Grazdan mo Eraz, and Yezzan. Thus I assume the other two are two of the following: Wobblecheeks, Pudding Face, Beastmaster, Charioteer, Perfumed Hero, Clanker Lords.
  13. Oh I find it is Silverhall in James Sinclair's The South and Iron Islands maps for AFFC 1st ed. In Jeffrey Ward's AFFC maps, it's Silverhall in The South map, Silverhill in Iron Islands map. Even weird thing: Werthead find a version of James Sinclair's Iron Islands map with Silverhill AFFC: https://atlasoficeandfireblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/the-maps-of-a-song-of-ice-and-fire-a-feast-for-crows/ So it seems Silverhill is correct after all.
  14. Er, I just notice HBO's 2011 map also call it Silverhill, no idea now... @Ran Do you have any ideas, based on GRRM's heraldry notes and his hand-drawn maps?
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