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  1. Artimicia

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Heres what should happen, GRRM should do whatever he wants with the books because there his books and we all just have to wait and see or whatever, it's entirely up to him. As for TV the 8 seasons of game of thrones are done, period, no revisiting no additions, whatever. Instead, what should happen is HBO or whoever should get 4 seasons as in 4 years just focused entirely on Aegon Targaryen and everything all the details of his conquest and all that. He himself, Aegon that is, should be the sole focus and it should revolve entirely around him I just can't think of something that would appeal more to fans honestly than just a ton of stuff involving him.
  2. Artimicia

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    I thought it was a pretty fair ending honestly in some respects, but yeah also kinda clumsy perhaps.
  3. Kinda, but like, not really at all on the other hand. I think the point was Bran pre injury yes, but post injury no, and the writers were just not interested in accepting what had changed and that basic fact so they shoved him in kinda...
  4. Artimicia

    Anyone else annoyed that Tyrion is hand again?

    The ending is bad, but it just doesn't matter. All the show had to do was end with enough juice and excitement and support to keep the series from sinking, and then everyone can would and should go back to every other part of the universe and just re-visit the lore and moments endlessly without worrying about whether something seismic is happening on the other end. Like the point of the ending is it's time to celebrate, that the series is way way more than the sum of a few points at the end, that's what's most important, not destroying all the effort, not whether it ended well at all. It's a break point, the entire show could of been destroyed because of one episode or so, that's how shows work basically like the Sopranos spent 8 years on whatever, and then was annihilated from the earth because of one or two mistakes at the end. Game of Thrones just plain wasn't annihilated at all, that's honestly all that mattered after Episode 4 or so. It's here, that means everyone here on this forum can talk about all of it comfortably and read the books over and over and get collector's editions of the show because they'll sell for a lot in 2030 or whatever. Like it's total annihilation or everything is totally saved, it makes no sense, but that's how it works and that's how it worked. And everything in Game of Thrones is totally saved so that's awesome.
  5. Artimicia

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    I would like Valyria to be the focus of any spinoffs and novels honestly, and potentially any future new shows. Honestly the biggest issue with Game of Thrones right now is well recent events but honestly like who cares about that right now. The series is vast and huge with lots of books and characters and everything, and I definitely think there should be one and only one focus going forward. Aegon Targaryen. Everything about him, his life, his values, his connection to Valyria, very early Game of Thrones setting, I think it could be awesome because he is a great character and neither the books nor the show did him any justice. I cannot CANNOT believe we didn't see a flashback with him just once. There are a few people on the forums who are fans of Rhaenys and Visenya, and that's cool, seeing them would of been great either, thankfully GRRM knows the importance of the Targaryens and why Fire and Blood is so cool, but yeah why not just Aegon himself, https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Aegon_I_Targaryen?file=Aegon_the_Conqueror.png I mean what an awesome picture, he's the guy who put like the single most amount of work and effort into the creation of the GoT universe basically and thus deserves the most attention.
  6. Artimicia

    Neck Will be the New Wall

    Without a doubt. The most obvious point in Game of Thrones is that eventually everything boiled down to the Neck, not to King's Landing and such, so basically the Neck is the most relevant point also in the present and going forward.
  7. Artimicia

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Yes very obviously he is a very interesting character and Robb dramatically over-reacted.
  8. Artimicia

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Ok Like this is the thing, Game of Thrones has a lot of people with different motivations and different possible outcomes. The Freys are very, very specific, they aren't interested in a lot of things involving the Game of Thrones, except, marriage/inheritance and following the laws. They are incredibly law, it's a form of law that they practice with regard to gurantees and relations, they do it because it's just how they live and you can see how it's culturally relevant. Robb Stark and the Starks in general just don't care, they don't think it has any value. The point is that Frey was simply more connivving, it's cheesy and said often in school but there's no absolute right or wrong just who won to a certain extent. I don't think Frey would venture far outside the castle, to be honest, I think the Freys are just superior militarily as well, their castle and fortifications and overall position and prestige are vastly superior to the Starks, who are only as strong as the strongest Stark. They need pure charisma to succeed and the difference between Ned and Robb is extraordinary. Basically Starks need superior extreme savant outlier personalities to be relevant, whereas the freys are powerful and savants and can more steadily rely on various things because of their superior fortitude and stamina.
  9. Artimicia

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    And to think reaity rality already does that... reality already does that.... All this time and energy to achieve what time could of done all on it's own... nice waste of time and space there.
  10. Artimicia

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    GRRM is an unreliable narrator himself, that's really all there is to say.
  11. Artimicia

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    None a single Roam Roman soldier from a middle era even could easily have taken any Westerosi character by and alrge large... The collapse ofRome is due almost entirely to fringe entities like the others etc that possibly number in the 100s even today if you were to analyze their historical real life counterparts and take that analogy forward to now. Westeros is the story of everyone else... and it's really just a random collection of folk of the street.
  12. Artimicia

    What is your theory on The Others?

