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  1. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    A tiny question has bothered me for quite a while. Did Merryweather had some other meanings, like a pun I missed?
  2. Not sure where to post a likely error in ASOS. In Chapter 27, Daenerys III, it's stated Rakharo put an arrow through Grazdan mo Ullhor's mouth to kill him. However, it's Aggo in Path of the Dragon. The latter should be correct, since Aggo used bow, while Rakharo used arakh, as stated even in the previous paragraph.
  3. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    How do you understand it? Feast for a whole day, or a fixed holiday on Aegon IV's birthday? FWIW, Father's Day was call Father's Feast in F&B.
  4. You can find several elements of GRRM's stories came from his life, as best summarized in his Torcon 2003 talk.
  5. Come to think it again, maybe Ran just meant they will find a solution with GRRM to solve Munkun's issue, just as solving Gerardys's issue. In 2014 the solution to the Gerardys's issue was still Orwyle cutting Viserys II's fingers, but that was changed in F&B.
  6. From what we know, George's writing for GRRMillion stopped at the Regency in ~2013. So it didn't contain much info about the events after. If Ran knew how Munkun's issue would be solved back then, it's probably 1)George wrote a little more event at the end of Regency, such as Aegon III found a new Grand Maester, the False Daeron rebellions etc. or 2) from George's incomplete notes for the events after 136 AC. Considering the word count of F&B v1 (~170k) is far less than George's claim in 2014(300~350k), subtracting the 7 kingdoms/Essos part in the world book, and the complete westerlands history preview, I guess there're still 20~50k materials we haven't seen.
  7. Just noticed, back in 2014, Ran told us F&B would solve the issue of Munkun being Grand Maester twice, though it didn't
  8. Rowan set out for his seat at Goldengrove, promising to return to King’s Landing once he had recovered his health, but he died upon the road in the company of two of his sons. For the rest of that year, the Grand Maester served as both regent and Hand, for the realm required governance and Aegon had still not reached the age of manhood. As a maester, chained and sworn to serve, Munkun did not feel it was his place to pass judgment on high lords and anointed knights, however, so the accused traitors languished in the dungeons, awaiting a new Hand. As the old year waned and gave way to the new, lord after lord arrived in King’s Landing, answering the king’s summons. The ravens had done their work. Though never formally constituted as a Great Council, the gathering of the lords in 136 AC was the largest assembly of nobles in the Seven Kingdoms since the Old King had summoned the lords of the realm to Harrenhal in 101 AC.
  9. Oh, I also find the worldbook errs about Thaddeus Rowan's retire year, which says 136 AC. But it's 135 AC in F&B
  10. zionius

    References and Homages

    It's known Oscar Tully refers to Oscar, but there're even more, as noticed in this post. In the Muppet, both Oscar and Kermit are green, and Oscar is indeed "greener". Oscar became green after a trip to Swamp Mushy Muddy, which is the namesake for Muddy Mess.
  11. I think they only present in the Russian translation (you've read that one, IIRC), which was based on the earlier draft.
  12. zionius

    References and Homages

    Saagael is a god in GRRM's fanfiction Only Kids are Afraid of the Dark. The cunning Baldrick refers to Baldrick in Blackadder, whose catch phrase is "I have a cunning plan".
  13. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    What do you think of Sam Salt? A bastard surname or alliterated nickname ?
  14. Oh I forgot that line by Cat, dame...So no error here, yeah.
  15. I can think of 3 possibilities: 1. Like the case of Sunspear got burnt. GRRM added the detail in a later version, but F&B was published based on an earlier draft. 2. Like the case of Ellyn Reyne's death. Someone found a conflict in that statement and decided to remove it. 3. Like the case of Raymont Baratheon, GRRM decided to remove it for unknown reasons. The entry should be included in the worldbook errata for scenario 2/3, and in F&B errata for scenario 1. Without further info, I'd prefer to keep it in both erratas as a reference.