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  1. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I think Gaemon, Essie and Sylvenna Sand didn't work in the House of Kisses. House of Kisses is on Visenya's Hill, whereas Street of Silk on Rhaenys' Hill. While it's likely an error, there is no need to correct it. It's easy to image, with the Shepherd's riot in Rhaenys' Hill, Gaemon's followers moved to Visenya's Hill instead. We can just assume there're two different brothels, and change corresponding wiki entries instead.
  2. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I realized it when reading this: Given ACOK described Shae lived at the northeast corner, I'd say GRRM forgot the map direction almost right from the beginning. I don't know if there is any case that the text matches the ACOK map direction.
  3. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    It seems the original direction of KL map (where north is tilted clockwise by 60 degrees) is long abandoned. GRRM definitely used the up direction of KL map as north. E.g, KL at north bank, Shae's manse at "northeast" corner, Fleabottom at south of Dragonpit, and Cobbler’s Square west of it.
  4. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I guess so, it seems AFFC says nothing about which Farwyn is the main branch. And GRRM gave the Lonely Light Farwynd his originally envisioned Farwynd sigil back in 2001. It seems to me GRRM retconned the Farwynd story during writing AFFC and moved them to the newly created Lonely Light. But since there was already a "LORD FARWYND of Great Wyk" in ASOS appendix, he had to keep some Farwynds on the Great Wyk too.
  5. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    IIRC, Ran stated MUSH is not considered cannon and should not be used on the wiki. However, I guess we can use info of the canonical characters on the MUSH as pseudo-canon sources, which can be found by entering "+cdb/search type/feature" in the MUSH: (Note: the ladies use their hunsbands' surnames) I guess some MUSH info about these canonical characters are likely semi-canon, e.g.: Whereas others seem like coined by Elio & Linda:
  6. zionius

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Where does it say Manfryd Redwyne died in 89 AC? The wiki says in Heirs of the Dragon, but I can't find it, only that Sea Snake somehow was already master of ships in 90 AC. Never mind, find it.
  7. Should be "coves"
  8. Amazing collections! Seems like there's one copy on exhibition at Duke University now. I wonder if it's among the "Seven"
  9. Didn't notice the tense Yeah, guess you're right.
  10. He's still in KL when Cregan arrived, and was considered innocent since he's not in KL when Aegon died. Afterwards, when discussing the filling in of the KG empty spots, the wording is vague enough to leave room for the possiblity that he might still be in the KG. To sum up, though it is definitely bad writting, it's still possible all the sentences are correct, change is not a must.
  11. I think it's OK for the 5th KG to be not in the Red Keep when Aegon died, and come back later? So he could escape the trial.
  12. TWOIAF error. In GRRM's full sample, the line is The latter should be correct.
  13. Yes, it's "Queen Visenya proposed to settle the matter by betrothing the infant Rhaena to Maegor, who had just turned eleven." in both US/UK kindle versions.
  14. The Red Keep was built years after the First Dornish War.
  15. zionius

    Folio Society Map