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  1. Yes, that's why I said she's not a dragonrider in EP5. She must claimed her in the 11 year time jump. Therefore they didn't cut the scene "Laena claimed Vhagar" in EP2. They never shot that scene.
  2. There is zero hint of Vhagar in ep5. If she had Vhagar, one would expect they talked of it in her scene, and three dragons on screen. If you compare the full leak with the reddit leak, you can find the latter is a very brief summary of the former, plus a few more tidbit: Mysaria pregnant, Laena claimed Vhagar, green is war banners, Joffrey tells Criston about moon tea... None of them appears in the show. These are deliberately added fake info, and I happen to know who added them.
  3. In ep5 apparently Laena isn't a dragonrider yet, elsewise they'd let 3 dragons flew to KL.
  4. My headcanon is the horse reared because Rhea's cousin planned to kill her in this hunt and did some tricks on the bow, like a string connecting to a blade which would cut the horse when it was pulled. Daemon seemed to want to pull the horse when it reared. And he initially didn't want to kill Rhea, a fool 's choice if the horse reared because of him. The freefolk leak is mostly correct but also has some fake info, like Alicent-Criston love and Laena claiming Vhagar. And they didn't shoot Viserys-Alicent wedding, only the pre-wedding scene when Rhaenyra quarreled with Alicent and then silently helped her into her bridal gown.
  5. Someone noted this in TWOIAF: "Septon Barth's claim that the Valyrians came to Westeros because their priests prophesied that the Doom of Man would come out of the land beyond the narrow sea can safely be dismissed as nonsense, as can many of Barth's queerer beliefs and suppositions." Is it from GRRM?
  6. Yep, they changed their nicknames to second names after knighting.
  7. I didn't accuse him of being misleading on purpose, just that he is very, very unprofessional.
  8. The reporter made at least 5 mistakes in his recent articles. I won't trust anything he didn't put between quote marks. And he might have misheard something inside quotation marks too, like "GRRM thought the Velaryons could be black", the original word might well be "Valyrians".
  9. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/asoiaf/davos-i-spoilers-for-adwd-t3026.html
  10. The rest seems to have no source and probably should be removed.
  11. You can judge from the publisher. US: Bantum/Random House. UK: HarperCollins.
  12. I forgot to say the most important thing: only the us ebook has regular updates. uk ebook (and paper version too) almost never updates.
  13. Paper version is almost always newer. But you have to buy a new one for each update, whereas kindle version can receive all the updates for free. Current TWOIAF kindle version (v7) still hasn't updated the Gyldayn retcon stuff. Current F&B kindle version is probably the latest, and has the 5 new pics. I think it might update again to incorporate some edits mentioned by Ran in Rise of the Dragon
  14. https://deadline.com/2022/06/game-of-thrones-jon-snow-spinoff-series-sequel-hbo-1235047502/ Deadline has confirmed. The project is still in exploratory stages, sources said.
  15. It is from a huge butch of leaks, which hasn't appear in public web as of yet. Every newly revealed official info confirms it is correct in almost every detail (Visery's disease, content of the teaser, renaming of Rickard Stark etc.)
  16. Does this confirm Blackfyre is a two hand sword rather than a hand-and-a-half? (I can't even find where GRRM said it's a bastard sword, besides the statement in SSM https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/SF_Targaryens_Valyria_Sansa_Martells_and_More)
  17. I guess it helps one to understand this:
  18. Yeah it's still unchanged in the latest e-edition. The skull could either from old Valyria or even found in Westeros. GRRM settled the issue back in 1999:
  19. Input a few words from the subtitles into searcherr.work you'd find the context of this interview: Aug 2002 at Con Jose. That book is a limited edition of ACOK published at that time.
  20. I notice TWOIAF paperback (9780008524920) was listed on edelweiss, amazon and HarperCollins sites (https://www.harpercollins.com.au/9780008524920/the-world-of-ice-and-fire/, https://www.amazon.it/Landscapes-Edward-Holme/dp/0008524920). It was due on May 12 (or May 18), 2022, but now canceled. The information contains many errors and could be just a mistake. Does @Ran know anything about it?
  21. https://winworldpc.com/product/paint-shop-pro/5x Not sure if this one works, looks legit to me. Anyway, one need a virtual machine to run it, so it's not too dangerous to try.
  22. One of them, is Bolton's Words, which for some reason is still not seen on Citadel.
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