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  1. Nezza86

    Poll: Has Brienne Become a Wight?

    Nah, don't like it, its a no from me. Gut instinct and all that.
  2. In my latest read through (listen through really) I was interested to see what advice Ned gave his children in book 1 and how that might shape the Starks after his death and in the books to come. The most obvious of these being; the advice to Arya about staying with the pack, and in chapter 1 when he tells Bran that whomever passes the sentence should swing the sword. I read an interesting topic on this before saying that Bran would have to judge Jaime later for his actions and this logic would see him pardon him to allow Jaime to continue his redemption arc. However I have a feeling that that is not the final conclusion for this piece of Neds advice. Before continuing I should point out that I believe that: Jon will be resurrected, Ice will be reforged and will become Light Bringer. Jon is Azor Ahai reborn and Dany is his Nissa Nissa. In book 2 Jon meets Ygritte and though he's tasked with executing her he can't do it. Later, when Jon is with the wildlings south of the wall, they task him with killing the old man they meet, though again he can't. When Jon goes North of the wall to kill Mance he is interrupted by the arrival of Stannis but was highly reluctant prior to this. Therefore I believe there is a theme with Jon not being able to execute someone he feels does not deserve it. Of course in ADWD Jon executes Janos Slynt, but in this case he has a personal reason to kill him and Janos gave him an excuse, leaving me in no doubt that this was a justified execution. My theory on Dany being Nissa Nissa ties to the Mounts-Fires-Betrayals prophecy. The last of all three are done for/to love which leads me to think this is tied to Jon. I also feel that all three will combine to forge LB. Her final betrayal will have her betraying Jon to force his hand to execute her, her final mount will be the great stallion of the Dothraki afterlife and her final fire may be the flame of LB. Jon will have to execute (sacrifice) Dany using a reforged Ice, but must overcome his reluctance to execute someone who he feels doesn't deserve it. At this point Neds advice to Bran about carrying out your own executions will come into play and it will be up to Bran to convince Jon to go through with it, perhaps in a way that does not lead to beheading. If this was to happen the ending would leave a pretty bitter aftertaste, without the sweet that GRRM has promised us. Assuming Jon defeats the NK I can't see him dying as well unless he suffers a wound that kills him later. However in my current listen-through I've just reached the point in AFFC where we learn of Lady Stoneheart and how she was revived by Dondarrion. If the flame of LB is Nissa Nissas soul, then perhaps Jon could similarly revive Dany returning her soul from LB back to her body and giving his own life instead. Just a theory, but its different to most of the ones I've read on here. Please feel free to pick holes.
  3. Nezza86

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    That's a no from me, I am very certain Tyrion would have been able to work out who she was from her physical appearance. Much more likely that Quaithe is Ashara I feel, hence the mask. Jorah would have recognised her otherwise. Whoever Quaithe really is she has a need to have her face covered and Ashara had a recognisable face. There's a lot of symbolism about stars with her as well, in one of Dany's final chapters in ADWD she dreams of Quaithe and it says that her face was starlight.... or something like that. Some people think that means that she is Shiera Seastar but I don't buy it. But then I think Ashara is Dany's real mother so maybe I'm looking for clues to support my theory.
  4. Nezza86

    The Hooded Man is Torren Liddle.

    I like this theory as well, its much more palatable than the Theon-Durden theory which is ridiculous. Didn't that Bran chapter where they meet the Liddle say that Bran knew the mountain clans would be watching? Or have I misremembered that. I always had the impression that the Liddle went to that cave to wait for them so he could give them guidance and news., like he knew they would end up there in advance. This theory would also explain why the hooded man doesn't kill Theon out of hand, he already knows that Theon didn't kill Bran and Rickon, hence why he's so flippant with him. I guess he doesn't know about Rickon but maybe he got word of him and Osha in the same way. I'm less convinced about him arriving with Mance but its definitely plausible.
  5. Nezza86

    Badass moments of Jon Snow.

    When Blind Maester Aemon tells Jon to come see him after the battle on the wall to get more dream sleep..... Jon just nods in reply. Pretty rude really but still badass
  6. Nezza86

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    The last three of each (Mount, Fire & Betrayal) is "to love" so the final mount should be tied up with a fire and a betrayal. Mount 3 could be the great stallion taking her to the Dothraki afterlife to be with Drogo. This would be after Dany sacrifices herself (by betraying Jon) making her Jon's Nissa Nissa to ignite Lightbringer. Mount 2 is definitely Drogon though. Each Mount seems to come to her at a period of transition, after Silver she begins to become more confident and less downtrodden and embraces her marriage to Drogo. After Drogon she casts off the restrictions of ruling Meereen and stops being bogged down in the politics. Silver comes as she is being married (to bed), and Drogo comes when she is in Peril in the pits of Meereen (to dread).
  7. Nezza86

