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  1. Thousands of people lost their lives at the Red Wedding.
  2. If you're interested, I made a fairly detailed thread on this topic several years ago.
  3. In Storm, Davos comes back to Dragonstone. He is sick. Edric runs into him. We know that Edric gets sick later. He is then leeched by Pylos. Melisandre, of course, uses these Leeches to do her magic show. Is it possible that Mel set up Edric to run into Davos in order to get him sick knowing he would be leeched? There is no evidence for this that I am aware of, but I found it interesting. The symptoms of the sickness are very similar.
  4. How do I find a thread I created several years ago? It looks like the search parameters end at 365 days.
  5. I'm becoming more and more convinced that George read a lot of Ursala K. Leguin. From Rocannon's World (page 18 in the 1966 version): "Once you had it, it is said." "Much is said, up there where the sun blinks." "And words are borne off by the winds, where there are winds to blow." Sounds very similar to "words are wind". This conversation is taking place in a cave. I wonder if George plays with this idea as well. This makes me want to reassess conversations which take place in caves and crypts (no wind) in ASoIaF. Is it possible that only truths are told underground? I'm going to look into this some more. @The Fattest Leech because I think you will find this interesting.
  6. Either there isn't much that tells us Euron is allied with the Deep Ones or @Sensenmenn is writing and editing the longest thread in westeros.org history.
  7. That is what the prophecy is implying. This is an interesting take! I suppose it would. As long as they have some sort of gold shroud (literally or symbolically) it would fulfill the prophecy. Interesting idea, @Lady Anna.
  8. In addition to the points you make, I have wondered if Mel is making her proposal knowing that Davos would never accept. If true, this would require the reader to think about why Mel would make the proposal? I'm not sure. Perhaps just as a power display? Is she trying to convince Davos of her abilities to weaken his resistance to her agenda?
  9. Is The Ice Dragon part of the asoiaf universe? ...just kidding. Thanks for getting this pinned.
  10. F & B spoiler. Page 670 (U.S.) @The Fattest Leech This has got to be a nod to kemmering in Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness. The greatest Leech already let me know George was a big fan of Le Guin. This one seems spot on to me.
  11. Has The Left Hand of Darkness been discussed in relation to ASoIaF?
  12. This is great stuff! You have such a gift for this! He's eating an apple. He killed a king, a king that appeared to have choked. Don't you now wish it was apple pie? Although I'm sure pigeon pie has its own sort of beautifully crafted symbolism. Halfpenny alone seems to point to Penny when you associate Tyrion being called "halfman" because of his dwarfism which he shares with Penny.
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