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  1. Nezza86

    Daenerys & Threes

    The last of each three are for love so i think that will be all one act. Fires are for Life, Death and Love Life - The funeral pyre for Drogo where she hatched the dragons eggs. Death (not occured yet) - Burning the Khals to unite all the Khalasars. Mounts are to Bed, Dread and Love Bed - Silver, on her wedding night Drogo gives her her horse Silver. At this stage she becomes Khaleesi and not just Viserys little sister. Dread - Drogon, In the fighting pits of Meeren she finally mounts Drogon immediately prior to this it looks likely the Sons of the Harpy will kill her. At this stage she goes from trying to win a political war to realising she can rule via dragon. "Treasons that she knows" are for Blood, Gold and Love Blood - MMD lets her believe she can save Drogo but in the process kills Rhaego. Gold (not occured yet) - Illyrio Mopatis siding with fAegon when Dany finally turns against him. I suggest the Gold aspect of this betrayal refers to the Golden Company what will this cost her though? I guess it may be that it costs her the Golden Company. So that leaves a Fire, a Mount and a Treason for love. I think this will all be one act. Its interesting that it doesn't say Dany will be betrayed but that she will know three betrayals. For the final betrayal I think she'll betray Jon who will have no choice but to kill her, her sacrifice thereby igniting Lightbringer (the Fire for love) as she is his Nissa Nissa, and the final mount will be the Great Stallion taking her to be with Drogo in the Dothraki afterlife. But then what do i know
  2. Nezza86

    lightbringer is not necessary

    If it comes down to a one on one duel with the Nights King or head white walker then one sword might be pretty useful. And although it seems that Dragon glass, and possibly Valyrian steel and dragon fire are effective at killing white walkers, we should remember that there are two more books to go. The odds of GRRM making it so that the NK gets his hands on something that negates the usefulness of these items are pretty high. In fact if you've read the pre-release chapters of TWOW then you maybe already know. I think after realising that the NK can withstand those things Jon will have no choice but to sacrifice someone to create Lightbringer. If Lightbringer is a flaming sword then its probably going to have to be one made from flame proof steel. If there really is power in kings blood then maybe we should be looking at which VS swords have been used to kill anyone from Noble families. So i'd put my money on Lightbringer being the stark sword Ice. Neds death represents the water tempering in the AA myth. A Lannister death to either of Oathkeeper or Widows Wail would be next for the lions heart, then the swords could be reforged into one and Jon may end up killing Dany with it to create Lightbringer. Of course the last tempering was a sacrifice so I think Dany's third betrayal-fire-mount are all the one thing involving her death. She betrays Jon somehow so he has to kill her, her death ignites Lightbringer and the final mount is the great Stallion that takes her to be with Drogo in the afterlife.
  3. Nezza86

    Is Jon Snow Going to Get a Dragon?

    Some pretty crazy answers in here haha. Love it. Here’s mine, bran will have to warg drogon after Jon kills dany to ignite lightbringer, so that Jon can ride bran/drogon (Brangon). When someone kills a dragon rider I don’t think the dragon would ever trust the killer so hence brangon. Bloodraven did tell Bran that he’ll never walk but he will fly. I think Bran will have to stay Brangon for too long until Bran dies and he permanently becomes Brangon. Please no ice dragons, that book is a kids book and isn’t even set In the same world. so nobody thinks Tyrion will make it across the battlefield and blow Vics horn to claim a dragon?
  4. Nezza86

    Is Jon Snow Going to Get a Dragon?

    @lAPPYc your first question was “will Jon get a dragon?”. I think what @LynnS was suggesting was, if the dragon binding horn was last at the wall then the plot would be foreshadowing that someone at the wall may have the means to get a dragon. But of course as I said above that horn was a fake (maybe) and it was a fake joramuns horn and it was destroyed (maybe). Victarion has the dragon horn and sam probably has the real Joramuns horn.
  5. Nezza86

    Is Jon Snow Going to Get a Dragon?

