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  1. President Trump was fantastic and in his bag in the CNN town hall. Reminiscent of peak 2016 Trump, tears in my eyes. We're so back! The ratings were great by CNN standards and any other narrative to the contrary is pure copium. The attacks on Collins by the far left so far are unjustified. Trump steamrolling an amateur Anchor shouldn't justify the vile attacks on her. Hope CNN continues on the same track of regaining their credibility. There's an opportunity to be had with Fox News collapsing with sacking Tucker Carlson. We're so back!
  2. BREAKING: Andrew Tate has been released and is now on house arrest!! #FreeTopG
  3. Does Nevarro consist of a single town with under 50 people?
  4. Ofcourse not, blatant racism and bigotry shouldn't be tolerated. Free speech has its limits on both sides.
  5. Elon Musk buying Twitter has been a net positive so far due to bringing back free speech to the platform. Now just need President Trump back tweeting.
  6. Sure, but that's not happening in America.
  7. Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale identified as transgender and had detailed manifesto to attack Christian academy trib.al/LA57peQ https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1640474610050248709?t=iAYhMzrZF9IzcF7AxZlfnA&s=19
  8. Good episode for me. There's just something about coruscant that always seems to scratch an itch in regards to worldbuilding for me... I’d rather Star Wars focused on this being the main planet every show visits rather than Tatooine. There’s still so much of Coruscant to explore.
  9. And the hit pieces are out in full force as expected. The Matrix and its agents.
  10. Fantastic conclusion to an underrated series.
  11. Black people have no power or ability to harm white Jews in America as a community. But yeah, call black public figures nazis.
  12. If you think black people can be Nazis, then that word has lost all meaning.
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