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    Yes. It's most likely in Dorne. Total Lemongater here. The link to Sansa's Lemoncakes, which are mentioned in AGOT, as is the fact that they have to ship the lemons from Dorne, is too strong to be a mistake. Daenerys story is the opposite of Jon's, he has no idea he is heir to the throne, she thinks she is but will learn later that she isn't. Jon is a legitimate Targaryen hidden as a bastard, whereas Dany could be a bastard hidden as a legitimate Targaryen. Though I think it won't matter as she will be queen by right of conquest. She looks a lot like Ashara, and we know that someone dishonoured her yet Arthur Dayne did nothing about it. So that leads me to believe that Aerys forced her into bed, as the kings-guard couldn't remand the king. During the rebellion Arthur stayed with Rhaegar instead of protecting Aerys. Also, it may be tinfoil but her name is basically "Dayne-Aerys". I think the red door in Dorne will lead her to discover who she really is, and we'll realise her journey has matched Quaithe's advice. "To go North, you must go South" could mean that for her to want to go to Jon, or choose Jon over Aegon, then she must go to the South and discover who she really is before wanting to travel North.
  8. Great post, I've been thinking about this myself over the past couple of days. Ned's lessons to his children from early on are bound to have an effect on their later story lines. Chris's topic is spot on too. The most obvious judgement he'll have to make is whether to exact revenge on Jaime, and Ned saying "if you cant bear to look into his eyes, then maybe they don't deserve death" (not exact quote) shows that he'll spare someone. Taking it further, I think that to make lightbringer Jon will have to kill Dany at the very end of the book. I think her third treason will be commited by her to force Jons hand, then bran will have to convince Jon to do it himself.
  9. Nezza86

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    I think the red comet is a red-herring. Its a literal representation of "when the red star bleeds" which references when AA is reborn. Daenerys' story follows the mythology of AA very literally, but on the other hand Jon's is much more subtle. The bleeding star could also refer to the sword Dawn after Ned has killed Arthur Dayne. So i think the red comet was a plot point to help disguise the fact that Jon is the real Azor Ahai.
  10. Nezza86

    Valyrian steel armor

    Ha I actually thought you meant the NK. Special snowflake is a great nickname for him. if VS armour is effective protection against VS swords, and WWs have a weakness against VS swords, I’ll put my money on the NK getting his hand on the VS armour, giving rise to the need for lightbringer to be a real magical flaming sword.
  11. Nezza86

    Did Rhaegar have dragon dreams?

    What I can't explain is what Rhaegar told Jaime before he left. Jojen knows about his death but still seems to be going towards it regardless. I think Rhaegar was melancholy as a child because of the PTWP prophecy, the deaths at summerhall and what it meant for him. But if he foresaw his death and realised that he wasn't TPTWP, he may, like Jojen, just follow the path anyway as an inevitability. If his dream showed him fighting Robert then it would be clear he had to become a warrior. Very tinfoil I know, I'm just really going by similarities with Jojen, but I do feel there's more to Rhaegar's death than we know.
  12. Nezza86

    Did Rhaegar have dragon dreams?

    I've been mulling this one over for a while myself actually. Another person we see who acts similarly melancholy is Jojen and he said that he foresaw his own death. I reckon Rhaegar dreamt of himself fighting Robert at the trident and that's what made him realise that he had to become a warrior. Maybe Rhaegar left Lyanna knowing he was going off to die.
  13. Nezza86

    Are the Starks Going to Get Their Valyrian Steel Back?

    I think they'll get both parts back. Though I believe some combination of Gendry, Sam and Melisandre will be needed to reforge the two swords back into Ice. Ive got a sneaky feeling that Ice will become Lightbringer too. Remember Beric Dondarrions flaming sword broke when he fought the Hound, and there was some discussion of Thoros ruining good swords by setting them on fire, whereas Longclaw was intact after the lord commanders tower was burnt down, well the blade anyway. So I take that as proof that Valyrian steel is fireproof. I know that GRRM likes to throw in a few surprises, but it would seem quite poetic to have a resurrected Jon retake the North and then reforge Ice as a symbol of the Stark's rule. Of course a lot of people will point to the fact that they need more VS swords not fewer, but I'm not sure one more would make a huge difference against a vast army of wights. And I'm sure people will argue about the ability to fight with such a large sword but from Dragon-back it might be quite useful to have a massive sword.
  14. Nezza86

    lightbringer is not necessary

    If it comes down to a one on one duel with the Nights King or head white walker then one sword might be pretty useful. And although it seems that Dragon glass, and possibly Valyrian steel and dragon fire are effective at killing white walkers, we should remember that there are two more books to go. The odds of GRRM making it so that the NK gets his hands on something that negates the usefulness of these items are pretty high. In fact if you've read the pre-release chapters of TWOW then you maybe already know. I think after realising that the NK can withstand those things Jon will have no choice but to sacrifice someone to create Lightbringer. If Lightbringer is a flaming sword then its probably going to have to be one made from flame proof steel. If there really is power in kings blood then maybe we should be looking at which VS swords have been used to kill anyone from Noble families. So i'd put my money on Lightbringer being the stark sword Ice. Neds death represents the water tempering in the AA myth. A Lannister death to either of Oathkeeper or Widows Wail would be next for the lions heart, then the swords could be reforged into one and Jon may end up killing Dany with it to create Lightbringer. Of course the last tempering was a sacrifice so I think Dany's third betrayal-fire-mount are all the one thing involving her death. She betrays Jon somehow so he has to kill her, her death ignites Lightbringer and the final mount is the great Stallion that takes her to be with Drogo in the afterlife.