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  1. I guess it helps one to understand this:
  2. Yeah it's still unchanged in the latest e-edition. The skull could either from old Valyria or even found in Westeros. GRRM settled the issue back in 1999:
  3. Input a few words from the subtitles into searcherr.work you'd find the context of this interview: Aug 2002 at Con Jose. That book is a limited edition of ACOK published at that time.
  4. I notice TWOIAF paperback (9780008524920) was listed on edelweiss, amazon and HarperCollins sites (https://www.harpercollins.com.au/9780008524920/the-world-of-ice-and-fire/, https://www.amazon.it/Landscapes-Edward-Holme/dp/0008524920). It was due on May 12 (or May 18), 2022, but now canceled. The information contains many errors and could be just a mistake. Does @Ran know anything about it?
  5. https://winworldpc.com/product/paint-shop-pro/5x Not sure if this one works, looks legit to me. Anyway, one need a virtual machine to run it, so it's not too dangerous to try.
  6. One of them, is Bolton's Words, which for some reason is still not seen on Citadel.
  7. Sandkings is a movie directed by Gore Verbinski. We don't know who's developing Tuf Voyaging TV. There're also Tuf Voyaging comic by Raya, NIGHT OF THE COOTERS and other short films, pitches of other fantasy TVs, theater, book shop, stage coach, writing class, Meow Wolf, railroad, library tower, etc.
  8. Rhaena materials are not deleted from the world book/TSotD. GRRM apparently had better concept of her in c.2017-8.
  9. Is the new F&B edition (beside two TV tie-ins) to be published this year, as GRRM says? I haven't found any info in edelweiss and amazon.
  10. I made the list of revised sigils in Mar 2019, half a year before this change. Therefore it's not captured. I just checked again, this is the only changed blazon after the 2019 update.
  11. Xoom seems to be online on June 20, 1999. http://community.fortunecity.ws/healthclub/rowing/100/announce/thread5s/thread5s1.html Then on Dec 10 1999 you announced the new domain westeros.org, and it already had some content then, including the heraldry and SSM. http://community.fortunecity.ws/healthclub/rowing/100/announce/thread5s/thread5s3.html
  12. So GRRM didn't appear this year, neither on site nor online?
  13. I'm almost sure it's from his minion, and didn't think much about the content. His post last week used a fan art in 2016 which contains many errors. And this week uses a fan art of Aragorn in 2011, photoshopped the green stone to red and eyes to purple...
  14. Compared with asearchoficeandfire.com Pros: iincludes appendices and F&B, uses the latest text version, shows paragraph location, shows more contexts (10 paragraphs), ignores apostrophe in search terms Cons: can't do exact match with quote marks, doesn't have POV/location/book scope limiter(I could make one but then it won't be a general purpose searcher)
  15. F&B corrects dozens of issues in the two novellas and has 50%+ new content. The novellas only has less than 50 words unfound in F&B (the phrase "rogue prince", Alicent deflowered by Daemon, and one or two more things).
  16. It's only a few words different from F&B, I guess unnecessary to most people. I do plan to add something like "version compare", I have more than 50 text versions of the 8 ASOIAF books so far.
  17. I've made a full text search engine for J. R. R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin's Works: http://searcherr.work/ It also includes a search of my "SSM extended file", which contains 2 million words from GRRM on ASOIAF.
  18. Oops, I forgot the YiTi one, and there are 2 other animes in develop. So it seems the 8 count doesn't include animes. Or maybe, the 8 count only include GOT spinoffs: HOTD, 9 voyagers, 10k ships, D&E, 3 animes, one unknown newly added.
  19. Looks like snake or swan. https://imgur.com/a/nmJO8Mq
  20. Could Catspaw's dagger be the 3rd VS sword Ryan mentioned? All 3 VS weapons made cameo in the teaser.
  21. He had 8 projects with HBO: Who Fears Death, Roadmarks, HOTD, 9 voyages, 10k ships, D&E, ASOIAF Anime, Flea Bottom. (He had more with Peacock, Netflex, AMC, etc. So it's only a HBO project count, as the tag suggests. It follows the same way of him counting HBO spinoff shows in that famous blog) But recently "Flea Bottom" is dead, so the 8th one is a little tricky. It could still be Flea Bottom, it could be Warner's Ice Dragon since Warner owns HBO, it could also be Theodore Sturgeon's More than Human, which is listed here: https://www.startlinginc.com/ (You'll note all other Startling's HBO projects are GRRM-related projects).
  22. All changes in the kindle version are recorded in the errata https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Errata_of_The_World_of_Ice_%26_Fire The kindle version hasn't updated to the 9th print, and I don't have one at hand, so some changes in the 9th print are still unknown. The only ones we know now are Gyldayn retcon.
  23. Actually someone scanned all the images 2 weeks ago... We'll see an interview of Arantza Sestayo soon, then we'd know if she got any info from GRRM. (I guess it's none, based on how she draw the Iron Throne, the dragon and Storm's End)
  24. George said he could write serial novels on Yi Ti so he probably has more notes and ideas and could write like 50k words in a few weeks.
  25. Ah I find the quote: TWOIAF has ~20k far east matertial. so maybe 1-2k deleted material on Yi Ti?
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