    I may be an old romantic, but please carry on with your first paragraph I was enjoying that haha. Seriously though it would be cool if people on here wrote more fan-fiction to explain their theories rather than the mindless posts that I seem to see so much of. I had reasoned out the Lightbringer + Dragon= pointless Conundrum by the thoughts that perhaps something will occur within the books that will mean the dragons are not effective against the NK. The spoiler below is from the released chapters of TWOW so beware if you're avoiding. Your post gave me an interesting thought though. Dany and Jon are likely the royal Targaryen couple, and as you said Jon could be the rightful king. I have a theory that Lightbringer will come about from royal blood sacrifices so "Water" in the AA myth is Ned dying via Ice, then the "lion" could be one or both of Jaime and Cersei dying via OK and WW (both from Ice), then Nissa-Nissa is the real sacrifice of someone you love. And if royal blood is important then maybe Jon could be Dany's Nissa-Nissa instead of the other way round as I always thought. Then Dany could hand the flaming sword (OK or WW or a reforged ICE) to Jorah after she's killed Jon for Jorah to finish the job. But not before she has gotten pregnant with Jon's child. Later she dies during childbirth leaving the new king in the hands of the surviving POV characters, Sam, Jorah, Brienne, Tyrion maybe Sansa and Arya too. I would be utterly wrecked by the end if that was the case. Side note: Joramun's horn was supposed to "wake giants from the earth" probably incites earthquakes IMO, hence its wall destroying capabilities, and its believed Mance's fake was destroyed by Mel, I think Sam has it actually. The dragonbinding horn is en-route to Meereen. But will Tyrion manage to give it a toot before Victarion does?
  6. Nezza86

    What is Quaithe really?

    That's a good point, and i don't totally rule out Quaithe being Shiera, but I do think Ashara is more likely. No-one in Dany's party would recognise Shiera as Quaithe so there would be no real need for the mask. Also when we finally met Bloodraven he revealed himself to Bran and his identity wasn't that significant to the story. His appearance in D&E just provides some interesting background reading. Whereas Quaithe was met in the second book and has very blatantly concealed her real identity and persistently tried to guide Dany.
  7. Nezza86

    What is Quaithe really?

    I discounted anything that comes from any of the books that aren't AGOT, ACOK, ASOS, AFFC or ADWD. I don't think GRRM will rely on us having read the rest of the supporting text to fully understand the series. I'll feel a bit cheated if at the end of ADOS it turns out the answers were actually hidden within the Dunk and Egg series or the other short stories. So that leaves you with "wet and shiny eyes" which i think you mean is a reference to the sea (wet) and star (shiny). I don't buy it, its too vague for me. The only instance I saw of a symbolic dream or vision that could allude to her identity is in Dany's last chapter in ADWD where it says Quaithe's mask appeared like starlight (or something to that effect). As I said above that could be a reference to Shiera but IMO Ashara has more plot armor.
  8. Nezza86

    What is Quaithe really?

    Is Shiera Seastar mentioned that much in the 5 novels? I know Bloodraven mentions a woman he "desired" and Barristan Selmy says Bloodraven and Bittersteel both loved Shiera Seastar. But I can't think of anywhere else shes named or any description of her or hint that she used black magic within the books. I thought that all came from the supporting material. I don't think George would leave her out so much in the 5 novels if she has such a big influence over Dany. At the end of ADWD Dany has a dream and sees Quaithe and her face is covered in stars or something like that. Granted that could suggest Shiera but the other candidate is Ashara. The thing that swings it for me though is the mask. Ashara has a pretty recognisable face, and Jorah would know who she was if she didn't have it. No-one in Dany's party in Qarth would recognise Shiera. Plus if you go down the Ashara-is-Danys-mother road, you can see why she would hide her face. Barristan tells Dany (or maybe he just thinks it) that she looks a lot like Ashara so it might be obvious if we get a description of her face. And if Ashara did fake her suicide to disappear she might naturally take to wearing a mask so there's no chance she could be recognised. I hope Ashara is alive though since she could shed some light on the harrenhal tourney and what happened between her and Ned.
  9. Nezza86

