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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed b4, Thrawn's witches can find the location of Ahsoka with their Harry Potter magic, why can't they find Ezra?
  2. BREAKING: Andrew Tate has been released and is now on house arrest!! #FreeTopG
  3. And the hit pieces are out in full force as expected. The Matrix and its agents.
  4. I haven't seen your thoughts on the finale and the season as a whole. Thoughts on the dance at the end?
  5. That is only HBOmax. HOTD is viewed on both HBOmax and HBO cable.
  6. Brilliant finale to a fantastic season 1 of Hot D. Can't wait for season 2! Can't believe it will take 2yrs! Aemond not actively wanting to kill Luke but having to live with the consequences of his actions will do wonders for his characterisation. Daemon being continues to be a c*nt and I love him for it. As has been mentioned, storm's end and shipbreaker's Bay looked glorious. Can't wait for more locations to be shown.
  7. Great episode. Loved all the new actors especially the laenor adult actor is so superior to the teenage laenor actor (wow a male character with different actors for different ages!). The dragons continue to look great when they appear on screen and are being used purposefully. Aegon wanking in public at his window was important for his characterisation as a c*nt of a person. Daemon's plot/narrative was the weakest this episode and suffered the most with the timeskip but I loved the change on how Laena dies from the book to TV. She went out like a badass. Poor Viserys, he needs to die now.
  8. I don't think caraxes was shown this episode. Only the valeyron dragons.
  9. This was a great episode but the rushed ending soured it abit for me. Overall I'm loving the show, keeps me fully engaged every Sunday. It has moments of contrivances, bordering on ridiculousness that stops it from being peak television though. Hopefully with the last final timeskip, things will settle down and the show will hit its groove. I think I spotted mushroom at the feast/wedding with the band! Will need to see his member to confirm it's him though!
  10. Doubt he'll have as many in Hot D. His performance issues will play a part in his narrative and characterisation.
  11. Not actual ED though, just that he has mental issues that cause him performance issues.
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