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  1. Aegon VII

    Why isn’t House Hightower more important?

    Hightower’s were/are big targ supporters. We purposefully haven’t been seeing them as they’ve been busy plotting for the targs. Leyton and malora are haldon and Lemore
  2. Aegon VII

    The search goes on for the Hooded Man

    Good analysis, but you really should revisit the hooded man being a umber as there’s way more evidence supporting it than you’ve discussed here. Mance is conspiring with them via rowan, who’s an umber herself.
  3. Aegon VII

    Lem Lemoncloack is secretly...

    You spelled Richard Lonmouth wrong..
  4. Aegon VII

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    We have absolutely no reason to believe rhaegar was not an excellent warrior. The firsthand accounts we have of him are measured in their praise, which supports them being accurate. we also know that he is generally regarded by the realm as an excellent fighter. So let’s look at how accurate general perception is for fighting ability in asoiaf. Do we ever see someone like Joff, sweetrobin, Sam Tarly etc, get a reputation as a great warrior? No we don’t. While the realm may call joff a great warrior to his face, he is recognized by Tyrion as no warrior when shown widows bane. In a world where men practice fight in the yard day after day, it’s super easy to assess someone’s fighting abilities. rhaegar was a good man and good fighter
  5. Aegon VII

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    When you phrase it as “even if people willfully disregard it”, it’s quite condescending. It’s possible to disagree with people without being rude. You may not believe mance is rhaegar, that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a lot of evidence that supports it and a number of people who consider it a valid theory. Maybe they know something you don’t
  6. Aegon VII

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Aegon VII Targaryen, son of Mance(Rhaegar) and Lyanna
  7. Aegon VII

    Aegon VI

    I’m glad someone else noticed it! It was great for me, because my name “aegon vii” is in reference to jon, and people always argued that (f)Aegon wouldn’t be Aegon VI because rhaegar was disowned. So to me it confirms that Jon will be Aegon VII, the missing seventh ruby we’ve been waiting to wash up
  8. All the same. Dragons are super op on purpose. Only thing that comes close is people just spreading out and hiding like drone
  9. Aegon VII

    Predicting and Gambling

    Jon’s name is aegon. Gambled my username on it at least. Mance wrote the pink letter would be another. lastly, I’ll go with rhaegar was a good guy
  10. Here’s one, there’s a few out there
  11. Aegon VII

    Arya riding nymeria

    This is as much of a hope as a prediction, but imagine Arya with her new weapon in hand, riding nymeria, leading hundreds of wolves into battle against the others. The last arya- nymeria scene feels a little unresolved. Seems odd that their ending would be that nymeria is too wild for being domesticated. Aryas wild and based on the quote about her thawing out in winter with needle, it seems like her wildness and nymerias should align, and it would give purpose to nymeria having the pack,of wolves
  12. I’ve always guessed Arya would die based on how much trauma she’s endured (hard to live a normal life after that, like Frodo) and the quote about needle. However, I like the idea that she would become an old nan type
  13. You should know this comes off as very condescending. Which isn’t a good look when you’re wrong! Here ya go bud. A theory supporting mance writing it, and you can see his motivation in the link I posted in my previous response.
  14. Mance knows how Jon reacts to hearing his sister is in trouble (he sees it as rs after sparring with Jon). Based on results, we have two motivations that are the most likely. 1) getting Jon to come to wf or 2) getting Jon usurped. Based on what mance knows about Jon, and what benefits mance, I feel confident that 1 is the correct answer. This is discussed towards the end of
  15. I don’t know the comics, but I do have a theory that would involve dialog from got (the first chapter) being relevant to the final chapter.