    Theory:Rhaeagar was blood raven's puppet

    I made the same connection between Jojen and Rhaegar actually. But i didn't think it was Bloodraven, maybe just both have foreseen their deaths. Possibly Rhaegar had green-sight too and when he saw his death he realised he had to become a warrior. I guess seeing yourself die in combat would make it inevitable that you have to learn to use a sword. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy though. I dont think Bloodraven controls greensight, didnt they say that one in a thousand people are wargs and one in a thousand wargs have the greensight too. Isn't that why Bran is special? I thought Rhaegar was obsessed with the prophecy of TPTWP because of the woods witch that Jenny of Oldstones introduced to the Targaryen Court. She made the prophecy that TPTWP would be born in the line of Aerys and Rhaella. So their marriage was arranged based on that prophecy. And since Rhaegar was born on the same day summerhall burnt, he probably thought that meant he was the TPTWP. Until he saw his own death that is.
  10. Doesn't Robert say in AGOT that Jon Arryn talked him out of doing it when he was his hand? I always thought the hired knives were sent by Ilyrio to herd them into his protection so he could use them in his scheming to putt Aegon on the throne. Obviously they wouldn't be out to kill them but just keep them on the move and make sure they end up with Ilyrio.
  11. Nezza86

    How does "magic blood" work?

    I think its to do with conquering, the only powerful blood sacrifice we've seen in the books is when Dany Burns Khal Drogo and hatches the dragons and I don't see why his blood would be powerful unless it's because he had "conquered" his own Khalasar. I actually think that the Dothraki and the Wildlings aversion to kneeling is foreshadowing the fact that the Royal Blood line (Targaryens) wasn't complete until they had mixed with the Starks. Torrhen Stark was the only person who knelt to Aegon the Conqueror which avoided any bloodshed of the North, so i think that prevented Aegon for ever having full "kingship" over all the peopler of Westeros. I mean that in the sense that whatever old magical rules there are about conquering another people that gives you kings blood, kneeling isn't one of them. But all other houses in Westeros during the Conquest either fought Aegon and lost or eventually married into the royal family. in AFFC when Brienne is looking for Sansa theres a point where someone gives her the history of the area shes in, and they say that at some point within a few short years the women had conquered where the men couldn't. Basically that they got married and had babies instead of fighting. So Jon being a mix of Stark and Targaryen makes him the mostly potent kings blood i would say. But is he the hero or is he Nissa Nissa?
  12. Nezza86

    Some thoughts about Dawn

    I sort of think that Dawns only significance is that it was made from a meteor. So if Jon was born at the Tower of Joy then he fulfills part of the azor ahai prophecy about being born under a bleeding star or whatever it is. It wouldnt quite close up enough loose ends if Jon is half Dayne. Why would that have to be kept such a secret from everyone? Robert didn't hate Daynes he hated Targaryens. When Luwin tells Ned that Jon wants to join the Nightswatch he thinks its a good idea. And Ned finally decides to tell Jon about his parentage once he sees him next, or when he's a sworn member of the NW, meaning he gives up any entitlements. Although I've always wondered why Ned wouldn't just tell Catelynn if Jon was Lyannas baby to Rhaegar. The best I can come up with is he either didn't know she was horrible to him growing up and didnt bother or wanted her hatred to be real to help his true identity. Regardless if anyone is half Dayne, my money is on Dany. The story we've heard about Lightbringer is about how it was made, not a history of its owners over the years. If George wanted his story to be about a long lost artifact then wouldn't we have more accounts of duals being fought that involved Dawn and some information about it passing to others. Also I dont really take any of the info from outwith ASOIAF as that relevant to the story. It'd be a bit lazy of George to write all these books and not include all the relevant information for the end game within the 7 books of the series. All the quirky little stories about Dawn from World are just fluff really. My theory on lightbringer is much more rounded out than the Dawn theories. I won't write an essay on here since the subject is about Dawn. But I think its more likely that Ice is in the process of becoming Lightbringer, and the tempering from the AA story are blood sacrifices of old noble families: Ned (water), Jaime and/or Cersei (lion), Dany (Nissa Nissa). I wrote it all down in a post if anyone is interested, its called The Journey from Ice to Lightbringer. No doubt nobody will bother to pay any attention to this sort of post as usual though.
  13. Nezza86

