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  1. Is the sea lion on House Manning sigil also intended to be a real sea lion?
  2. I just noticed last week all the main media already revealed he had Dornish blood https://www.google.com/search?q=Of+Dornish+descent%2C+Ser+Criston GRRM deliberately deleted "of Dornish descent" when he announced this, so we are the last to know XD
  3. This is also included in S8 Bluray extra of Rory McCann's interview. Not sure if the 4k BD box includes a 4k version.
  4. Stefan, who collects ASOIAF translations, lists most of them https://www.agameofthronesbooks.com/my-book-collection/
  5. Nope, but you could buy the book The Art of Game of Thrones, or check the concept artists's websites, like Kieran Belshaw
  6. I guess ASOIAF could be the cartoon version.
  7. I removed the first statement and added a refer for the second.
  8. It's from a NaB post, i'd find it.
  9. I think someone yielded and joined the black, or died. Jon didn't know the number, suggests the number is changing. Maybe more than one of Cregan's men were not in the cell now. And some NW or wildling were in it for some crime.
  10. I asked her the moment the picture is revealed https://twitter.com/zionius/status/1289229676775268358, but I understood her saying "I may have asked for an official take on it" as "I should have asked for an official take on it", so...
  11. @Ran Hazdahn No (LOIAF) or Hazdahn Mo (TWOIAF), which is correct?
  12. I was on mobile and only checked the first page of the google image resultsThanks for correcting me!
  13. Caraxes is another design, and not red, according to a instagram claiming to be Matt Smith himself.
  14. Lords Bigglestone, Chambers, and Perryn in F&B refer to Clint Bigglestone, Johnny Chambers and Steve Perrin, GRRM's fanzine friends since high school.
  15. I suppose they'd release the dragons with most screen time first, Sunfyre and Dreamfyre likely won't fit. Just as the news for actors. They announce Viserys first, then Daemon Rhaenyra and Alicent, then other minor characters.
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