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  1. Thousands of people lost their lives at the Red Wedding.
  2. If you're interested, I made a fairly detailed thread on this topic several years ago.
  3. In Storm, Davos comes back to Dragonstone. He is sick. Edric runs into him. We know that Edric gets sick later. He is then leeched by Pylos. Melisandre, of course, uses these Leeches to do her magic show. Is it possible that Mel set up Edric to run into Davos in order to get him sick knowing he would be leeched? There is no evidence for this that I am aware of, but I found it interesting. The symptoms of the sickness are very similar.
  4. Stannis to Cressen, minutes before his self-poisoning.
  5. Good stuff, @Walda! The possibility of the first Hand to "die" being JonCon is quite interesting. However, I don't believe we hear about JonCon until Storm. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) I tried to find something about this in the SSM but couldn't.
  6. That would be poetic justice for Jorah being unable to "see" the irony of the former slaver becoming the slave.
  7. Robert and Ned in the crypts: I never noticed the irony of this statement. Robert is talking about Joff and Sansa. Joff is not his blood. Later, in aCoK, Arya and Gendry bond when traveling the Riverlands together. Gendry is Robert's blood. So, in a way, Robert and Ned's kids are bonded. Just not the two he thought would be.
  8. I would guess that this has been noticed before, but just in case it has not... Arya, AGOT No wonder Arya was not hungry! Arya is expected to eat a plate of ribs. The ribs remind her of what Jeyne had told her about how Mycah's body was 'butchered like a pig they slaughtered'. Side note- I believe this is the first time George plays with the cannibalism motif which will be so prevalent in later books.
  9. DwD, The Lost Lord George has changed his ASOIAF plans several times (the infamous letter, the addition of the Blackfyre storyline, five year gap). I'm wondering if George is the fat man changing his plans and he is having a little fun with his readers here. I mean, he could have just written Illyrio.
  10. How do I find a thread I created several years ago? It looks like the search parameters end at 365 days.
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