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  1. I live in Asia and run an ASOIAF blog, many people in my country asked me which English version should they choose. Since it's hard to find them in bookstores here, I don't know how they look and feel in read life. So I wonder, how shall I recommend to them which version to choose, in terms of paper/font/print quality? 1. For low budget, the choice between US paperback / US Mass Market Paperback / US leather bound set / UK paperback in 6 volumes / UK paperback in 7 volumes. (I also want to know how to tell US paperback from US mmp since online booksellers in my country don't tell you which version they're selling, I can only tell from the covers, but it seems paperback and mmp use the same cover sometimes.) 2. For higher budget, the choice between common US / UK hardcover. 3. For TWOIAF, the choice between US / UK hardcover. 4. For F&B, the choice between US / UK hardcover. 5. For AKotSK, the choice between US / UK hardcover.
  2. It was not a Westeros thing and not in the book. But somehow they exhibited it
  3. Never mind! I asked another friend to help me checking the rest images I missed. Turns out I miss only three images: Panited Mountains by Sven Sauer, Smoking Sea by Sven Sauer and another Strongsong by Rene Aigner. It seems Torrhen's Square , Fleet of 10000 ships, Skull Island were never finished.
  4. Ah, I forgot to check their map... It seems I still miss at least 10 images: Torrhen's Square by Manuel Grad, Temple of R'hllor in Oldtown by Philipp Scherer, Norvos by Simone De Salvatore, Sarnath by Emmanuel Shiu, Painted Mountains & Bhorash by Sven Sauer, Mantarys by Sven Sauer, Fleet of 10000 ships by Benjamin Schulte, Skull Island by Martin Höhnle, Ghost grass by Sven Sauer, Nefer by Sven Sauer. Maybe some arts are unfinished. In another map, there's only Torrhen's Square by Manuel Grad, Fleet of 10000 ships by Benjamin Schulte, Painted Mountains by Sven Sauer, Skull Island by Martin Höhnle that I'm missing. Update: also can't find Asshai 1-3 by Robert Simon.
  5. Think I've collected 79 of the 80 images in Unseen Westeros with the largest available resolution online. For anyone interested https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rnrf-RWHnpmOhgt9nyh0wcs695TV7CrX/view?usp=sharing @The Grey WolfCould you help to check which one I missed? And what's the place of "The Red Sword" by Markus Graf?
  6. Small wonder a king without a hand would make a hand witthout fingers as his only choice
  7. THK began with "It's about a hundred years before AGOT". I seem to recall that's the only timemark as of 1998. With TSS published in 2008, it's clear Ashford tourney happened in 209 AC. Though Ran seems to think it's always 209 AC, he mentioned here GRRM had envisioned Red Grass Battle at 204 AC. Yep, so I only write it here for the record and discussion, rather than add it to wiki errata. “Did none keep faith?” he asked. “Some few,” the captain said. “The queen’s kin, them in chief. We took off many who wore the fox-and-flowers, though many more were left ashore, with all manner of badges. Lord Florent is the King’s Hand on Dragonstone now.” Queen Selyse keeps court for him with her uncle the Lord Alester, who is naming himself the Hand.
  8. This is for the errata of A Song of Ice and Fire, Dunk & Egg tales, Fire & Blood, The World of Ice & Fire, etc. Best check https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/A_Song_of_Ice_and_Fire_Errata for known issues before you submit new mistakes in the series. Previous threads: I'd start with a few new ones we recently noticed: Lancel IV or V wielded his Valyrian steel sword against Ser Wilbert Osgrey in TSS. TWOIAF confirms it's Lancel IV and Brightroar. But his contemporary, Gyles III lived when the Manderlys were still at Mander, thus a thousand years before the Conquest, whereas Brightroar came into the possession of House Lannister about two hundred years before the Conquest. The Brightroar of Lancel IV has to be another much older sword with the same name. Ser Arlan was a little boy when he saw the last dragon in 152 AC, which is 57 years before the time of THK. But Dunk said Arlan was no more than 60. The issue came from GRRM changed the timeline of THK from ~200 AC to 209AC. After Battle of the Blackwater Dontos Hollard claimed ''Lord Tywin himself had their right wing on the north side of the river, with Randyll Tarly commanding the center and Mace Tyrell the left''. However, their right wing should be on the south side. Ryman Frey was hanged near Fairmarket, according to Jaime, "not a day's ride from the Twins". However, the distance between Fairmarket and the Twins should took around ten day's ride. AFFC appendix says Stannis made Lord Alester Florent his Hand before Battle of the Blackwater, however, ASOS suggests he became Hand after the battle. The Hand before him was likely Lord Velaryon
  9. Yep I was inspired by your comment here last month. I think our major difference is Carly Wary part, which you seem to believe was pitched later whereas I think was pitched as spinoff #3, since it's Apr. 2017 when they regitered spinoff #2 & #4, and HBO anounced Carly Wary a month later. Cogman learnt he could have a spinoff from GRRM in May 2017, via his vanityfair interview. So it's the latest of the five. Idk why you think it was suggested first. I saw your comment mentioned October Lodge was Jane Goldman's company, but when I wrote the post I only searched "October Lodge+Jane Goldman" and found no results. So I reached the conclusion from anoter approch. I should have tried to google "October Lodge" alone...
  10. https://7kingdoms.ru/2018/unseen-westeros-exhibition/ most complete collection so far
  11. Mine came from analyzing the ebook, of course. How else could I catch so many corrections of a single letter? Thus, this is the complete list of every changes. Except a few typos that was already corrected in previous kindle versions.
  12. F&B paperback is released today, which fixed most issues in the wiki errata https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/i3lh2l/spoilers_main_changes_in_fire_blood_paperback/ Entries of a few characters need updating too. @Lord Varys
  13. He's mainly working on Starport and the screenplays for Wild Cards/A Princess of Mars in late 93 to early 94.
  14. I didn't look carefully. You're right.
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