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  1. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    I assumed that would be the case but I had never seen it before. Thanks.
  2. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Smarter mace tyrrel

  3. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, but just in case... Cersei in Feast World Book (Aerys II)
  4. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

  5. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Are there any threads on Rosey? Specifically on her role as the go between for Pate and the Alchemist?
  6. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Arya, not Sansa, is the maid that will slay Littlefinger, the savage giant

    I see what you did there.
  7. OtherFromAnotherMother

    R+L=J v.165

    George: "The reason I am never specific about dates and distances is precisely so that people won't sit down and do this sort of thing. My suggestion would be to put away the ruler and the stopwatch, and just enjoy the story." http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Chronology_and_Distances
  8. OtherFromAnotherMother

    R+L=J v.165

    The only mention is the one I quoted above which says a royal (Targ) princess marrying into the Stark family. Do you have a quote for what you are suggesting? What does this have to do with the point I was making that a marriage pact between Targaryens and Starks was called the Pact of Ice and Fire?
  9. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    I agree. The vision fits too perfectly with Dany's travels/egg hatching to be anything otherwise.
  10. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    That is the most likely reason. However, I am holding onto some hope that their may be something dragon related going on in present day Asshai. Other than the origin of Dany's eggs, of course. Armen lists three cities. Mereen and Qarth both had dragons, maybe Asshai did too? Or maybe dragon eggs check the box for dragons being in Asshai, stirring beneath the sunrise? Stirring beneath the sunrise could symbolically represent hatching.
  11. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    It could also be present time. There is a quote from the Feast for Crows Prologue of sailor's seeing dragons in Asshai.
  12. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    Not necessarily. This could be a vision in the past. Also, Bran's vision does not say three. Just 'dragons'.
  13. OtherFromAnotherMother

    R+L=J v.165

    I noticed this in the World Book. During the Dance of Dragons Cregan Stark was told he would get a Targaryen princess to marry into his family. They called it the Pact of Ice and Fire. So a Stark marrying a Targaryen was called Ice and Fire. I can't help but think this is another clue to RLJ.
  14. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Foreshadowing the true king, a new clue I haven't seen referenced before.

    Of course Bob has no idea about Jon. And yes Bob is referring to Jon Arryn. But George knew that some readers would notice this on subsequent readings of GoT.
  15. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I read it a while ago. I had forgotten about it. I just read it again, along with some of the responses. Without getting into it too much here, I have mentally placed it into the "plausible speculation'' category in my head. With a special note next to it because it was originated by a credible source.