    No theory there just vikings, very simple. Well I mean historically, dressed up in 21st and 20th century horror tropes basically.
  13. Ahem to make this quick because for some reason this doesn't feel particularly desired... America's own involvement and experience and knowledge of Australian and New Zealander politics is profoundly limited, mostly to the effect of, as I was saying somewhere else, Crocodile Dundee and it's just a movie and in no way intended to time capsulize Australia in a single place and time for all time. There's also a few other famous immigrants such as Mel Gibson who may or may not be representative of anything but who have often found a sort of home I think at times in the American sphere. Ahem ahem speeding to the point anyway I'm believer in sort of international sovereignty and territory, so more or less what Australia or some other place does culturally within their own naturally defined borders (i.e. the big island of Australia) is more or less their own business and how it goes over will be up to them. Like the aftermath of WW2 left a bitter taste in that it altogether failed for just about everyone but essentially poisoned discussions about race and nationalism and cultural identities for everyone else. I'm not saying America is behind the idea of white nationalism , however, or white supremacy, in fact, that's why recent events have been so convulsive is very much a minority supports this melting-pot hypothesis on some level, Trump was an attempt to steer that otherwise but he's been narrowly defeated more or less. However they decidedly exist, so if you want to go and more overt directions the better place for that is the true British empire, and even that minority in America wouldn't really complain honestly because they aren't going to go about crusading to try and change people's opinions to conform to their own, since that's more or less at direct cross purposes with the ideology. I mean the point is obviously Australia and other predominantly white nations are desperate to recover parts of their historical heritage, and with the exception of the Aborigines there is no reason that can't basically just happen in Australia or perhaps even in Ireland and Scotland to an extent. Personally I would make Tasmania off limits to that sort of thing since the native habitants are far older and it's much more vital to their identity that they continue in the place that they are continuing... I'm not really dancing around this, I think, in effectively saying that a heavily modified form of Nazism, that's basically benevolent and tolerant, and that basically reflects the values of a group of people, can and or should be implemented in these places in Oceania and elsewhere because it's fundamentally the wish of those people here. One of the reasons I can say that is because America already tolerates a heavily washed out proto-form of Nazism in the form of the southern states in America, which are often separated from the main American body politic for various reasons and that will become more true going forward... The true reason why Nazism was rejected and the basic idea of the confederacy was not in many ways and why Australia can potentially go in it's own directions is the concept of self-governance and stability. Will these ideas and implementation be able to stand on their own or will they spiral out of control (as happened in the case of the Nazis) and require massive intervention from other parties who want nothing to do with it all. Oh and I also forgot Mexico, America has let Mexico run the gamut even though it's just race supremacy with a Latin twist. Personally I think Oceania carving a path to independence has actually been good for the American minority, because the pure Trumpian empire sees the necessity of defining America on it's own terms, and not merely being a replica of old world societies.
  14. Artimicia

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Taking itself too seriously... the show was a silly idea with a mish mash of historical misinterpretations and wish fulfillment, jammed into stellar set production and casting... And that's all it ever was, and will be... people that have tried to make it into something more, mostly the people who made it and so on, forgot this fact... at one point or another. Like the very idea that this represents "Western Europe" or some such... it's more like Western Europe as imagined through "alt history" and such, taking it that the "conventional history" is missing some big mighty piece of Dragon and so on... In my opinion, the show is simply the final expression of "Geek" and "nerd" culture (as defined by American norms) starting in 1968 and all that with Dungeons and Dragons/Gary Gygax, going through comic con and comics, finding some of it's way into video games, and finally into Game of Thrones... I'd actually say it is more of a deeper reflection of Southern politics since 1945... a mixmash of competing elements and traditions, derived from many different sources, such as the odd conjunction of these "nerdy" things in the middle of formerly arch-conservative places like Indiana, Illinois (outside of Chicago), Texas, Arizona, Florida etc... If I was being critical, I would actually compare Game of Thrones the TV show as being a vehicle for "Alt South" ethics.. a vague combination of Nordicism.. white supremacy, an interpretation of old/ancient european supposed values (but which are truly never really at the heart of the show, almost merely just to move the action along and espouse white values), and which mostly corresponds exactly with the "alt right" as you have people like Haspel from Eastern Kentucky and Pompeo from Orange County (and incidentally Pompeo being an Ancient Roman name) When all is said and done.. the atmosphere is simply too jumbled and mixed to be comprehensible, and as the show goes on, that becomes more and more obvious... this was unplanned... an act of desperation by dying cultures (Confederate and otherwise) combined with radical re-invention and an influx of "new values" to supposedly counteract the waste, but which in reality are expediting the decline and no doubt will be one of the reasons the show will simply be forgotten by most in the few years time... For people who are instrinsically linked to and a major part of that culture, then I suppose this show is simply the beginning. For those of us outside of it or observing, it's been a very mixed affair.. and people will mostly be happy to be done with it... Alt-South ethics persevered at all simply because the North was just essentially nothing or completely moribund, with the Trump election and some idea of commitment to change or progress, in their area of the globe, it renders the alt-south moot.