    jon is the lightbringer

    Yeah I agree there's so little said about it. Which is why I never understood why there was such a big following for LB being Dawn. Or even the original LB being Dawn. That being said the stories of Azor Ahai or the last hero or whoever come from loads of different sources (i think) according to TWOIAF, like Yi Ti and Asshai, so it does seem like there should be a bit more info available. I guess George is being deliberately elusive on the matter. Very true, killing his wife to magically empower his sword doesnt sound like a heroic act at all. In fact it sounds more like Nissa Nissa was the hero really. I guess it represents that you really have to sacrifice something you care about. Interestingly I think this would be totally against Jon's nature, hence why I think Dany will have to trick him into it.
  14. Nezza86

    jon is the lightbringer

    No you're right theres no direct evidence that says it has to be reforged, I just feel it fits in better that the story takes us through the events to ignite a new sword. The series starts at the starks then opens up to the lannisters then onto the final revelations about the targaryens i.e. R+L=J. I do feel though that if George had wanted his story to be about a lost sword then we would have had some information by book 5 about the history of lightbringer since the first long night. Instead we have a fairytale about how it was made in the first place. Of course a lack of evidence doesnt count as evidence against something. To play devils advocate with my own theory though when Brienne first uses Oathkeeper she says (inner monologue) that she feels faster and more agile with the sword than any before. So there could be suggestion that the right sword just has to be picked up by the right person. If Cersei or Jaime are killed by Oathkeeper or Widows wail then i am going to bet big that ICE is LB.
  15. Nezza86

    jon is the lightbringer

    Yeah I have a couple of theories of how lightbringer will come about from Oathkeeper and Widows Wail, only because the size of ICE is too big to be useful as a battle weapon. So I agree from that point of view it wouldnt make sense to reforge them both. But the pieces are in place for it to happen. We have a smith (although he's never made a sword), someone in the citadel who could stumble across the reforging process, Melisandre could perform spells, the brotherhood without banners will have Brienne and OK and it looks like shes luring Jaime to them maybe he'll be made to recover Widows Wail. So who knows maybe Jon will face off with the Nights King from dragon back and therefore it doesnt matter that lightbringer ends up being a two handed great sword. Alternatively maybe only one of the two swords will be LB but it will take the actions of both to ignite its flame. In terms of textual evidence of why the sword must be reforged, the AA story has him make the sword three times and temper it in different ways. I agree it could just be the final tempering that matters and none of the other details are important in that story. But I have a feeling that the AA story is already occuring without us realising it. It probably started when Ilyn payne chopped Neds head off with ICE. Ned was a kings blood sacrifice that represents water. The next will be Jaime and/or Cersei as the lion and the final I think will be Dany as Nissa Nissa, but she chooses to sacrifice herself which is the big difference in the story. So if the books are hiding the creation of lightbringer in plain sight then it would be poetic for the blades to be different at each stage, the same as the myth. I agree that it may not be neccessary though. perhaps Oathkeeper is used to kill Dany shortly after Cersei is killed with widows wail and because they are from the same steel maybe they both ignite. I prefer the idea of ICE being reforged and given back to Jon though Why do people think a person can be lightbringer? or the nights watch? or the dragons? Imagine if the end of the series had someone just burn the Nights King with the dragons. Its LOTR all over again, why didnt the eagles just fly frodo to mount doom? When dany finds out about the White Walkers she can just fly over them and kill him... game over. Seven books for that would be seriously disappointing. The second worst theory is the nightswatch as LB, how are they supposed to be ignited? Are they supposed to beat the NK because they are slightly more upbeat than the first few books because people have started taking them seriously and joined their ranks? Regardless the wall is bound to fall at somepoint and when that happens the Nighstwatch are doomed, Sam could end up being the last of them. And i just dont see how Jon or Dany or anyone else could be LB, I dont see any plausible end game where lightbringer is a person. Lets not get started on Dawn haha.