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  1. Pro Augustis

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    I am trying to get back into dating after moving to Shiny New City ended my last relationship half a year or so ago. Since online dating worked decently last time, and since everyone I know here is a colleague, I downloaded Bumble, had a few immediate matches that then never messaged, and nothing since. I am now resuscitating my okc profile, though I forgot just how awkward and nerve-wracking it is to come up with a tolerable opening message. This may take a while...
  2. Pro Augustis

    The Kingkiller Chronicles Finds Its Writer

    This seems like a singularly poor story for that sort of multi-pronged approach. It's not like MCU—it's one character telling his tale. Splitting that into film/tv seems like it will just leave both halves unsatisfying and incomplete.
  3. Pro Augustis

    Authors whose death you most regret?

    He doesn't fit into SF, but for me the most heartbreaking authorial passing would definitely have to be David Foster Wallace for me. I read Infinite Jest at a very dark time in my life and found incredible solace in seeing DFW's brilliant mind not only having trod those psychic paths before but often having provided answers or at least reflections along the way. To finish the book and then read the manner of his passing then felt like a tragedy, a confirmation that even those who seem for a time to rise above depression and have such wisdom about it may not ultimately escape. On a literary level, his passing also meant we never got the whole of The Pale King, which even if not a fantasy novel certainly looks, along with IJ, enough like a doorstopper to blend in on my shelves.
  4. Pro Augustis


    Longtime lurker, new member—glad to be here. As is probably obvious from the username and registration, I like Roman history and fantasy books (along with Science Fiction and Horror).