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  1. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Small Questions v. 10105

    There would certainly be a lot of word play opportunities.
  2. Since he is asking for a seven person committee I was thinking he wants more of a Kingsguard style group. Except that the group is guarding the theory rather than the King. Should we refer to it as the "Theoryguard"?
  3. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Re-reading Sansa's last chapter, ASOS

    @GloubieBoulga Great stuff! Awesome read.
  4. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    It could be, but I tend to think it was one worldwide disaster, probably caused by the second moon explosion bringing meteors to Planetos (LML's theory). For me, the similarities between the two legends of defeating darkness to bring back light mean it was probably one event. Also, both legends required a special sword to defeat the darkness. Of course I could be wrong. Definitely a possibility. The telling of how the sword is broken is obviously very different. However, the fact that both legends involve a broken sword then the hero acquiring a new, special sword to save the day is a glaringly specific similarlity. Given the context of the situation and discussion it would seem out of place for Stannis to be talking to Jon as if he was going to be his Nissa Nissa, right?
  5. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    There are more similarities. I wrote a post about it towards the top third of page 4 of this thread. How dare you skip reading every single post!
  6. OtherFromAnotherMother

    The Great Purple Wedding Irony: Tyrion Sabotaged His Own Trial

    The time difference between Joff and Cressen's ingestion to death can be explained both in story and out of story. In story it can be explained by there being no Planetos Pharmacy producing the Strangler in factory level perfection. Despite JS's assertions, there is absolutely no way we can know that every Strangler flake, seed, batch, whatever is going to have the exact same potency or reaction time. Out of story it can be explained by George himself,
  7. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

  8. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    I like this take. The quote is from the Yi Ti and beyond section of the World Book. That could be part of why The Last Hero is not mentioned, he being a northern Westerosi legend. Or maybe he is left out because he is not the same... Definitely possible.
  9. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    Oh I didn't mean that religion didn't come into the cultural legends at all. I thought @James Fenimore Cooper XXII was looking at Yin Tar, Hyrkoon, Last Hero, etc. in the same light that the R'hollorists look at Azor Ahai, which I don't think is the case. Only Azor Ahai is looked at as a "chosen one" as James put it. Absolutely there are connections between legends and religion, though.
  10. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    @Faera I forgot to add in my earlier post some stuff about Eldric Shadowchaser and Hyrkoon the Hero. I wrote about them upthread if you are interested, but I believe they both share a lot in common with our Azor Ahai and LH. A quick summary would be that they are both based on characters in a different book series which features them both wielding soul stealing magic swords. Very Lightbringerish.... This also points to our heroes being the same person. All are included except for the Last Hero. Of course, the maesters could be wrong, but it makes sense for each different group of people to have their own version of the same hero following the destruction of the Great Empire of the Dawn.
  11. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    I don't think religion comes into these specific legends. Of the Last Hero, Hyrkoon, Neferion, Azor Ahai, Yin Tar, and Eldric Shadowchaser, only AA figures as a religious legend. I suppose we have a lack of information on Hyrkoon, Neferion, Eldric, and Yin Tar, but there is no indication that they are worshiped or thought of in a religious manner.
  12. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    This is the first @Curled Finger thread that I have actually been able to keep up with in a long time. This is exciting for me! These threads seem to hit 10 pages within a day and I can never seem to get caught up to everyone else. I'm going to harp on this subject a little more. I think it is possible that there are more similarities to the Last Hero and Azor Ahai than you realize, definitely more than just men with swords . Maybe. First, let's remember that we really don't know a lot about either figure. We have a very limited number of words throughout all five books plus the World Book on either person. So the possibilities of similarities is not large to begin with. However, in our few words that we are given there are several similarities, and most of these similarities seem important. First, and probably most important, is the idea that they both triumph over darkness to bring the light. This darkness would be the Others. Obviously there is no way to determine whether or not it could be two different heroes doing this in two different areas but this is a striking similarity in the telling of the two legendary figures. They are the hero that brought back the light. Of course, there is no way to determine whether or not they both "saved the day" (pun intended) from separate locations but such a monumental concept would seem odd for it to happen so far apart. Also, Waymar's encounter with the Others in the Prologue seems to indicate that the Others were looking for something special in either the sword or the person wielding it. This could be an indicator that only one person is mean to "save the day". Or not. Second, both legends involve the breaking, or re-forging, of their swords. Azor Ahai famously breaks his sword three times before stabbing Nissa Nissa and the sword works. Meanwhile, the Last Hero legend tells us that his sword was so cold that it snaps when he used it. But later, we are told from Samwell's readings that the Last Hero used a dragonsteel sword to kill the Others. This presumably happens after he finds the Others. These two stories of gaining the magical sword are different in the details, but both involve the breaking of their original swords before wielding the magical one. A minor similarity in the two stories is that they both had companions. The Last Hero had his 12, and Stannis lets us know in Jon XI of Storm that "Even Azor Ahai did not win his war alone". Sometimes the readership forgets this subtle line from the Stan Man. It doesn't mean he is talking about the 12 companions, but interesting to note. It could be too much of a stretch. I do, however, think it is possible that the author wants us to envision thousands of years of tales being told and retold to eventually lead to people's coming up with their own versions of the hero that saved the day. I could see sailors asking each other, "What happened with that whole darkness thing a while back?" Then the tale is transformed and changed throughout the telling and retelling over thousands of years and miles. Also, when the Long Night 2.0 comes, doesn't it feel like there is only going to be one main hero? I could be wrong here as well, but that is my feeling. People will help our main hero, but there will be one central hero. Very true. AA did have a team, as did the LH. We don't know what happened to AA's team, but the LH's team was killed, other than him. So eventually he was the "Last Hero". Perhaps AA had heroes with him as well, but they died first. Yes. And unfortunately the LH tale doesn't tell us how he acquired his magic sword. Did the children just give it to him? Maybe he had to do something sacrificial/blood magic related as well. Who knows? Absolutely. I could be wrong on everything I wrote up here but I wanted to present everything in a more coherent manor so everyone could hopefully get where I am coming from. George is being, what I like to call, "purposefully ambiguous" with these save the day legends. He knows his readers will wonder if they are separate people or the same.
  13. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Night's Watch vows and the truth of history.

    I believe Sam was told what he had to say by Coldhands. Obviously there is no text for this, but since Coldhands wanted Bran to get through, it would make sense for Coldhands to explain to Sam how to get through, which would include what words he would have to say to get through the gate.
  14. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Those Blasted Starks

    I think by using those two names (Hyrkoon and Eldric) and who those characters are based on with their magic soul stealing swords like AA with Lightbringer, George is trying to point us in the direction that all those legendary characters (LH, AA, Hyrkoon, and Eldric Shadowchaser) are actually the same person. Or, I could be wrong.
  15. OtherFromAnotherMother

    Night's Watch vows and the truth of history.

    Interesting idea. I would like it more of there were 12 "I ams" to match the Last Hero's dozen companions, but an interesting idea nonetheless. Something I had never considered before. Good stuff.