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  1. SSM July 2012, translated from Spanish: When Ned and Robert are arguing over the murder of Daenerys in Game of Thrones , Ned says "Why did we rise up against Aerys Targaryen, Robert, if it was not to end the killing of children?" Since Aerys did a lot of atrocities but never talk about killing children again, is it a slip of Ned or is there something we still do not know? Well, there were times when Aerys ordered the killing of children. It is discovered in later books, as in the Defiance of Duskendale, when they take the city and give most people to the sword, including the younger children of the Houses that challenged them, such as the Darklyns and Hollards. And I imagine that there would be other situations in which the same thing happened: the whole line of a House is eliminated, you do not limit yourself to simply killing the father and you let the children grow up so they can take revenge. But this becomes an endless circle, the Targaryen children themselves are killed.
  2. zionius

    Dark Sister

    Now available at https://soundcloud.com/sfinsfpodcast/august-2018-george-rr-martin-special-event, and I created a subtitle at https://pastebin.com/5813a6pU to aid quick search and transcription. Interesting new stuff I've found: About the deleted Shrouded Lord chapter in ADWD. George called the Shrouded Lord "an amazing character who appears for the first time", and seemed to imply in the original draft, Tyrion met a real Shrouded Lord, rather than met him in dreams and visions. (1:49:20) Some character names do have meanings, when I dig into my "What to name your baby" books and find this name means destined for a tragic end, yeah, that'll be a good name for my character. (1:23:50) Stannis is a very complex character, a grey character. I didn't want to give you his thought process, just his words and actions. (1:29:00) I follow the characters where they lead me, and that's one reason my books take so long. You see my characters are treacherous sons of bitches and sometimes they lead me down dead alleys, and they leave me into swamps, I'm drowning there. You son of a bitch character, why did you lead me here? And then I have to go back and find a road or something that makes more sense, and I rewrite and I trashed chapters and I rethink things. (1:37:50) George went blank when asked about Bloodraven and Dark Sister. The question was repeated three times before he understood it. (1:29:30) On the other hand, George answered "I don't think Bittersteel had any children" at once. I guess that might imply he had figured out how House Blackfyre should continue in the female line, and decided it won't be descendants from Bittersteel and Calla Blackfyre. Questioner: "I'm wondering if Joseph Campbell had any influence on you as a writer, and if so...“ George:”No, John W. Campbell.“ John Picacio:"Now there's the answer." And thus the question finished. But in fact George got it wrong. The questioner really meant Joseph Campbell. However, John Picacio was right after all, we do know the answer now: George hasn't even heard of Joseph Campbell
  3. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Great, thanks! Considering the US 1st print of ACOK is four months later than UK 1st print, and the use of Lion's Tooth in ASOS Sanssa chapter, seems like GRRM changed his mind after the UK 1st print was out, as said here: However, from my comparison of US/UK kindle versions of ACOK, in fact the UK version has more contents and fewer mistakes, so weird...
  4. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Seems like it's always Lion's Paw in ACOK UK editions. Though we need to check an earlier print to be certain. Could @Werthead please enlighten us on this issue? It's always Lion's Tooth in the Sansa chapter and Lion's Paw in the Arya chapter in US/UK editions of ASOS. Strange!
  5. FWIW, I believe Ran first told us Alysanne was once Maegor's daughter in this podcast. Any source for this?
  6. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I checked two UK (Harper Voyager) kindle versions: one updated in 2015 and another in 2017, both are "Lion's Paw". Here's another report of "Lion's Paw", probably a UK paperback printed in 2011. All US versions as far as I know, are "Lion's Teeth".
  7. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I made a comparison of the US/UK versions of the series, and found a few candidates for the errata. Should be A year ago, as in the US ver, since Joff's 13th nameday just passed a few chapters ago. Should be hill of Visenya, as in the UK ver. Should be Bloody Keep, as in the UK ver. Should be Gate of the Gods, as in the UK ver. Robb's men remained at Gate of the Gods in ACOK Tyrion V. It's Lion’s Paw in the UK ver, and that's probably the "correct" version, as so spake Martin.
  8. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    So that's as canonical as Dany passed Ghoyan Drohe and Vaes Khadokh? For a decade I've been thinking GRRM mistook Arya for Sansa (because it's Arya who said "Lion's Paw" in ASOS Arya VI). Now I know he was probably right! Sansa also remembered the sword as Lion's Paw in the UK version of ACOK: In all the US versions I checked it's always Lion's Tooth in that passage. It's still unclear whether the change was made by GRRM or his US editor. I wonder it's Lion's Paw or Lion's Tooth in the 1st prints of ACOK US/UK version.
  9. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    In Sansa's route in both LOIAF and the app, Littlefinger and Lysa visited a series of Vale castles (Coldwater, Snakewood, Heart's Home, Longbow Hall, Old Anchor, Ironoaks) before they reached the Eyrie. Is that stated in the books? It seems Sansa never met these Vale lords before she reached the Eyrie, though, as shown in AFFC Alayne I:
  10. zionius

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    On the Journeys map, after Brienne was captured by the Brave Companions at Maidenpool, she traveled south almost to KL before back north to Harrenhal. The route should instead be directly to Harrenhal, as shown in Jaime's route and Brienne's route in LOIAF.
  11. zionius

    Small Questions v. 10105

    There's no Fred, and Bill survived in Craster's Keep. @Ran, would you happen to remember who/which event GRRM was referring to, or he was just talking in a general sense?
  12. zionius

    Why foster Theon with Ned?

    The "debt" and the fosterage might be related. My headcanon is Ned convinced Robert to pardon House Greyjoy.
  13. zionius

    Wiki Account

    Is anything amiss? I registered 2 months ago yet haven't seen reply
  14. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Found another likely error in AFFC appendix, which says Alester Florent was made the Hand before Blackwater. However, it's stated he's a self-styled Hand after Blackwater. Later maybe Stannis granted him the title. This raised another question: who was the Hand before Alester? Likely he's a Lord/Lord's brother who died/yielded in Blackwater. My bet is on Monford Velaryon. Could also be Bryce Caron or Imry Florent, though much less likely.