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  1. George said he could write serial novels on Yi Ti so he probably has more notes and ideas and could write like 50k words in a few weeks.
  2. Ah I find the quote: TWOIAF has ~20k far east matertial. so maybe 1-2k deleted material on Yi Ti?
  3. I seem to recall some Yi Ti materials (or far east materials) didn't fit into the world book for length. Ran, could you confirm that?
  4. IMDB latest update shows a guy as "Unit Manager: Cornwall" for Episodes 1& 2 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8820301/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr43 And I checked the IMDB profiles of other crews credited in only one or two episodes. Interestingly, most are credited in either ep1 or ep7. I guess two possibilities: (a) the show starts with 120 AC, with the first two episodes focus on Year of the Red Spring. (b) it starts with 105 AC (as HBO official description suggests), and Year of the Red Spring will be ep7. Those guys credited in ep1 just don't know which episode they are working for. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E1PlWM6VcAARW-g?format=png
  5. Really? IMDB and a 2019 interview say he's ex producer till season 8. He even won the Emmy for seasons 6-8 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0230361/awards?ref_=nm_awd
  6. Things happened in 120 AC: Laena died on Jan 6. Then Laenor. Then the fight. Then Harwin went from Driftmark to Harrenhal and died (took ~2 weeks). Then the King sent to Old Town for Otto. (Took ~4 days for raven, ~40 days on road). Then Rhaenyra married. The Rhaenyra gave birth. No one questioned Rhaenya conceived before Laenor/Laena's deaths, so she must be married 280 days before Dec 31. Therefore Laenor's death happened no later than 365-280-40-4-14-1=Jan 26.
  7. In agot timeline, Daeron is not mature when Aegon iv died. They both died at 20s.
  8. i've discussed the "almost died out" thing before. https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/i8z135 I believe that is one of the many thing grrm changed since THK because he didn't have a clear idea back then. As of THK, there were no Blackfyres, and Viserys was Aegon iii's son. If you calculate the ages from Daeron I to Daeron II with the old tree in AGOT, you'll find every generation has to die in his 20s. https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/9kh570/ So Aegon IV probably didn't have those bastards back then. Raising Viserys by a generation, with the death year fixed, added 20+ years of life to Aegon IV and Daeron II. Perhaps, the blackfyre plot was born when grrm was wondering what did they do during those extra 20 years. Similarly i believe grrm changed his plan about the Baratheon marriage. He didn't know when they married back in 1999, but certainly not as near as two generations ago.
  9. Any idea who's this? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E0K1BCWVcAAgDG3?format=png&name=orig
  10. We got Laenor & Laena, maybe https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/04/29/14/42368850-9525555-image-a-81_1619703067552.jpg
  11. From how they sit (A beside Rhaenys and Sea Snake, B beside Rhaenyra), probably Laenor & Strong. B might also be Harrold Westerling, who was mentioned as serial regular in cast sheet.
  12. Is the sea lion on House Manning sigil also intended to be a real sea lion?
  13. I just noticed last week all the main media already revealed he had Dornish blood https://www.google.com/search?q=Of+Dornish+descent%2C+Ser+Criston GRRM deliberately deleted "of Dornish descent" when he announced this, so we are the last to know XD
  14. This is also included in S8 Bluray extra of Rory McCann's interview. Not sure if the 4k BD box includes a 4k version.
  15. Stefan, who collects ASOIAF translations, lists most of them https://www.agameofthronesbooks.com/my-book-collection/
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